Friday Foolishness – Blustery Edition

Today’s Music: Lyle Lovett – I’ve Been To Memphis

Well, another week come and gone. Faster than expected, though that might have been Tuesday’s fault. Went to see Gotye, drank waaayyy too much. IrishPaul drank even more. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t wake up with a blt in his pocket.
Fortunately, y’all were around to help me through my hangover! I read about how Curly Carly got a dog! Brian Westbye made me clutch myself in pain, and Howlin’ Mad Heather put up a great set of animal pictures. (I was partial to the first, myself.)
Really, except for the shaking, laughter is great hangover medicine. And thanks to all of you for keeping me properly distracted this week!

So before you go to check them all out, let’s clear up last weeks foolishness. The poll asked what you need to cure your spring fever. As always, your answers did not disappoint! (As always, my coments are in italics.)
fuck spring. -goradde
(Says the one who lives in the tropics)
Fried catfish, fried pickles, fried okra, fried crawfish, hell, fried anything!
(Sure, it’ll cure spring fever, but set you up for a whole host of other problems!)
to be thankful the biopsy came back negative. I’ll keep the spring fever though.
(In all sincerity, we in Guapolaville are ridiculously happy for you!!!)
to stop reading this @#$^&^^ blog and go outside for fresh air and sunshine.
(Maybe just read at night. After all, isn’t Guapola fresh air for the soul? No? Eh, I tried…)
Benedryl (Carrie)
(Make sure you’re getting prescription strength, not over the counter. Woohoo!!!)
Virgin sacrifice (BrainRants)
(Gotta say, if you’re sacrificing the whole virgin, you might be doing it wrong…)
I’m going to eat a big ol’ bowl of daffodils so I can finally get my fill! Linda
(If you go for dandelions, you know it will be organic and wholesome – no chemicals like weedkiller were used!(
Naked sunbathing with umbrella drinks. Rich Crete.
(Wouldn’t it be more fun with naked girls?)
a bandana, possibly 2, i’m sure you can figure out the rest ;-) lizzie c
(Sure, you can use the two to make a sling, and…um…)
Severe allergies (She Speaks)
(Sounds like the cure is worse than the disease!)
Start going through spring adventures list as soon and as often as possible. AFrankAngle
Who in the hell would want to cure Spring Fever? Ginger Snaap
(I never thought it would happen, folks! I agree with GingerSnaap!)
To get dirty…not like that, just working in the garden (Hobbler)
(If your fences are high enough, no reason not to do “that” too!)
Champagne. Might as well suffer in style (Kanerva)
(I don’t think “champagne” and “suffering” really go together. You should just ditch the suffering!)
Congratulations to Frank for the best answer of the week!
For everyone that stuck with the offered choices, the most popular one was If this is being sick, baby I don’t want to be cured.

But that was last week, and this is…well…this week. Which means another round of silly question.
As always, feel free to write in your own answer in “Other”. If you like, write your name at the end of your answer and I’ll link back to you in next week’s wrap up.
Its spring, and like the adage says, it’s come in like a lion. All over the place, I’ve seen reports of high wind. Huffing and puffing and blowing and rolling all over everyplace. But what are you going to do about it?
No, seriously. That’s the question. So here it comes! Vote early, vote often, just vote before midnight Thursday, because that’s when the poll closes.

And to keep you busy until next week, I leave you with a guy who knows exactly what he wants to do when there’s wind.

Have a great weekend, everyone, catch you on the rebound…

113 responses to “Friday Foolishness – Blustery Edition

  1. You are just wonderful. Did you know that?

  2. Woohoo! Loved the wind-surfing video, great music to go along with it! How am I supposed to think about anything else ‘windy’ with that in my mind?
    A lot of cool answers for last week (as usual!), and about the blt….did you eat it?

    • No, a gallon of diet coke and a half a pack of cigarettes are my usual hangover cure, Alex. I was tempted to bring it to work for a mid-morning snack, but the remaining brain cells (and my nose) over-ruled me.

      • I like your hangover cure! In college my cure was a BIg Mac, either I’d puke or instantly feel better….usually it was puke. Something about the special sauce….

  3. “except for the shaking, laughter is great hangover medicine”….(too funny) and hell no – you can’t leave someone hanging..why is there a blt in your pocket?

  4. See Guaperella? I’m not so bad after all! Every once in awhile I have moments of clarity and sanity. Don’t let it happen again…

    My Birthday is in the Spring, therefore it IS the best season of them all and not a fever to be cured.

    Y’all have one month exactly to get me the most perfect gift ever.

  5. I love Fridays ’cause I get to read your Foolishness posts…and it’s wine drinkin’ night with buddies…Or maybe Follishness Friday, as your title says…whatever. Thanks, eh.

