IT. IS. SPRING!!! And time for the Spring/Summer Stupidity!

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Day’s Til Spring: 0!!!0!!!0!!!

At last. Spring. I can feel the earth softening, the trees starting to bloom, the hemlines rising.
The most wonderful time of the year is upon us.


Which means of course, that it is time for the annual listing of events for those like-minded individuals who really want to go out and play.
So here, more or less, is the (mostly) unexpurgated text of the email that went out the other day. (Apologies for all the non-imbedded links, this was copied right from the emial to keep that raw untamed fee…)
Anyone who wants to join in, let me know. Should be fun…

Subject: The Spring and Summer Stupid

Well, the seasons have spun around again, and here we are on the verge (once more) of spring.
And if it’s spring, it means it’s time for me to try to drag you all down into the stupid with me.

(Don’t worry, it will be fun. And I’ll try and find bars and restaurants near most of the adventures listed.)

Going to go with these guys again:

And for those of you that have them they give lessons to kids too. They have all the gear, all you need to do is show up.

Jet Skiing
Off of Coney Island. How can you say no?

I think they might be the only ones in the city who do this. But come on, jet skiing? within city limits?
I really want to do this, though it is kind of pricey…

A bunch of options here

These guys are a bit north of the city, and they do a bunch of fun tours. Some of them even include lunch! (It will even be dry! If the guide closes his storage bin.)
They also do rentals.

These guys are in Port Washington. We’ve rented from them before, and it’s a nice day of paddling alongside the sailboats.

These guys are out of chelsea piers. I’ve seen their kayaks in the water, but know nothing about them. Still, it’s possible…

Stand Up Paddleboarding
This was lots of fun for the hour or so last year. Best of all, it can be done on a weekday in the evening at the same place, which is

(They also do kayaking)
these guys were pretty good, and got all of us (5 people) up on the boards with no real problem.
Atlantic Outfitters above also say they do SUP, so that’s a possibility too.

Never been. Would like to go. I’m open to considering anything. The only requirement (says The Most Wonderful Girl In The Universe) is that there be clean indoor plumbing available.
Doesn’t sound unreasonable…
So, where are we going to go? The Most Wonderful Girl In The Universe and I should probably just start with a weekend, so we can get used to it.

Rock Climbing
Indoor is nice. I know of 3 indoor spots:
Chelsea Piers (really nice, but not the cheapest)

Brooklyn Boulders (Never heard of them, but I’ll give them a shot…)

Island Rock (Plainview, it’s a nice facility)

There’s another near midtown, but I can’t find a link.

I would really like to get outdoors to climb too. Most of my climbing is in New Paltz
I’ve climbed with these guys ( ) but the original guy has since retired. We can find other guide services, probably through Rock and Snow.

Flying Trapeze

This has been on my list for the last few years, and I’d really like to go if the scheduling can be worked out.

Bike riding in central park (the path also goes past the bouldering area!)
Free summer concerts.

Also, hoping to get to Portland to go Bungee Jumping.

So, that’s what I’ve got.
Feel free to make more suggestions, and lets work out what we want to do when.

And may your warm weather months be as stupid and fun as possible!


If anyone wants to come along, or has suggestions to add, let me know in the comments.
And for everyone in the northern hemisphere – CONGRATULATIONS!!! WE MADE IT!!!

And now, for today’s music…

107 responses to “IT. IS. SPRING!!! And time for the Spring/Summer Stupidity!

  1. Would love to join in, alas, I fear the miles may be too much for me to hike…and that little thing called the ocean, too far to paddle across. So, I solemnly swore to Daughter #2 to hike trails this year (St.John’s has a ton of them) and to do the Signal Hill hike on the weekends…we will be toting our cameras, so we hope to post the best ones! Enjoy Guap!

    • They make ocean going kayaks, kayjai. Just sayin…

      Is the Signal Hike a long chain where people jump in and out at various points until they finish (like the Appalachian Trail in Northeast US)?

      • Signal Hill is on the very tip of the ocean where Cabot Tower ( a national historic site) now sits. There are trails leading all around the hill, a chain attached to the edge of the cliff in one section to keep you from falling into the ocean, but you cannot jump in and out at points. A wonderful hike…

  2. I can’t play the piano, but if I did, I’d like to learn to play this little number. It always makes me happy and I like how the peanuts characters dance to it.

