Friday Foolishness – Football Edition

Today’s Music: Snooks Eaglin – Sleepwalk
Days Til Spring: 44
(a note on today’s music – I absolutely love this song. I hope you do to. Special thanks to Nick Spitzer of American Routes on NPR for finally giving me the name!)

Weather Terrorist.

Well, here we are again. Another week, wasted at work…
Fortunately, I had the blogosphere to keep me company.
Sandylikeabeach posted a beautiful Happy Birthday message to her dad.
Merilee Mitchell alerted me to some sad goings on in a beautiful spot in the desert
Apparently, someone gave Eric Murtaugh room to do a guest post,
and Alex Autin made me talk like Steve Irwin. Fortunately, it wasn’t out loud.

You guys, and everyone else, are part of what I look forward to every week!

Last week, Guapola wanted to know about you and the State of the Union.
Here’s what you said (Commments in italics are mine)
it’s time to invest in a decent Blu-ray & enjoy my starwars boxset! Kanerva :)
(Ah, Star Wars. Another heart warming story of the relationship between citizens and the government…)
of the state of the crapper in my BR that is clogged again and useless lizziec
(An excellent political metaphor, lizziecracked!)
‘tics is a four-letter word, but politicians are too stupid to spell it. Red.
(I think they can only spell words with the letter “$” in it, Red…)
that they opposing party does not deserve a televised response time.
(Sometimes, I’m not sure the party in power deserves the television time.)
of sleeping through it.
That I had something more important to do in the other room. Like the dishes.
(Which is why, my fellow Americans, in the next election, I promise you, a dishwasher in every house!)
We have better writers on WordPress. – The Hobbler
(And you are one of them, Hobbler!)
being Canadian, I have to ask, What is the state of the union?
(Being American, I have to answer, not that good.)
What State of the Union?
(Are you Canadian too?)
That I damn well better start working for Obama again. The alternatives suck
(I really hope we don’t find out how badly they really do suck come November!)
alcohol can make anything entertaining. theworldaccordingtoscarp
(Entertaining. Or sad. So very, very sad…)
I try not to think too much. It hurts…
(They make a pill for that! Several, in fact…)
that I should watch it but got highlights from comedians on Twitter instead.
(That and The Daily Show are where I get most of my news from!)
The States of America, for this country is not United. – Rich Crete
(Dude, you are totally killing my buzz)
I’ve never heard of a state called ‘The Union’. Are there 51 states now? GingrSnaap
(Yes, it’s where the Veggies from VeggieTales live.)
American TV ran out of programming. Thank God for the Canadian channels. John Phillips
(What, you don’t love the Kardashians?!?)
State of the Union? Was there a State of the Union? Alex Autin….things I LOVE!
(In name only, Alex…)
There was a State of Union?? I think I slept through it. TEXT
(As did several senators, I believe…)
i LOVE Boehner’s new shade of orange barkinginthedark
(It’s like he’s diseased and irradiated!)

However, it seemed many of you just watched the event to Marvel at the size of Obama’s ears.
Hey, there are worse ways to spend an evening, I suppose…
And for those keeping track, there were 2 votes for BBRRRAAAIIINNNSSSSS!!! Thanks for keeping the dream alive!

This week (keeping with our topical polls of late), we turn our eyes to that game of games, the Superbowl!

Vote early, vote often! Poll closes next Thursday at 1159 pm.
See you next week. And to keep you busy until then, 2 things you’ve probably all seen before, but are still fun:
Matrix Ping Pong!!!

and Bill Murrays speech from the end of Groundhog Day.

Have a good weekend, see you ’round the bend…

82 responses to “Friday Foolishness – Football Edition

  1. Holy smokes, Snooks Eaglin! Did you know he was Professor Longhair’s guitar player? He’s also blind. I saw him play 20 years ago at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. He was pretty old by then, maybe 70, but did he rock out! Thanks for the post.

    • Wow, very impressed that you got to see him, Dan.
      Every day I hear something new about that city that is pushing me to go to New Orleans…

      • Let me push you a bit further….Go to New Orleans! Mardi Gras 2012….February 21, but the party’s already started! Oh…and Jazz Fest is a great time to go as well!

        • Bah. I’ll be in Indiana feb 22 & 23 for Van Halen.
          But it is now higher on my list, Alex.

          • I know a guy called VA who was actually there for Mardi Gras by accident (his conference was there and then). He was utterly disgusted. I don’t think he’ll beback anytime soon. You might enjoy it though. You seem to march to the beat of your own drummer.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, my friend!

  3. That is a fine tune. Have a gooder.

  4. See, this is why I love Bill Murray…the smirk, the understated sarcasm…ahhh….

    • And yet, this is probably the sincerest part of the movie, kayjai!
      A friend of mine once caddied for Bill Murray. He reportedly said the following during that round:
      “Best golf movie ever – Caddyshack. Worst golf movie ever – Caddyshack 2″

  5. Matrix Ping Pong! Oh.My.Gawd.I.Love.It.
    Do you actually WORK at your job? WHERE do you find this stuff?

    Stop acting like you don’t like The Veggietales, you’re embarrassing yourself.

    • The only embarrassing part is that now there is an eternal internet record of me saying “VeggieTales”, Ginger.
      And yes, I work at my job.
      As little as possible, but still…

  6. You have so much going on here, it’s like a party! I’m sitting in a workshop right now but when I get home I’m gonna check out your music selection…never heard of them?

