Friday Foolishness – The Edition of Fruit

Today’s Music: Gull – Live Video
(Saw this guy last night. He plays drums and guitar. Simultaneously. Unbelieveable energy in his set.)

Well, it’s been a semi-busy week here. Some posts occurred to me, but sometimes the calendar changes on you in ways you don’t expect. I hear that happens a lot in Canada too…
But I did get to see some great posts. This first one from The Nomad Grad is actually a couple of weeks old, but I didn’t point it out, and I find myself going back to it, so here’s her post on financing your fun. Also, Alex Autin continued her educational series on the Bad Bad Writer with how not to use the ellipsis.
Edward Hotspur introduced us to Hells Salesmen, and Susie Lindau put up a great story about…well, you can read about it here.

Great stuff! And I enjoyed these and everything else I read this week, so thank you all!

Speaking of this past week, lets go back to last weeks poll. Ah, Easter. Honestly, I had never heard the phrase “Zombie Jesus Day” before, so that was…unusual. And here are what you all said that Easter Means…(As always, my comments are in italics)

did i vote? lizzie
(No one votes in these, LizzieC. I make them all up myself!)
Easter = rabbits = Fatal Attraction Hasenpfeffer scene . Thanks for that, Guap. Laura
(You’re welcome, Laura! Shlemiel, shlemazel. (anyone?))
Cadbury Eggs… Om nom nom BrainRants
(Tastier if you don’t think about what the filling is made of…)
Another lame excuse for me to bulk up on candy
(No excuse to bulk up on candy is lame.)
(Kickball with eggs? I’m intrigued…)
Totally the Hand Grenade, but ask about speed of unladen swallows first
(Excellent question! but is the swallow African or European?)
easter means never having to say i wuv you wabbit. Barking in the Dark
(You never have o tell them Tony. They can see it in your eyes.)
dangerously high blood sugars for the next few weeks
(Just a few weeks? Dude, you have to get a better haul!)
we have a spring time holiday as an excuse to gorge on chocolate – Carrie
(I think any day you gorge on chocolate is, by definition, a holiday.)
trying to keep Wonderbutt from eating the ham – Guess Who
(Have you considered hiding it in the couch? hehehe)
Easter: It’s not JUST sex! Rachael Black
(well, no…but it’s best when it is!!!)
Hoping that the chilluns will find all the eggs or it’s gonna be ugly (More Zen Now)
(I’m going to suggest you don;t hide the eggs inside. At least, not inside your house. hehehe)
Not going to work! Enjoying time off with the ones you love! -Lily
Crawfish boil!! (Stacy Lyn)
(Easter at Stacy’s place!!!)
Less traffic and hits on my site… Motley News
(Wait – I can blame that on something besides my inane writing?!?)
Finally getting to cook up my in-laws pet bunnies for Easter Dinner. Elyse(54.5)
(Don’t forget to season it with their salty tears! mmmmmm)
CHOCOLATE. -1wordbeautiful
Jesus will rise from the dead just in time to hide the Easter Eggs! Lindav
(Well, earlier than just in time, I hope. He has to be up early enough to die dye them first!)
the snowbirds will soon be gone, at least until next winter. Sandylikeabeach
(So they go away and then return…like a resurrection? ;))
the opposite of christmas – John Phillips
(Wouldn’t that be Hannukah?)
Another chance to file its pointy teeth- TikkTok
(I like where your head’s at!)
Chocolate…I think I need to go have an intimate moment with my chocolate Hobbler
(Waaayyyy too much information. Please go on…)
a heck of a lot more than the rabbit and eggs …. Candy? AFrankAngle
(And thus, the true meaning of the holiday is revealed…)
Congratulations to style=”color:blue;” href=”” target=”_blank”>Lily for picking this weeks’ answer! (Yes, I was feeling a bit sappy when I read these.
From the available answers, the most popular was I have to polish the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. That is not just a little bunny rabbit.. Thank you, I couldn’t ask for better company to hang out with.

Doin' the happy dance!

But that was then. And we’re off to get into all sorts of trouble this week.
Because baseball season has begun!!!I know what that means to me.
But the more important question, dear friends, is what it means to you!
If you write your own answer in, feel free to leave a way to identify yourself and I’ll link back to you in next week’s roundup.
Vote as often as you like, just do it fast, because this poll closes at 2359 EST on 19 April.

And to keep you entertained til next week, enjoy these gems:
First, the classic. And how could you resist?

And here, you get to go on the mound for the true mysteries of beseball.

Have a great week all, and swing for the Fences!

91 responses to “Friday Foolishness – The Edition of Fruit

  1. Hubby played the classic Abbot and Costello ‘Who’s on First’ for son a few months ago. Priceless to hear him laugh at something so timeless! Thanks for posting…

  2. I think Yellow Lederhosen Man is the PERFECT mascot for Friday Foolishness, don’t you?

  3. Abbott and Costello – wow – that classic bit just made my day! … and I’m thankful the happy dance guy is not wearing a baseball uniform.