    Yay! Spring is here!!! I like your list of things to do. I’ve never been rock climbing, trapezing, or stand up paddle boarding. They all sound like a lot of fun. I’m sure Eric Murtaugh will be proud of your list. : )

    • I’ve been trying to learn it on guitar, Gripping Life. I’m at the point where it is at least recognizable…
      If you can get to water, there will probably be someone there doing SUP lessons. Go with friends, because it’s more fun when you can all laugh at each others falls…

  3. CLEAN INDOOR PLUMBING ROCKS. And I love the way you talk about the most awesome girl in the universe. Have fun! Looking forward to the full update!

    • I think the condition of the facilities may make or break the trip for my girl, Asplenia.
      And she just laughs when I talk about her that way, but I think she likes it!

  4. You should give camping a try. Stay in private or state campgrounds (avoid the ones that are primitive camping only). I’ve always found that the restrooms/showers in private and state campgrounds are clean and well maintained.

    Enjoy spring! It’s been spring here for about a month. I fear it might be a very long hot summer this year.

    • I really would like to try it, Sandy. Thanks for the tip on restrooms.

      I’m concerned it’ll be very hot too, but for now, it’s the first day of spring and I’m just enjoying that!

  5. Being that you were leading a countdown to this day, I know you are ready for the warm-weather activity! This also means a sharing your activities with your readers! For me, the golf season is about to begin! Meanwhile, forecasters are predicting a record high today.

    …. and it’s great to be early in the comment string!

  6. Woohoo!! It seems you’ve a very ambitious spring/summer coming up!

    But seriously Guapo?!! You’ve never been camping?! Campgrounds are fine, but a bit too populated for my taste…too loud, too well lit. It may sound cliche, but I like only the light of the stars and a campfire at night, and waking to only the sounds of nature….hopefully peaceful and non-life-threatening nature!
    Enjoy yourself!!

    • Seriously never been, Alex. Really not sure how that happened either…
      I’m hoping an organized campground shouldn’t be bad, as long as we can escape the lights at night…

  7. Your list is inspiring. I was wondering if you would adopt me? I’m pretty self sufficient…and potty trained.
    My favorite thing on your list is the Trapeze! That has always been on my list, too. Along with learning to surf. :P

    • Pick an adventure, pick a date and come on down Mags!
      The more the merrier!
      And one of the best parts of the trapeze is that it’s set up on a strip of land between the West Side Highway and the Hudson river. How could anyone not one to go???

  8. I went canoeing once in upstate New York. Loved it! All I need now are two people to join me — one for the paddling and one to hold an umbrella over me while feeding me grapes. That’s a bit of coordination that might be hard to locate, but it’s Spring and I’m daring to dream! I wish I could join in on some of the NY fun.

    • You should try tubing on the Deleware river, Laura – nothing to do but float your way down and relax…
      Just bring sun screen. Snacks and beverages are up to you! ;)

      • Sounds like a plan. I could actually tube down the mighty Rio Grande–just prepare to stop and set up cocktails on the sand banks. There’s an “invent a seacraft” contest/exhibition here every Spring–anything that will float down the river–that, after reading about what you east coasters are doing, I think I’ll try.

  9. Camping… consider Croton Point Park… plumbing and pool nearby. We’re looking to go this summer… could be fun. As for the rest…

    It’s SPRING! WHO CARES!!!!!

    Happy happy happy 1st day of the rest of the season!

    • My girl was considering Croton. And maybe even some swimming in the Hudson!
      Let us know if you’d like company.

      And amen, there will definitely be a beer outside tonight to celebrate!

  10. Shaved the beard off yesterday – off to the seaside at the weekend and gonna have a go at bodysurfing with my niece and her fellow who is good at this sort of thing apparently. That’s enough excitement for one year….

  11. My Hubsters says to add White Water rafting to your list! He says it is very addicting- I say it’s a suicide mission. Class 5 rapids and certain death= fun times, I guess.

    As a camping woman, I agree with your girl that indoor plumbing is a must! Most State Parks have descent facilities and of course beautiful scenery to gaze upon.
    We are going back to Sleeping Bear Dunes this summer in Michigan- breathtaking landscapes, Platt river canoeing/kayaking, bike riding, hiking, gorgeous lake beaches, etc. I am ret to go now! They let you build fires on the beaches so you can catch the sunset- magical!

    Paddle boarding sounds interesting- is it easy to stay on the board?

  12. Exhausted reading your activity list, makes me want to sit down and get my breath back with a beer.

    Have a great time!

    • Thanks Joe.
      Get two more in you and we’ll grab the kayaks!

      • I’ve cycled drunk, that didn’t end well.

