A bit of Silly for your Sunday…

Today’s Music: Animaniacs – Cheese Roll Call (Yes, it’s a song.)(That I first heard on a CD.)(That I bought.)(So there.)
Days Til Spring: 58

A bit of silliness for your Sunday…

Ladle Spoons and Jellybeans
Ladle spoons and jellybeans
I come before you
to stand behind you
to tell you something of which I know nothing about.

Since this Thursday is Good Friday,
there will be a mothers meeting for fathers only.
Admission is free,
pay at the door.
Take your seats and sit on the floor

Midnight shined over the ocean,
not a trolley car in sight.
Two men got off the subway, prepared for a fight.
Back to back they faced each other, drew their swords
And shot each other.

If you don;t believe my lies, even though they’re true,
You can ask the blind man.

He saw it too.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has ever heard this. The internet was surprisingly unhelpful inn finding more about this…

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66 responses to “A bit of Silly for your Sunday…

  1. Le fromage est tres bonne

  2. I have never heard of this. I get looking too. Now I’m curious.

  3. I have heard the jellybeans poem before though didn’t know the name of it and we are having a preview of spring today – sunny, breezy and the high will be near 80 which is why I’m typing this on my back porch!

  4. I always heard it like this:
    One dark day in the middle of the night
    Two dead boys got up to fight
    Pulled their guns and stabbed each other
    Drew their swords and shot each other
    A deaf policeman heard the noise
    And set out to kill those two dead boys
    And if you don’t believe my story’s true
    Ask the blind man sitting at the corner of the round table eating his soup with a fork
    He saw it too.

    I have my dad to thank for that. So thanks, Dad!

  5. I’ve never heard this, but I like it. What is your countdown to spring for? Aww I’m on your blogroll! Yayayay!

    • Spring is my favorite season, Lily. Counting down to it from the first day of winter gives me a bit of hope on all the cold miserable days til then…

  6. Hi,
    I have never read this poem before, but it brought a smile to my face, I liked it. The cartoon was hilarious, I didn’t even know that song even existed. :)

  7. 1) you’ve got too much free time on your hands, EG.
    2) if you were to spend some weekend time with us, you’d have the pleasure of ice hockey on the pond (followed by hot chocolate) or skiing (followed by hot chocolate). If you were a good guest, I might even offer you mini marshmallows.

    My point – don’t rush us to spring. Enjoy the winter while it’s here. Make the most of it. Carpe diem. Blah blah blah.

  8. Coolness. Need silliness. My mother turned me on to this bit of wonderful silliness when I was about 5, and have never forgotten it. Have no idea who wrote it, and did a Google tonight and still find ‘author unknown.’
    You’ve made my Sunday.
    BTW had a dream last night about swimming, racing backstorke and crawl, and body surfing. Things I loved and was proficient at prior to the back problems.
    Made me think of you and your surfing after waking and checking the mail.
    Ah, must be a Guapola day!

    • Are you suggesting there be an official EG day? I’m with EG on this – it can’t be good.

      I’d love to meet you in Tahoe. The only glitch would be the half-day part. Can’t get to the slopes and back in just half a day. I’d need at least 5 hours for the flight and at least one more to grumble through security. Maybe we can both ski at the same time in separate places. Would that work for you?

      • Can do.. and it WILL be dangerous. Can actually do as many days as possible -even full ones- as long as the oxy holds out -grin-. If we need to ski in separate places on the same day I’m up for it.
        BTW Security at the Reno/Tahoe airport is pretty fast. After all…who wants to destroy Reno? Except the people who already live here.
        Just have to get EG on the slopes

  9. Oh, and DUG Animaniacs. Used to work for The WB when this was on the air. Got my daughter -then about 6 or 7 years old- lots of swag made for the show heh.
    Triangle Man…

    • They were great, Miss B – I was disheartened when they went off the air.
      Ended up near the beach to get fish tacos, but still too damn cold to surf.
      Great tacos though – kept the spirit alive!

  10. Oh my God, it’s Mr Magoo! His picture alone gave me a big smile – I used to love his cartoon :)

  11. I refuse to research this. You’re on your own, Bud.

  12. I’ve never seen the poem before, but it looks like there’s some information about it (and a longer version of it) at http://www.kith.org/logos/words/upper2/OOne.html.

