Friday Foolishness – Valentine Edition

Today’s Music: The Contours – Do You Love Me
Days Til Spring: 39

Another week, another Friday. So goes the cycle of life.
Saw a few interesting things this week that I’d like to share with you.
She Speaks… pointed me to a very clever OK Go video.
Sara Carpenter taught me a new meaning of giving with her tale of Joe the Trucker.
And ODNT went out for a great meal

But what y’all really want to know, is what did you and your cohorts say to last weeks’s poll. Well, let the suspense end.

All I know is they screwed traffic by me for the day...

Here are the “Other” answers to What You Were Doing For The Superbowl.
(Comments in italics are mine.)
It’s tuesday, is it to late to put money on the Giants. John Phillips
(Of course not, as long as you’re betting on the Pats!)
watch “Smallville” reruns
(Didn’t Clark play on the Smallville High football team?)
celebrate the fact that we don’t have CHANNELS at our house…
(As long as you still have the internet!)
When did the Superbowl start showing reruns? Red
(I think that was around Superbowl 2…)
Puppy Bowl
(Do they wear helmets? Or slobber guards?)
go to a movie
(Did you see the original of The Longest Yard, or North Dallas Forty?)
Make round sandwiches for our hosts and watch the commercials but not the game.
(Round sandwiches? Not even football shaped?)
Drink. And possibly eat something. And be sick the next day.
(Or as we call it in my house, “Tuesday”)
enoy an evening free from political ads
(I think you just nailed the importance of the bowl!)
astral project to a place where they never heard of football. Linda Vernon
(the Puppy bowl?)
Send my husband away for the whole day and study for a midterm. Woo hoo!
(A great idea, especially if he’s a Patriots fan!)
watch Madonna embarrass herself in a desperate attempt to remain relevant – Alex Autin
(Your prediction was better than every handicapper out there, Alex! We have a winner!!!)
get a superspoon and eat all the raw cake mix I can (Kanerva)
(Please tell me you don’t wait for just the Superbowl to do that!)
We only watch the Superbowl for the commercials…otherwise, is hockey on?
(Where’s you patrioti- Wait, are you Canadian?)
try new recipes for jalapeno poppers and blackened salmon tacos! sandylikeabeach
(Wait, is that a finger food? Can I dip it in ranch dressing?)

That being said, most of you picked Pig out and watch the commercials!, with Wait – football? That’s the brown ball with the pointy ends, right? as a close second.
And congratulations to Alex for winning!

Well, that clears up last week. So moving on…
Valentines Day is coming!

Isn't there an age restriction for projectile weapons?

So here is this weeks poll. Voting will close Thursday, 2/15, at 2359.

Since it’s not going to be Valentines Day for a few days yet, I leave you with these to get you in the right frame of mind…

Have a great week, and enjoy every second of it!
Til next time…

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86 responses to “Friday Foolishness – Valentine Edition

  1. Okay, I’m going to eat chocolate and NOT watch Sleepless in Seattle, OR When Harry Met Sally OR City of Angels…”Seth…who names their kid Seth?” Yeah, okay..I’ve seen that one a couple of times…sue me.

  2. Big Slurpy Valentines Kiss To Ya.

  3. Bull Durham … classic …. was that the Masked Guapo on the Princess Bride Hill clip? Oh crap … Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary simply too close together.

  4. BTW … I hope you listened to the clips on the post I gave you.

  5. Pitchers and catchers report to camp in 20 days. I’m just saying.

  6. I almost picked brains on the poll, but then the chocolate won out.

    I gave you an award on my blog today. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. My thoughts on valentines day… – the sarcastic offering suits me :)

    I know it’s only early yet, why is no-one liking your voting offerings? Too many choices? So far only other has scored @ 100% (Go other!!!)

    • there are some great ones there, Kanerva.
      For the answers,. Brraaiinnnss just doesn’t draw em in like they used to…
      But people do come up with stacks of answers I wish I’d thought of!

  8. TGIF! I look forward to your foolishness every Friday now! :)
    For Valentines – I want my man to bring me some flowers (probably won’t happen) and cook me a nice steak dinner…(might happen)….but, when you’ve been together for 25 years – any excuse to have date night is a good one! Enjoy your weekend Guapo ~

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  10. I won! I won! I won!

  11. Yum I voted for chocolate. I think I’m breaking out a fondue pot this year. I’ve never used it, but I’m pretty sure the end result will be me drinking molten chocolate.

  12. I got a chocolate fountain for Christmas and haven’t used it yet. I should! Sex is definitely on the menu though….

    • I would hate to have to clean one of those fountains, thypolar.
      And have you considered having sex on the menu?

      Never mind, I don’t know what that means either…

  13. Yes, the Super Bowl was a rerun. Somehow, not the slightest bit surprising. Poor Boston PD.

    On a brighter note, Valentine’s Day…Glad to know FedEx will be delivering my order on Monday….just in time for Tuesday *Wicked, Evil Grin*

    It is another holiday where I can buy something for myself and pass it off genuinely as a gift for Bear.

    Happy Friday!

  14. Valentines day was always my favorite day in gradeschool. I loved all those cute little cards!

  15. Hi,
    Great responses again from last week, they all bought on a smile. :)
    “Happy Valentines Day” I’m sure you have something really nice planned for the Lady in your life.
    I know for a fact that I will be having chocolate on the big day. :D

  16. my contest entry is: i’m gonna get my heart on :-D
    always love the friday post EG continue…

  17. It’s Valentines again? Does watching Justified count as a couple activity?

    Also…thanks for the elaborately clever answer you left at my place. You are glittery!!!!

  18. You totally had me with The Princess Bride!

  19. Princess Bride. Yeah. Classic movie. And all that other stuff, I agree with 100%. Hi! Hi there! Hello!

  20. I love princess bride! I remember my mom totally embarrassing me in the theatre during opening weekend way back when. We were in some fancy theatre with some monologue with people from the Renaissance Festival and my mom STOOD UP and yelled to them! I could have died. And now I could totally see me doing that to my own child!

  21. The Princess Bride is such a great, quotable movie! Book’s good, too.

  22. LOLOLOLLL @ princess bride. how could i miss this movie? oh right i was born in the 90s.

    • That’s (one of) the (many) problem(s) with kids today, Gorrade – No appreciation for the classics.
      You should check it out – you won’t be disappointed!

  23. The Contours = good choice.
    I’m with Linda Vernon. The best part of Valentines day was always those cute little rhyming cards.
    Princess Bride! Perfect!

  24. Downloaded Contours, damn iTunes. I see from the poll results that you may as well skip everything except other. Loved the car clip, must have been getting and placing the pianos.

  25. Awesome. awesome blog! I really enjoyed it! I’ll be back for more!

  26. I kind of forgot about Valentine’s Day and I scheduled myself to be out of town. I think that makes me a horrible person but (at his suggestion) we celebrated early.
    See what happens after thirty years of marriage.

  27. good GOD I had to scroll for EVER to find a parking space! what was I going to say? PERFECT videos I LOVE Princess Bride – so much – and the I believe speech – as you see its monday – I am behind and do you know how close i came to using exactly that clip for Mental Moment today? Great minds for REAL ! I would RT this but yea its monday and its says Friday Foolishness although I dont think anyone would think it was weird coming from me……did I not vote? thats weird and you got all the bases covered it seems for this weeks pole – i am trying to stay optimistic…. geez i gotta get here early on Friday….

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