  4. It is about time…what is the matter with you EG? Don’t you know we are addicted to these things? You need to just start writing it the night before and scheduling it to be posted at 12:01.

    • Tell him Hobbs!!

      7 a.m.- that’s when the deadline is for Friday Foolishness. Were you out with Irish Paul again last nite??

      • I was up all night talking to Sage…I know this is stupid, but I was keeping him a secret…he might be stalk worthy. Okay, he is…

          • a pervert…just kidding. He is like the male version of me.

            • That’s ok, we won’t hold “being like you” that against him.

              • Good. You shouldn’t. I need to figure out how to get the “leave a comment” box at the top of all my comments, so people don’t have to scroll through. Right now I broke the comments into pages, but they are kind of in reverse order. I’m not great at this stuff, but I would like to have all the comments on one page, but the box on top. Help please.

                • On the dashboard page, go to Settings > Discussion.
                  find the line that says
                  Break comments into ___ pages with top level comments per page and the ___page displayed by default
                  And uncheck it. That will put all the comments on one page.
                  there’s also an option for whether you want newer/older on top.
                  I don;t know of a way to move the comment box location. Have you seen a site that has that?

                  • I am not sure. I kind of thought some people had it, but I might have just been their first commentor. I just changed everything back to conversations. If people don’t like scrolling, they will just have to suck it up.

          • his blog name is the perverted sage…my latest post has over 60 comments, and about half are his. ;)

      • No, actually it was White Rabbits with Gull opening. Went with my boss. And only drank Diet Coke.
        Oddly, I feel worse then when I drink 1/2 a bottle of booze…
        IrishPaul missed the show. Hah! Puts me one up on him. For about a day…

    • If I did that, I’d miss the last minute entries, Hobs. Had 3 after 11 last night.
      Plus I need to proofread. That takes at least a half hour. (My spelling is good but my typing sucks!)

  5. WOW! Gull is pretty damn awesome! Shows that it IS possible to be in a band even if you have no friends…
    Loved the poll answers, as always! Stacy Lyn’s was THE BEST! And now I have to think about baseball…which I very rarely do.
    Thanks for the mention Guapo, much appreciated!

  6. Like the music recommendation, I like an alternative one man band, saw Bob Log III live before and that was great too.

    • Funny, we were talking about Bob Log before the show too, Joe.
      Glad you like the tune.
      At one point, I closed my eyes and just listened, and the music still held up, beyond the gimmick.

      • If he’s ever in London I’d go and catch him, maybe not for the folk bar I help out at sometimes, but where I live in Camden Town is music mecca for London, venues everywhere.

  7. Whats wrong with our calendar, we just tweak it occassionally to fit our needs. I think Bull Durham is the best ball movie ever. Great clips. And lose the mascot, or at least put up a curtain. Man that hurts the eyes at 6 AM.

  8. Hi,
    A lot of fun answers from last weeks poll, enjoyed them all. :D
    Baseball, I have no idea about baseball, I have never seen a game, but you can’t beat the good old Abbott and Costello routine, I do know that very well. :lol:

  9. Thanks for including me in your mash-up! I will have fun check out the blogs that I missed.
    Baseball season means that I will soon be on the edge of my seat while the batter adjusts his cap, his cup, and spits and where else can you get entertainment like that!

  10. I saw the Hoston Astro’s play once in Enron? Field. Very enjoyable but boy oh boy do the spectators get stuck into their grub! Anyway off to investigate the blogs i have never heard off! Cheers and have a good weekend.

  11. That photo is haunting me on my following feed.

  12. goodness…. what is the MATTER with me? …DONT answer that question….

    the thing I found Ginger – Hobbs about waiting for Friday Foolishness was – it ended up being like Christmas – all the build up…then ripping open the presents as fast as you can… are gone…. and its a bit of a let down…. not you Guap…just it being over…..

    FOr a few weeks I sat with my inbox open at the time I thought he should be publishing…do you know what time it is HERE then? and I could never be first…but then the rest of the day having that slightly off feeling like just wasnt right… I was messing with the mojo of the world..trying to rush the uncrushable and you cant’… you just cant mess with perfection.

    it would seem that I have now outted myself as a way more shiny stalker than anyone of you imagined – I learned how to hide it pretty well…. its a skill NOT desperation… and I do it only because I am trying to save you my friends form the frustration of trying to rush it….,

    Guap is gonna lolly gag anyways … and if he does well that’s just part of the appeal of the day… along with the lederhosen…for the love of mary where did those come from. damn burn my eyes…. should warn a girl….

    THere is no crying in baseball.