        Can’t say I’ve done anything adventurous, I’m in Spain in a few months and you can kayak where I’m going, I’ll give it a go, looks quite gentle just going round a few coves.

        As long as it’s nothing where you’re plummeting, I don’t mind heights, I just don’t like the idea of falling from a great one. Skydives and bungees are a no-go

  13. For many years, I would always do the ol’ egg balancing thing on this equinox and on the autumnal equinox. Glad it is now official for you! Spring away!! (I can’t help but think of Tigger when I said that…)


  15. I had to jump out of my chair and do the snoopy dance! Lots of good choices there. I know Navar wants to go paddleboarding. SPRING ahhhhh Happy Day.:+) Lets see Camping I would maybe try a one day and one over night if it’s your first time. So that” the most wonderful girl in the Universe” will be happy. One good thing there you don’t have to worry about Grizzly Bears like you do here. :+) I actually would like to try surfing again. I tried that in Hawaii I did alright but I’d like to try that one again.

    • I’m pretty sure if there was a chance of bears, my girl would insist on camping in a hotel, starla!
      A lot of surfing outfits also offer paddleboarding, so the two of you could go together.

      • Yes indeed! We use to live surrounded by Grizzly Bears. Over on this side of Montana I don’t think they have Grizzly Bears but I know they have large wild wolves. I took a picture of a mother grizzly and her three cubs sitting by some turkeys. It was the first time I had ever seen a Grizzly Bear it was amazing! They were a couple of miles from where we use to live.

  16. Email? What email? I am confused… does this fall under 11 or was it 13? 11 I’m sure… Camping is fun! fun fun fun! I am still so shocked you have never been. I am going this year and taking the whole blessed gaggle with me- I win for being the most adventurous and probably stupid – what? just saying..everybody is right there are plenty of well kept campgrounds with facilities and I have only two things to add..some of them are still glorified outhouses – just don;t – I don;t care how curious you are …don;t look down the hole..and this is where TMWGITU might find that the ability to pee standing up might come in handy… well, no might about it – it wil come in handy and make for a much less stressful, possibly more interesting camping adventure. I am thinking you two would be better off in a more um..remote camping area…those tents are NOT sound proof and the wild animals get at very least curious if not mildly excited…. why add neighbor campers to the list ? you have to be …more thoughtful on a crowded campground… in the wild you can….. do whatever you want as loudly as you want… usually. Wild animals nonwithstanding – they just make for interesting stories later…

    Anyways YAY!! It;s finally FINALLY here! Spring! It’s colder here than it;s been all month, know because my furnace is blowing cold air which it only does below 40 degrees…..BUT the SUN IS SHINING AND ITS SPRING YAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!

    • Laughing my head off, lizziec, and can’t wait to see what my girl’s reaction to your comment is!

    • But Lizzie, don’t you think that part of the fun of Horizontal Fellowship in a tent is that you have to be quiet?
      It’s kinda like a challenge for some of us… or a really fun and sadistic game….

      What say you about that?

      • Good Point! I didn;t think about that… I was thinking that..what WAS I thinking? yes fun sadistic and more fun…then with kids you get to listen to the guessing game in the morning – what WAS that sound? was it a (insert animal name here) Oh yes that is fun!

      • but you must partially agree with the peeing standing up part right? that is just the pinnacle of … something.. coolness for sure..not for the guys cause phhffffpht…they are born peeing standing up but for US… it makes camping a whole new frontier

        • YES! Peeing standing up, for a woman, is something that MUST be mastered.

          I also suggest you have lots of baby wipes on hand for clean up. They are also handy for ‘Horizontal Fellowship in a Tent’ clean-up. Just sayin…

          • yeah – it;s not a good place to use socks or t-shirts… you can run outta clothes pretty. darn. quick. :-)

            and there is definite mastery to it… sounds easy but… i have dribbled on myself more than once ( a lot more) trying to get it just right….a skill.. for sure!

  17. Sheesh, you got it all covered here!

  18. Guapo, I have access to a cabin right on the water in the NW woods. It is so nice – it spoils you alot. I love camping, though. The bathroom deal can well, be an ordeal sometimes…especially for the ladies but, I bet The Most Wonderful Girl In The Universe (being married to you) would probably be up for a little adventrue (?) lol. Nothing better than sitting around a roaring bon-fire with good food, friends, beer and of course some good tunes! I’m advocating you try the camping!

  19. Eric Murtaugh

    Sounds like you have a busy spring planned! How long do you get the jet skis for? And how bad was winter this year out by you?