  13. yes, you’re the only one who’ve heard this. and yes, you’re special.

  14. Mister Magoo? That takes me back…

  15. Never heard of the poem..but, do remember the cartoon with
    Mr. Magoo..

  16. That’s a great idea! They would love it! I’ll make a copy..(To tell you the truth, it reminded me of something my Dad would have liked…)

  17. Soooo…. confused right now. It’s almost as perplexing as the Walrus song by the Beetles.

  18. It seems like whenever I make the perfect Mr. Magoo reference, I’m always with some young whippersnapper who has never even heard of Mr. Magoo so then I have to explain the entire premise of Mr. Magoo, etc. This also seem to happen with Baby Huey a lot as well. What is this world coming to?
    I liked the poem, I had never heard of it and thought you wrote it and was really impressed until I learned the truth . . .

  19. lol never heard that before, but for Pete’s sake where on earth did you find that beautifully horrendous song? You must let me in on your sources

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  21. Oooohhh!!!! I just listened to THE BEST SONG EVER for about the 1 millionth time. Therefore I post this as a request to play it some time on your blog.

    • Yes, absolutely.
      Sounds like a toned down, eastern Tantric.
      Let me know if you want to guest-dj. I’ll send you a post, you pick the music you think goes, and I’ll post it with any comments you want to make.

  22. I’ve never heard it but now I’m tickled.

  23. EG, i’ve heard different variations of this delightfully surreal song. it’s a classic. continue…

  24. I so love Anamaniacs; although I consider Pinky and The Brain the least interesting part of the show. But you gotta’ love the naaf!

  25. I know this – I started reading thinking of course you were waxing poetic for us again – hoping actually since I so enjoy it…. I got to
    I come before you
    to stand behind you
    to tell you of something I know nothing about.

    and went whoa – noooo WAY!!!! Now that being said I do not know the origin and sadly the one person in my family who could probably tell me, since it was he that I heard it from, is no longer available for discussion. The other one that every one in my family commits to memory (along with the Dunderbeck song of course) is

    Grandpa dropped his glasses once
    in a pot of dye
    When he put them on again
    He saw a purple sky
    Purple flowers rising up
    from a purple hill
    Little men making purple cider
    at a purple mill
    Little purple Adelaide playing with her dolls
    Little purple dragonflys crawling up the walls
    And at the dinner table he went CRaaaaaaaaaaZzy as Loon!
    From eating purple apple dumplings
    With a purple spoon!

    NO idea about that one either. You have piqued my interest. :-) I had thought really it was a nonsense of paradox and pun – well it is but anyways great post !! And thanks for the donuts :-)

    • That one is awesome, lizziecracked! I will have to commit that to memory too.
      And no idea why, but your comments are getting bumped into the holding queue.
      I’m going to have to get that sorted fast…

      • Oh it’s not you its me – ironic that when I finally annnounce that I have something to say – I get sent to the spam box – every comment I made last night just went poof after I hit post. It was most disheartening. And I think I may have to get rid of the sparkly monkey on my page to solve it…FB is blocking me sharing my posts for a “spammy link” after months of doing the same thing over and over. I kinda want to scream. just a little but I’m glad to know my comments aren’t floating in space unsupervised – so unruly they are…the one above when I hit send and it disappeared I wanted to cry so I am glad you found it :-) I learned – and presented that poem in Kindergarten and my 5 yo is learning it now – so I KNOW it will be a piece of cake for you. You really got to get into the Craaaazy word…lol..\ :-) Peace

  26. It’s new to me. Thanks for opening my eyes to what I’ve been missing, which I’m sure is a lot.

  27. I’ve always loved jelly beans ;) I love how you put a song at the start of most of your posts, it’s a great idea!

  28. Wow! Where’d you dig this up? I actually knew it starting from the line, “Back to back they faced each other…” I think my grandmother taught it to me? I can’t remember.

    Also, I reference Mr. MaGoo all the time! I thought I was the only one who knew who he is. I recently compared him to Tom Hanks — you know, facially. haha!

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