    • Obviously,the effects of alcohol last several days, kayjai!
      Edited, and thanks!
      Oh, and tip one back for me tonight. I’m pretty sure I should stay off the sauce for a few more days….

      • I will be happy to toast one for you Guap…based on the weather forecast, ’tis going to be a blustery wintry night!

        Bad EG. Did you mention not learning to surf until 40? didn’t learn to ski until 40 (on a dare from Psychofuck. aka Lucky Ex-Husband Number Two)
        Went from beginner to racing in one year. Now just attempt to keep from losing any vital body parts. Still can’t keep from scaring the shit out of the kiddie ‘boarders’ in the ‘snowboard ramp’ areas though. I gotcher air right here baby… and I’m 30 years older BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
        -pops vicodin and G&T-

        • You are an inspiration, Miss B!
          People stay away from me on the slopes mostly because of the big grin and the “Flying Spaghetti Monster” hat. You don’t usually see 40+ year olds shredding and cackling like that!

          • On occasion DO wear my FSM hat on Spring days on the slope, You’re just too cool. Ofttimes, when alwayscolder here in the Sierras wear a ski hat with a 2 foot pink flamingo on the top. True story. Ask any regular at the ‘secret’ coolest skiing resort in the west -Mt. Rose. If it’s marked a blue run here it’s a black at Heavenly or Northstar. If it’s a black diamond it’s a 2 black. My fave are the double blacks… which are located in the area which for 40 years were considered ‘out of bounds’ and now called ‘The Chutes.’ One death a year on this side? Pshwah. I wanna party with YOU boyfriend! FSM is my co-pilot.

            Have to teach me to surf. Hell, I grew up in LA and love body surfing -ah, the joy of being slammed on to the sandy rocky sea bottom if you catch a wave wrong (or right depending on the ride)- but NEVER learned to surf -sniffle sniffle-.

  6. Hot damn … Summer in the City … I won! I won! I won! Woo Hoo … I feel like Newt Gingrich after the South Carolina and Georgia primaries.

    The wind surfing video was awesome! … and a good tribute to wind blowing. … so thanks for another roaring edition of Friday Foolishness.

  7. I love wind! I’d love to see what people wrote for “other” if there was a field for it. :) Happy Friday!

    • Sadly, polldaddy doesn’t let you see the “Other”, Asplenia. At least it means I’ll get at least one view when I list the write ins next week!

  8. Hey, at least you didn’t wake up in another state. States of mind do not count. Have a great weekend doing something fabulously foolish!

  9. EG: Rocking wrap-up.
    First I must thank you for turning me on to Gotye. first thing I did was head over to youtube and listen to both versions of Somebody That I used to Know. The original by Wally De Backer and a cover version/video by Walk Off The Earth. Next, download some more goodies by Goyte. How did I miss this guy?!
    Second, you know how to celebrate Spring baby! Clearly so do your readers. Enjoy that BLT and rock on with Lyle! -have seen him twice, best show was with Lyle and His Large Band-

  10. This made me smile at the all the way through with a big laugh in the middle.Good call about the umbrella drinks and agreeing with Ginger Snaaps! And when the wind blows I think you should do all the choices in your quiz especially tucking your ears in and putting on your best kilt. My life is just one big nose whistle after reading this! Thank you for that, El Guapo the Great, from the bottom of my BRRAAAIiINNNS!

    • Thanks Linda. Though I wouldn;t mind an umbrella drink right now.
      Preferably on a tropical beach.
      I wonder if I could tuck my ears into my kilt…
      Without getting arrestd, I mean!

  11. Eric Murtaugh

    Hey, is that a BLT in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  12. I love the choices for what to do in wind. I can see pictures of those first few. Thanks for the Friday funnies!

  13. I’m listening to the wind howl right now. Feeling loggey headed as it kept me up most of last night. Your right March is going to go out like a lion. That’s OK it will just make the spring and summer weather that much more sweet.

  14. Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd

    Doesn’t Gotye have a song he recorded using only a BLT and his pocket?

  15. When spring comes in like a lion, I do what Elvis said to do…stop, look, and listen, baby!

  16. you are funny when you are hungover – not laughing at ya – WITH you…and I wish I was having a pint or two or 5. Wow I wonder what kinda sandwich I’d end up with…I’m pretty much of a light weight – cheap date these days – not the mighty …oh nevermind – I don’t think my answer translated right for last week it was supposed to say something about a tent – do you edit these? it;s quite ok I just – well if you don;t then I may have lost more than a marble and I think I am just gonna give up and have a damn drink – it’s hot enough for Goid’s sake….awesome foolishness once again – I made my coffee before reading however have learned not to drink it while reading… its just a process…,coffee smoke and foolishness…then ,my friday is set to only be good. Thanks :-)

  17. Aw, geez, you got me missing my youth, the beach, wind surfing, and sailing. Not much surf in a forest . Played your poll: When the wind blows…..