  13. Here’s my answer to the poll: based on Mags answer, I may have to escape to Australia where apparently baseball doesn’t exist. Australia’s looking better and better!
    Abbott and Costello were a childhood staple – I LOVE THEM!

  14. I saw the post on “financing your fun.” I’m looking forward to checking out the others. Thanks for the recommendations!


    I hate sports so that’s pretty much all I have to say about baseball. :) I HAVE had dangerously high blood sugar levels for the entire past week, however.

    • I say crank the sugar to high and run through the local mall/playground/precinct while swinging a golf club while humming Ode To Joy as loudly as possible, Asplenia.
      That should give you a love of sport.
      No need to blog about it after. I’m tuned to the police scanners and am looking forward to hearing the play by play!

  16. Guapo,
    It’s Friday the 13th! Beware of ladders and black cats…and have a great weekend!

  17. It’s not fair that dude has a nicer bum than mine. I sprang from the womb with a saggy bottom. Woe is Zen!

    • Sorry, mzn – No way I’m checking out that guy’s butt to evaluate its quality.
      Have you considered propping up yours in a colorful pair of shorty overalls?

      • It’s going to take major reconstructive surgery to get my fanny lifted that well. I tried I tight pair of booty shorts once and I looked like a washed up hooker, :)

  18. Great clips! I’m not much of a baseball fan, but I love baseball movies! Bull Durham, The Natural, Major League, Bad News Bears, Moneyball and so many more – it is a sport that translates to film surprisingly well.

    • We completely agree on the movies, sandylikeabeach (except Moneyball – haven’t seen that yet).
      I searched for a good Bad News Bear clip, but couldn’t find one I liked.

  19. I love Gull! I bet he was fun to see in person. Did he wear that little mask? It is a mask, or is he allergic to his instruments? I’m glad baseball season is going to make it easier for you to get on the train with your bat, and if you wear those yella shorts, you’re going to need the bat. I love Friday Foolishness because i always end up laughing outloud at something. Today it was the yella shorts that really jarred the guffaws loose! And for that, my dear El Guapo, I’m giving you a shiney cyber sticker as shiney as the sun (but not as hot)! Enjoy.

    • Gull has a little microphone in the mask that he runs through various distortions to make it sound very bizarre.
      I hope the sticker is as bright yellow as the overalls, and I’ll wear it with pride!
      (The sticker, I mean)
      (Not the overalls)

  20. I love your little ‘cool pages to visit’ summary. This is two weeks now I’ve gotten sidetracked and barely remembered to come back and comment here! (And last week, WP ate my comment. I’m going to try the tweety login today)

    • Thanks jesterqueen. The hard part is limiting it to just a few – there’s so much good stuff out there!
      Yeah, WP is getting persnickety with me too.

  21. Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd

    I wish I liked baseball. I like sitting and eating, I just don’t have the patience to watch it.

  22. Wahooo! I’m a winner! Unfortunately I come from a town with one of the worst baseball teams ever…The Cubs…! SO I guess I’m kind of a loser too?

  23. i am coming to terms with the fact that i am a Friday Foolishnee Failure. Who’s on First – a classic bit. thanks EG. and LET’S GO METS!!! continue…

  24. see? i can’t even TYPE foolishness. :-)

  25. My first vote & it was a write in. I truly hate baseball – it’s like watching paint dry. Can’t wait for football season – Canadian Football of course!

  26. As an Australian, baseball season means winter is coming and many hours of listening to the play by play through MLB radio. Living in a cricket mad country, any baseball news is like water to a thirsty man. Go the Red Sox ( I live in hope). Great blog!

    • As a Red Sox fan, you probably feel the same about the Yankess as us Mets fans, Curtain Raiser.
      And baseball sounds like a great way to make the winter pass faster!

  27. Best baseball book I’ve ever read: “You Know Me, Al,” by Ring Lardner. It’s a compilation of columns he wrote in the early 20th Century that are as hilarious today as they were when they were first published. Also, they are about the White Sox. Go Sox!

  28. I’ll have to look that one up, Dan. And nice to see a shout out for the White Sox.
    Everyone always wants to go on about the Cubs…

  29. Bull Durham….awesome.

  30. “Zombie Jesus Day,” I love it, and I’m married to a pastor! Our daughter is making us proud: She’s an artist and was commissioned to design a T-shirt depicting Billy Graham as a zombie rising from the grave, the caption is: “Born Again.” Ha ha ha. No wonder my Fundie sister says I (and the rest of the United Church of Christ) is going to Hell. See you there, y’all! It’ll be fun. We’ll roast marshmallows for s’mores. Amy

  31. Also, I am a lifelong Cubs fan, in memory of my grandma Blanche, who said, “Being a Cubs fan builds character.”

  32. Pingback: Friday Foolishness – Meta Edition | Guapola

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