  7. DOOD, I rock at ping pong. But I’m glad I’m not the only one who voted “what’s a football?” ::snicker:: Have a great weekend!

    • I’m looking forward to seeing the results at the end of the week to see how many agree, Asplenia.
      And I suck at ping pong
      Hope your weekend is fun!

  8. I had never heard of Snooks – it was classic. Dude could jam. Laughed at the matrix ping-pong….too funny! Yay – it’s Friday!

  9. GO GIANTS!!
    Love the Weather Terrorist….and the song…..seriously cool!
    Thanks for the mention, Guapo! : )

  10. Rooting against the Giants for sure! And throwing in some spousal abuse….

  11. I love Friday Foolishness! Another reason I wish every day was Friday! And why can’t they have the Ping Pong Super Bowl instead? I have nothing against the Super Bowl, as such, I just wish they would spice it up a bit. LIke if the football was make out of flubber or something of that nature. I love Bill Murray and I love that speech.

  12. What? The Super Bowl is this weekend? Wow … I thought it was last weekend!

    Gotta love that ping pong clip! Have a safe weekend.

  13. Hi,
    “Wait – football?” That was definitely the right one for me to tick. :)
    I loved the ping – pong, that was fantastic.

  14. I am rooting for the Batsmen! They’ll score a wicket on the court with the little green ball before it goes past the goalie and hits the bullseye! Hope the ponies don’t get hurt.

  15. I’ve never seen the matrix ping pong before but I loved it!

  16. Well I must say you have outdone yourself in today’s Friday Foolishness –
    Music – Awesome!
    Poll Results w/ comments – Rockin!,
    Visual Media Choices – Perfect!,
    New Poll – Current with Events, (commercials tho commercials -) )
    You saying VeggieTales in print – PRICELESS!! :-)
    Hey did you know that Linda was kissed by Bill Murray? True Story….
    Alll in All I say it was a stellar week and an Awesome with an extra helping side of Cool Beans and kooky nuts. Wit a cherry on top! Friday Foolishness Hey I think I might be hungry….. :-) Cheers – and Peace
    You Rock!

  17. Is the Bill Murray story on her blog, lizziecracked? going to have to check that out!
    I think the VeggieTales are just going to haunt me now…
    Glad you had such a great week!!!

  18. Okay, so I played the Snooks Eaglin song, Sleepwalk. The minute it started I recognized it as a song from the 50′s. Sure enough, it’s a Ritchie Valens song. Did you know that? I’m gonna assume you did since you seem like a smarty pants.
    I like it too. It sounds like something that would play in some surf shop in Hawaii? It just has that lazy summer feel to it. Or maybe like an old school slow dance?

    • Okay, I’m so stupid. I just re-read your response and duh, you knew it was an old song! I seriously didn’t know it was Ritchie Valens, though. It’s a classic.

      • I didn’t know the original was Richie either, AgrippingLife. Thank you for the info, and given the choice, I’ll always go for the comfortable jeans over the smarty pants.

  19. Do you really dislike your job that much? The whole weekwas a waste? That’s very sad. Maybe you should get a tiara. Wearing one makes the day so much fun. And moreso for you, I bet, than for me.

    Happy BRRRAAAAIIINNNSSSS!!!!! I mean have a good weekend.


  20. GO BIG BLUE!!! that’s The New York Football Giants for those who may not know. GO JINTS!! continue…

  21. I go to the movie or the mall during the super bowl. Nether are crowded and it’s such a relief to get out of my house of nutsy football fans.

  22. damn everyone’s crazy over football and i haven’t watched a single game.

    but i’m rooting for whoever wins. go team.

  23. Big lads your footballers. Love the colourful helmets and shoulder pads.

  24. I’m fearful of going to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I’m worried I’d be asked to keep my shirt down in order to receive those beads, and, my ego would never survive.

  25. It’s okay. I don’t know what to do with it either. I guess it’s better than saying I can’t wear shorts because my bum will hang out below the hem.

  26. I’m a Puppy Bowl gal all the way. I don’t really pay any attention to sports, football especially, but I will watch puppies play for 2 hours.

  27. Hah, now I’m prepared.

    Just wanted to tell you, I totally get why you call your blog the asylum within the asylum. Err…finally (hey, i’m humble).

  28. I’m sure you’ve been nominated millions of times for the Versatile Blogger Award but I’ve done it again. Sue me. Go on, do it! I dare you!

    Thanks for blogging and being an active participant in the blog community.

  29. Pig out and watch commercials, FTW!

  30. I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award! :) Details at :) Kana

  31. Honored, I am! Thanks Kana!

  32. I LOVE Bill Murray and Groundhog Day! Great one! Awesome groundhog caption!

  33. <<is overtly disturbed detailed comment about NOLA, Mardi Gras and football was eaten.

  34. <<detailed response sympathizing and commiserating Bon Appetit, Red

  35. Puppy Bowl VIII with Kitty Halftime! What is ‘foot’ ball? Unless a hockey game breaks out I’m at a loss.
    Good tunes and a wonderful week of zombie madness back atcha!

  36. Pingback: Friday Foolishness – Valentine Edition | Guapola

  37. Ooh, ooh, ooh! I love that version of Sleepwalk! I originally heard the song on La Bamba (the film) and fell in love with it but had forgotten about it until now. Oh happy day! And…I learned something new tonight:

    • Love that song too, Lilly. I kept forgetting the name, but was lucky enough to hear it on a radio show that was archived, so I could actually go back and find it.
      thanks for that link – I had no idea Brian Setzer did it too.Going to have to look that up…

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