    • Don’t miss it, Laitudes, recapture it!
      If it makes you feel better, I’m in my 40s and only started surfing 2 years ago.
      Granted, my skill level looks like I just started yesterday, but still… ;)

  18. Hi,
    Great answers from everybody, I particularly like the umbrella drinks idea, although at my age the naked bit maybe a bit much. :D
    I would of chosen OZ in your poll, but of course I’m already there. :)

  19. Omg you have too many comments! You popular guy, you. I hate the wind! I almost hate it more than the rain.

  20. Loves me some Lyle Lovett! I don’t own any of his music and every time I hear him I wonder why? He’s got lots of soul. Hard to believe he was married to Juilia Roberts. That’s when my opinion of her went up a few notches.

  21. When I think about you, I touch myself.

  22. love the friday foolishness EG…as far as the contest goes – when the wind blows i have to be honest and say it does. continue…

  23. God, I love Lyle. Met him once, what a Southern gentleman in the best sense of the term. Actually, when the wind blows, I have to lean into it because I’m “pencil girl,” pretty thin, and my balance isn’t so great. Thanks for posting all those great responses, with links, no less! Peace, Amy

    • Very cool that he’s a nice guy, Amy. As far as the responses/links, that’s the Friday routine. People write in some great answers, it’s a shame not to share them…
      Sounds like you should get a parasol and go Mary Poppins when it’s windy!

  24. Put on my very best kilt =))

  25. Thanks for the shout out, bru! Love this site and I’ll definitely be back.

  26. Thanks Heather.
    I loved those pics, and the rest of your site too.

  27. EGG, i’m trying to learn surfing this summer. any pointers?

    • That’s great Goradde! Have a sense of humor, keep your feet wide and your ass low, and no matter how good it looks, don’t try to ride the 10 foot waves on your fist day out. Get comfortable in the foam first.
      And let me know how it goes!

      • yay thanks. about the boards, which do you think is best for beginners? what’s a good brand? which is better, drowning or battling sharks?

        • For beginners, longer and wider is best. I’m 6′ and have a 9’6 board that’s about 23″ wide. My buddy OtherPaul (6’2) has a 9′ that’s closer to 28″ wide, and he regularly stands up more than me. The width really helps.
          Longer boards are more stable than short boards, and easier when the waves aren’t so big.
          Try and get a cheap used board (any brand) until you get comfortable, so that
          - It’s cheaper
          - it’s not as much of a loss if you beat the crap out of it (and it will get dropped at least a few times).
          Battling sharks. Drowning scares the crap out of me.

  28. Well, of course we have the wind-surfing capitol here in Oregon. Spent Friday at the brewery watching them. (Too cold for me). We’ll spend windy days listening to Lyle Lovett (per your suggestion).

  29. Watching windsurfers while drinking beer and listening to Lyle sounds like a perfect way to spend any afternoon Barb!

    • I’m there! Had the leanest of wind surfing of wind surfing lessons in Jamaica (no not Queens EG) but it was 20 years ago. am all for hanging with you and Barb having a brew and watching. Bring on the Large Band!

      • Hah – My windsurfing experience (in the Bahamas) consisted of Ok, stand up. Flop. Stand back up. Flop.Stand up and turn into the wind. Flop.
        I’ll stick to scuba diving – you’re supposed to spend all your time underwater doing that.
        Now if we’re talking kite surfing…

  30. Holy shit. I’m your 100th (hundredth?) comment. I bow at your Guaponian feet. But that’s not why I’m here.

    I nominated you for an award today. You should really start working on your speech.

    • Saved that spot just for you, ODNT!
      Thank you, and I’ll do my best to respond, but I gotta warn you, I’m horrible at getting back on these…

      • Don’t sweat it. They’re the chain letters of bloggers. You’re the only person I’ve hit twice and, now that I know you and I are on the same page, I won’t bug you again with it. For the record, I don’t mind these things …. every once in a while. But too much is too much. Do what you want. I won’t be offended. You were my first follower.You could tar and feather me and you’d still be number one! :)

  31. Hey Guapo,
    voted too! Yeah, when it’s windy, cycling and other sports are difficult for me :)

  32. Are you kidding, Guap? Champagne and suffering go hand-in-hand. It’s fun going down, but if you drink enough, you surely suffer. “You” here meaning “me”, anyhow.

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