Friday Foolishness – Extra Bright Edition

Today’s Music: Eddie Rabbit – I Love a Rainy Night
Days Til Spring: 18

Welcome back all. This was a busy week for me here in the blogosphere. On Wednesday, The Hobbler and all her plethora of many co- conspirators tried to set up both myself and the inimitable Edward Hotspur with some silliness.
Which we of course foiled in comments here, in most of the links above, and really, on a nice hefty chunk of the ‘sphere.
Thanks to Hobbler for (trying to) set(ting) us up. I had a blast, and really was laughing out loud as it all went horribly, hilariously wrong…

Of course, I wasn’t the only one babbling online this week.
A Gripping Life talked about live music, a topic close to my heart. Eric Murtaugh asked if the quest for adventure was Religious or Insane, and I was ecstatic to find out that a blogger I have an awful lot of respect for, She Speaks, has a brain! Seriously, I hang out on her site. It has to make me look good by association!
Not even a little bit?

What the hell is normal around here anyway? Oh yeah, this is...

You should check out their posts, then hang out for the rest of their blogs. Really, they and all the rest of you are what gets me through the week.

But do that later. Because we have some old bidness and some new bidness.
In old, I gotta say, you all surprised me. When I asked last week about earworms, I expected that Toni (I don’t want to put the whole name in case I trigger painful flashbacks) would take the most abuse in the comments, and she did, but she was not the winner of the poll.
The most hated earworm was, to my surprise, It’s a Small World After All, with Itsy Bitsy Spider a close second.
Which reinforces what I’ve always said – children are evil.
Yes, I’ve always said that.

In the comments, Alex Autin, having won previously, disqualified herself with Barney.
Barney? Really? I lob a couple of friendly hand grenades, and you come at me with nuclear annihilation?
There were also some great picks in the comments that I really don’t want to drag out into the light of day, and I laughed my way through the week (and my medication) because of them. But this weeks winner from the others is Weenie Girl, with The Mister Softee Jingle!!!
Thanks, Weenie Girl. My shrink will be contacting you for payment.

So, now that that is thankfully behind us, lets get on to the new foolishness…
Last weeks poll only had a few choices. And none of them were BRRAAIINNNSSS.
So to make it up to you this week, not only do you get those fantastic images from She Speaks, but this poll.
Feel free to leave your favorite recipes in the comments, just do it before next thursday, 23:59.
And as always, leave your name next to your Other answer and Ill link back to you next week..

Finally, to get the winning song from last week out of your head, I offer you some quality Jamaican piano jazz. Seriously, I saw this guy last night, and my socks are gone. Because he blew them off. Don’t say it, Hotspur.

And for those of you that have already seen the Walk Off The Earth cover of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know, I offer you this hilarious parody. I’ve been laughing at it all week.

Have a great weekend, all. See you on the next pass….

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89 responses to “Friday Foolishness – Extra Bright Edition

  1. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh! That parody video was very funny.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Guapola! You’re the only one who take my music monday seriously! haha! Without you, I’d have no customers.
    Once again, your music selection for the day – takes me back. Eddie Rabbit was popular ever so briefly (it’s all relative) – and left this song as his legacy.
    Have a beautiful day!

    • Thanks, Lisa.
      I wanted to use the song for the Wretched piece a few days ago, but it’s way too happy for that. Glad I was able to get it in today.

      Hope your Friday is splendiferous!

  3. Get off my Inernets! You have no proof I was a co-conspirator for anything- well, except reminding you that you are not rugged, just smelly. and you hold a GRUDGE.

  4. It was fun for me too (the whole conspiracy thing), although some of my conspiracy comments were a little corny. Fun times for sure! On another note, these polls are always so creative and fun. I would leave a comment, except one of your choices is perfect. :)

  5. OMG! That parody video is utterly GREAT! Thanks for posting that. And I do appreciate that you have also confirmed that I have a brain! I have often wondered for many years, but it is now confirmed.

    • Confirmed, with great pics, She. It’s like neuro-porn!

    • I think you all are just clicking the choices because you don’t want to expose yourselves in the Other category, She (and Hobbler)…

      • Well, being relatively new to your site, I didn’t realize that when I gave an “other” response that I should have given up my anonymity. So I will from here on out. But I had to answer one of the given answers this time as there really is no other better response.

        • Anonymity is fine. I’ll link back to people that do leave their identity on the Other, in next weeks post, where all Other answers will be listed, along with a response.

          And a new poll.
          If I can think of something.
          Yes, there was thought involved in this one.
          No, it’s very subtle.

  6. A great post for my Friday morning. Love the parody video, and a good find for a future Monday Morning Entertainment. Oh well … gotta running to cleaning the house – bathrooms are next. Thanks for the fava beans and chianti suggestion for lunch.