    • Jet skis can be rented hourly, or for a 3 hour tour (a 3 hour tour), Eric.
      Winter this year was…not. Very little time was spent below freezing in the whole area, and most of the snow available for skiing was either man made or thin. I was able to get in one ski day, so it wasn’t a total loss…

  20. wow nice list! I would love to try stand up paddle boarding. Everything sounds so great and outdoorsy! You really put me in the spring mood…even though it’s raining here… :(

  21. Sounds like you will be having a lot of fun. I love spring…birds chirpping, flowers blooming. I think we might try to a little geocaching this spring and summer. Eric thinks we could take a vaction to CA and I could go skydiving at a place that is good with people with disabilities, so…maybe. ;)

    • It would be incredible if you could get in a skydive Hobbler!
      Also, geocaching can be done almost anywhere. There are a lot of virtual urban caches where you find a location and answer some questions about it. Those are fun too and can lead to some interesting facts about a place.

  22. Some of the places are handicapped accessible according to their website. I need to find one of those sporty wheelchairs, although my PT would prefer to see me walk. I can hold about 75% of my body weight, so like 70 lbs, but it’s a start.

    • The way you say that makes it sound like tour PT thinks you building up to walking is an attainable goal.
      And getting to skydive is a fantastic motivation.

  23. Hi,
    Sounds like it is all on for Spring, Wow what a list, no doubt you will get to do it all and have a heap of fun as well. :D

  24. Sounds like you’ve got a host of fun possibilities! Paddle-boarding is very popular where I live. I’ve never jetskied nor have I been out as far as Coney Island (I may have mentioned before that everything I know about Coney Island comes from the movie “The Warriors”), but the idea does have a certain charm. Aren’t there syringes & stuff in the water, though?
    I’m sure you’ll be able to find a host of places that meet TMWGITU’s exacting requirements. Some people like to rough it (some people even like to ‘cold camp’), but many more like showers and lavatory facilities that don’t consist of a small hole in the earth and a bunch of leaves.

    • The Warriors is an excellent reference for that time period, Smaktakula. Now they have a whole host of different problems, updated for the modern era.
      the city wants to tear down the old boardwalk and “upscale” it. A lot of people are upset about that, including me.

      Maye we should cold-camp on the mayors porch…

  25. ahhhh yes spring EG…besides the hemlines there’s the diaphanous clothing – and bungee jumping off the Verrazano. continue…

  26. I can’t believe I forgot the diaphanous clothing, Tony!
    And if you know someone that will set up a bungee off the Verrazano, let me know!
    I’ll even pick up a John Travolta/Saturday Night Fever white polyester suit for the occasion!

  27. So I’m getting the sense you’re happy it’s spring?

  28. The Guap has never been camping? Were you a test-tube baby? JK, we went camping all the time because it was virtually free entertainment for a family of six. Also, my parents were hippie wannabes. I practically grew up in a tent so now I don’t even have one. And it explains my fondness for Egyptian cotton sheets and my intense dislike of the smell of burning marshmallows.
    I tried the stand up paddleboarding in Hawaii and my abs were yelling obscenities at me the rest of the week. I also went to jump school but my last jump included bloodshed (the hub hit his noggin on the strut of the single prop wing right before my jump and I got to stare at a bloodsmear as I waited to drop) so that’s on my list of never again!
    Happy Spring and here’s to summertime skirts and barely there bikinis (but not on my bod!)

    • I believe at some of the finer establishments, room service will bring you toasted marshmallows, zen,
      After the blood, I could see not wanting to jump. Although If I did do the jump right after, I would have wanted a pic of me swinging from the strut under the smear!
      I hope the hub didn’t have any long lasting damage from the jump!

      • Nah, he was fine but I was freaking. And it’s really sad because it was my last jump before graduating to jumping on my own. There is nothing quite like zooming down to Planet Earth and then the sudden jerk of your parachute opening and knowing that you are in control again (somewhat!) I’d try it again but there are so many other cool things to do, as your post points out.
        I wish I did have a photo of that. The look of sheer terror would’ve been priceless! I am just glad I didn’t totally wuss out and stay on the plane.

  29. Holy cow! You have too many friggin’ comments for me to read and see if I am repeating anything! Anyway, love geocaching. I think that’s the only thing I’ve done on your list – though they all sound fun. Except camping. I don’t mind roughing it for a day, but at night I need hot water. And no bugs.

    • I love geocaching, whatimeant2say. I just suck at it.
      Still, any day playing out in the world is a good day!

