Trifecta: Death Takes A Holiday – Part 2

Today’s Music: Cutting Crew – I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
Note On Today’s Music: Hey, if you’re gonna go with a cheesy story, you should have a cheesy song to match…

This is not a link back to Reapers With Issues, or the accompanying limerick.
No, this is a completely different link!

This week, the finely fettled folks at Trifecta picked the third definition of the word Death
(3 capitalized : the destroyer of life represented usually as a skeleton with a scythe).

And to make it even M O R E, this also links up with the gloriously fabulous AccordingToMags (Part 1), and the fabulously glorious OldDogNewTits (Part 3) for parts one and three.
Each stands well alone, all three fit well together. (like a trifecta!)(see what I did there?)(hehehe)

So start there, come here, then finish off the triad, as Death takes a holiday! (Or at least tries to…)

Death Takes A Holiday – Part 2

The tall gaunt figure strode across the beach, pale skin reflecting more than his garish teal and orange shorts. Others pulled back, clearing a path for him and his companions to the beachfront.
One companion followed, carrying a large cooler. He showed no discomfort under his robe, snapping gum excitedly with each step. The other companion lagged, his overweight body sweating profusely in the sun.
“Here” boomed the leader, pointing a bony finger.
“You got it Boss”, said the second, snapping his gum.
The first sighed. “It’s our day off, Nausea. No need to call me Boss.”
“Sorry boss”, said Nausea, settling the cooler.

“I got it!” shouted the third. “’I got the motive which is money, and the body which is dead!’ Bet you don’t know that one”.
The gaunt one smiled, a ghastly display of moldy recessed teeth. “In The Heat Of The Night.” He chuckled, a cavernous echoing sound. “Good try, George.”
George laughed. “I’ll stump you one day.”

The cadaverous fellow grinned, pulling out stacks of wood. He twisted and bent, unfolding them against their hinges to form three beautiful Adirondack chairs, which he and his companions fell into with sighs.
“You make these, boss?” asked Nausea, gum snapping.
”Well, carpentry is a hobby. It relieves stress.”
George said “You should see the stuff he made for my Accounting Office!”
They opened the cooler, enjoying cold drinks, snacks, conversation, until a scream disturbed them.

“Oh god!” shrieked a woman. “Harry! My god, he’s had a heart attack!” she wailed over the prone man beside her.
Nausea squinted at the vague outline of a spirit rising slowly. “No rest for guys like us, huh boss?” he asked, rising. His boss reached out, nudging Nausea into his chair. His other hand rose towards the spirit, clenched, and slammed down.
The spirit jerked back into its vessel. Harry coughed, sputtered, and sat up to stare at the trio.

The gaunt man settled in his chair, popping another beer.
“Death is off today.”

54 responses to “Trifecta: Death Takes A Holiday – Part 2

  1. Fantastic story. Loved it! More please. :)

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  3. Considering how much I dislike the beach when it’s full of tourist, having Death take his vacation there is perfect.

  4. great … I had more, i lost it,, but great I guess covers it adequately… as always :-)

  5. I thought about answering with a limerick, but no go …. If I ever consider a name change, it could be to Nausea. Meanwhile, like the way you weaved various death-isms into the story. Nice ending. Well done Guapo!

  6. I love the lackeys. xD *off to read final part*

  7. I’m enjoying this. I’ve already grown fond of Nausea. Nice ending.

  8. Try and see if Death can take a good long holiday, would you

  9. What fun! Thanks to both of you for letting me play in your sandbox.

    Also, I LOVE that Death is kicking back with a cold one. Might I recommend

    • I first had Rogues Dead Guy Ale probably 20 years ago.
      I still have the bottle somewhere, ODNT.

      Thanks for coming along – this was a lot more fun with the three of us!

  10. “The spirit jerked back into his vessel”. That line is great. Full of imagery and great conversation between the characters. Thanks for creating them and letting M and I join you!!

  11. You’ve provoked all kinds of ideas with “death is off today.” Sounds like a day for some fun and reckless behavior, if you ask me! This is a great idea and a great story. I hope you guys will continue this.

  12. Cheesy Song! Not half! Love Nausea as a character. Good stuff.

  13. I loved all three! Well done!

  14. Absolutely loved it! You guys were great!

  15. If the word gets around that Death is off today, there will be lots of mis- and careless behavior. Perfect place for the lot to set up vaca! I’m also growing fond of Nausea! Loved that he grabbed the spirit and threw it back into the vessel. This is really, really fun to read. Off I go!

  16. Ha! AWESOME take, just your intro alone with all the tie ins and links is worthy of victory… Great one Guapo!

  17. A gripping life

    Very clever, Guapo. Nice job :)

  18. I can just see half chewed cheez doodles at death feet (not to mention sprinkled on his robes) well done!

  19. I love the idea that death kicks back sometimes. Your writing is so colorful and full of imagery!

  20. Aha! Death seems like a pretty decent guy. George and Nausea seem like they get along well too. That’s makes all the difference in job satisfaction. I just hope somebody remembered to bring the sunscreen! Well done EG!

  21. the three part tale was lots of fun! enjoyed it!

  22. Damn…I just realized that you my friend are a VERY good writer…

  23. That was really great! I also enjoyed reading the othe two parts. Fun project.:+)

  24. trifectawriting

    I love the collaboration here. You guys work really well together. That picture is absolutely perfect. Nice job, El Guapo!!

  25. Nice one! Can death take a long one?

Ahem *best Ricky Ricardo voice* Babble-OOOoooo!!!

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