  7. Haha! Conspiracy! I voted BRAINSSSS because I’m paranoid, and I need a second one to out think the enemy.

  8. Pinky is THE best answer!! BUT…in an effort to not ‘disqualify’ myself again….I’ll have to give this one some thought. Maybe I should try Barney again….dino+brains? Noooo, not good enough. I did make a delicious soup last night but it wouldn’t really go well with brains either. I’ll get back to you on this one…. : )

    Loved the parody!

  9. Hahah that parody of the band that covers Gotye was perfect! Made me chuckle! Thanks Guap!

  10. Why does everyone always think I’m going to have a comment about everything? Jeez. Everyone knows it’s “ROCK your socks off”, not “Jazz your socks off”.

    did he play your rusty trombone after he blew your socks off?

  11. Next time you should have a stripper poll.

  12. Guapo, you and Hotspur are hilarious…have an awesome weekend!

  13. Even my cockatoo is laughing at the parody….thanks

  14. Thanks Valentine.
    And thanks for he heads up. We’ll have open the aviary within the asylum. Within the asylum.

  15. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Sir Guacamole… that was a very smooth jam indeed… but you know I was thinking your poll makes for fertile ground for Hobbler’s… I mean who wouldn’t love a little lime juice squeezed over their softly sauteed brain… oh, and a couple other things before I explode (I mean forget) – thanks for choosing one off my all time fave words for me – a plethora of kudos to the 2 conspiratees for all the post editing and deleting of comments – folks – we’ve all bean hacked!!! And, I’ve just realized why the “Somebody That I Used to Know” tune will just NOT leave my head!! But don’t you worry – Hobbler and her fruity loopy posse gotye right where we (I mean they) wantye. :)

    • I’m not sure if you should win Hobblers game or be disqualified for “Smooth Jam”, Buddha Kat.
      Shouldn’t “ye” be saved for the pirate game that I’m sure will show up eventually?

  16. Thanks for the Mr. Softee link…just in case i have trouble humming the damn tune myself. What’s the prize? There has to be a prize. Can’t wait to hear what it is!

    • Prize? I’ve emailed you the Mr Softee song.
      You’re welcome.

      • Excuse me? I didn’t say thank you. I think you have fava beans and chianti in your ears. That’s why you’re hearing things.

        I didn’t get the email you mentioned. Feel free to send a more substantial prize to my home. I eagerly await the surprise!!

  17. I DON NOT CO-CONSPIRATE -er ly whatEVER…. i happen to be a double agent – not MY fault that no one was at the covert meeting spot to take the information – ohhhhhhh wait put me up there so my cover wouldn;t be blown…heheh yea…. i get it right? Man I suck at this spy shit. :-( like a rotten…kumquat or..something…or other…

  18. Hi,
    Great post to read on an early Saturday morning (here in OZ anyway).
    I found your poll very hard today, I would of liked to have ticked all of the them.
    Loved the videos, had a bit of a laugh, always a good start for the weekend. :D

    • Thanks, Magsx2. Looking forward to checking out this weeks jokes in a bit.
      And you’re welcome to vote for as many as you like!
      (Though I have to say, that’s a bit disturbing on this poll…)

  19. Twinkletoes! You are so much fun! I love your blog. And I really feel from the bottom of my hear that you are the “Tone naaa!” of the blogosphere!

  20. omg I’m sitting here crying with laughter @ the parody!

  21. Thanks so much for posting that WOTE parody vid because I have been driving myself crazy trying to remember where I had first seen it so that I could share it with my pals.

    I’m enjoying your blog… sorry it took me a while to get over here {:-/

  22. OK, so that is a song which will not get out of my head. Sheesh.

    Thinking wicked, evil thoughts…

    • I’ve seen your comments on too many blogs, Red – not taking responsibility for the wicked or the evil.
      Hell, I have enough trouble keeping up wiht the trouble I do cause! ;)

  23. I like my brains with cantaloupe, thank you very much.

  24. That last video was great! I had just seen the orig a few days ago. Good timing!

  25. EG cool vid. i think i like my brains with a good body. :-) continue…

  26. The last video is hilarious! Thanks for the smile :)

  27. I don’t have any brain recipes (threw them out after my daughter was born) but I do like this

  28. nuggetsandpearls

    I was amazed to discover WOTE on here, I’ve been following them too – they are awesome! Have you seen their Beatles cover recently (from me to you)? Great blog you have here.

    • Thanks, nuggetsandpearls.
      Just checked out that cover. Holy crap – they are easily the weirdest band out there.
      Yes, even weireder than Gogol Bordello.

  29. Pingback: Friday Foolishness – Early Riser Edition | Guapola

  30. Music WIN! From today’s music all the way down to the parody. You rock!

Ahem *best Ricky Ricardo voice* Babble-OOOoooo!!!

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