      And I think my girl is more concerned about clean potties than hot water…

  30. Well no wonder you were counting down until spring! Do they have more hours in the day in NYC or something? You must know how to prioritize like a banshee. I especially like the plan to do some paddle boarding. If I could do that I’d move to Hawaii and paddle out in the ocean and never come in except for meals and snacks.

    Just reading this post has gotten me out of my rut! So thank you, Larry! Your the best!

  31. Why do women all insist on indoor plumbing? What is wrong with the good old outdoors, sitting on a tree stump, using leaves as toilet paper? Roughing it is no longer roughing it, people go camping in trailers that are more luxurious than some homes, TV, kitchens, etc. I like camping in a tent, with a coleman stove and a firepit…my girl begs to differ, and will only camp in a tent if there is a nearby flushing toilet.

  32. We survived the winter so let’s risk our lifes in spring! ;)
    No seriously, I’d like to do all this (approximately), but eerm, how…

    • Just pick whatever you like and check online for somewhere to do it, NBI.
      That’s how I’ve found half this stuff.
      And have fun!

      And every season is a perfect excuse to risk your life ;)

  33. Sounds like a blast. The kiddles liked a little amusement park wall on one of our trips out to Montauk. Seems like I remember it being around Riverhead. Not something to make a day of, but fun on the way to something else.

    Like you, I am ready to hit the road and the water. Still toying with the idea of a pool this year. Not sure though, knowing we are moving in just about two years…maybe sooner if I can pull it off ;) I much prefer to be somewhere I can go crabbing…or frog gigging.


    • Wow, I haven’t done frog gigging in decades, Red.
      I know a fun little amusement park out that way – Adventureland. Not quite that far, but it might make a good evening playdate with my girl…

      • That may be it. Sounds vaguely familiar. I just know it was on the way to the end of the island, where we spent the evening on the wharf. Give me Coney Island any day. The last time I was there I did not get to ride any stinking thing. I seem to recall the little lady (I use that term verrrrry loosely.) squinting at me and saying “too pregnant”.

  34. WOW!! World of Wonder!!! Your enthusiasm is so very contagious this is one of the happiest posts ever, even all the I mean AAAAAAAlllllll the way down the comments!!!
    Clearly your fever has broken and you are and will continue to be in your element, my dear man. So glad to share your feelings as you catapult through the seasons!!!
    No winter here, either, which is FINE by me!!!
    happy dancing all around – what a wonderful way to go!!!

    • Catapult? Oh my god, please tell me where I can go to be catapulted, Buddhakat!
      If you end up in the area, let me know if you want to come along for anything. The more the merrier!

  35. I love Spring! I want to see what it looks like where you are :)

  36. I’m 55 with bursitis. I just look younger in the picture because it was taken on a manic day, so I doubt I’ll be surfing. Maybe I’ll be the Little Old Lady From Pasadena (Go, Granny, Go!).

    You clearly have too much time on your hands. I’m not saying it like it’s a bad thing – it’s WONDERFUL and can only lead to more creative posts. Surf’s up!! Peace, Amy

  37. Wow! So many awesome activities here! :D I never did camping. Wish to go camping someday in the future and stargaze! :D

  38. it is funny how the changing of a season affects a person’s behaviour. Students here at the high school are acting even more peculiar than usual…Spring Fever I guess

  39. I love spring fever. Around here, during the season change, there is a greater feeling of optimism for a while SnB.
    Of course, that changes to downright animosity during the dog days of summer, but still…

  40. Boy Guapo! 96 responses. By the time I read your blog, it be too many comments all ready so I just like and leave. Pretty flower and nice post. It’s hot here in the D. Record breaking for this time of year. Scary.

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  42. Camping! I miss camping a lot. I used to commute to work from my Tent, I would smell like a kipper after sitting round a campfire, my colleagues banned me from visiting clients when I smelt like that! I even had a toilet tent for my birthday one year – now that was luxury :D

  43. I love your list. Definitely try trapeze lessons! It’s so fun. You’ll be hooked! My husband has been surfing since high school, but I just started last year. I would have tried it sooner if I’d known how much I’d love it. I’m looking forward to trying out the Rockaways this year. I’ve never tried paddle boarding. I may need to put that on the summer agenda.

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  46. A true adventure junkie. Nice!! I’m also right in tune with your babe as far as camping goes. Love to camp, hate to smell. Running water is a good compromise.
    Trapeze lessons? That trend hasn’t hit out here in the flatlands. We just chase tumbleweeds and cows :-)

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