Friday Foolishness – Dapper Edition

Today’s Music: Vintage Trouble – Blues Hand Me Down

In this spot, each week, I post a few links of some of what I’ve read this last week. Yesterday was my birthday. And some of the coolest people I know came out to
wish me a happy one! And boy, did they ever help to make it even happier! The great songs, the hilarious videos, and all of the warm wishes , helped to make it one of my coolest birthdays EVER!!!I can’t tell you how lucky I am to get to hang out with such a fantastic, deranged, witty, clever outgoing, (did I mention deranged?) bunch of people. Every week, you remind me of how lucky I am to get to hang out here. And in closing (and I’m rambling now because I still have some links to embed), I would just like to say THANK YOU ALL for your time, and your company, and above all, for your friendship . It made this trip around the sun more fun than I ever could have imagined.
Crap. I’ve run out of stuff to say. Fortunately, I’m up to the last link.

So thank you, every single one of you, for making every day in your company a better day than the one before!
Ok, now that the sappy stuff is out of the way, let’s get on to the really important stuff – last weeks poll! My company was subsumed by a larger corporation, and we moved our offices into a drone farm. I already have 4 resumes for out there for decent positions, with a lot more to go on the weekend.
But the question was, what should I apply for?
And from your answers, every one of you could find work as a life coach. For someone. Maybe.
Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are toiling away in italics.)

Co-host of Cooking and drinking show #SundayNightCookoff with BettyRants
(Great! Betty can handle the cooking. Hm…what does that leave fo- Ohhhhh…)
He should open up his own business so he can hire me! Emily @ The Waiting
(Any interest in being a sous-chef on a cooking show?)
CHEESE TASTER! I’m doubling your odds. That’s how great a friend I am.
(A great friend is better than a gouda one!)
Farmer of SHALLOTS!
(A wonderful suggestion! (It brings tears to my eyes!))
Salaried sleeper w/ bonus for donut tasting oral b’fast reviews, rvws optnl~- Red
(Can I nap on the side for OT?)
King of the pygmy island with all “10″ waves ~ - Red
(On pygmy island, wouldn’t those be 10″ waves?)
Surruptitiously become Jot’s MY READER.
(But then I’d have to learn to read…)
small child sacrifice ~Miss R
(I thought that’s what I had to do to get a new job…)
Gynecologist – Edward Hotspur
(I don’t know…that could get hairy…)
Parachute/surfer in a hurricane photographer – Benzeknees
(Might be more fun to curl up in a hurricane glass…)
Courtier. Surely there’s gotta be a use for those nowadays!

(I could assault people with my…opinions. That could get me invited to court real fast!)
Well, if all else fails, I’m sure there’s a pole somewhere… (GiggsMcGill Jill)
(No no, I do polls. But I like where your head’s at!)
Corporate suck-up – Calahan
(Even easier, now that corporations are people!)
Write porn. It probably pays well and you’ll enjoy the research. WG
(Yeah, but how many different ways can you write “Unnnnngggghhhh”?)
surfing instructor for those of us who don’t have surfboards…or surf…
(Today’s lesson: How to program the remote control)
Human sushi platter. I’d eat a cali roll off your nipple any day- becca 25tofly
(Even if my nipple smelled like fish?)
In all seriousness, Motivational Speaker. ……quit laughing. ;) ~flame
(Do it! Sit on that couch! DOOOO IIIITTTTTT?)
Professional medical/pharmaceutical test dummy. Quirky
(And I’ve already got the Dummy part covered!)
The Bungee Jumping Gourmet (Madame Weebles)
(Today’s lesson, how to toss a salad. Or toss your cookies…)
King Stay Abnormal
(Hey, just because some watery tart throws a sword at me… (Anyone? Anyone?))
Full time foolishness. Fridays are such fun with you!
(40 hours of work on a Friday?!?)
A talk show host for WTF – Who’s that Face? Identify celebs having bad days.
(Don’t Lindsay and the Kardashians get enough coverage already?)
Renaissance Man (Stacy Lyn)
(Only if I get to wear doublets while I’m at it.)
School crossing guard on I-75 in Atlanta at rush hour..zannyro
(But I’m not a fan of ki- I’ll take it!)
Lead fellow bloggers in adventure trips – sandylikeabeach
(It would have to be an urban adventure. Bloggers in the wild without internet? EEK!)
No question – Dare devil act tester (Frank)
(Do I grad on a curve for that, or a cliff?)
Make videos like Eric Idle’s (Elyse 54.5)
(We could start a Ministry of Silly Videos!)
Professional Babbler. The babbling Ginger
(But I don’t want to be a politician.)
Yellow Lederhosen model! GingerWishes
(According to TMWGITU, WE HAVE A WINNER!!!)
Ambassador for Beer Equality to all nations. KJ
(But then I’d have to say nice things about Lite beer too.)
professional midget hunter.. LizzieC :-)
(But if I go pro, I can’t compete in the Olympics!)

Congratulations to GingerSnaap for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was guide for cross-country roller blade tour.. Because y’all think I’m in muuuucch better shape than I really am.

Not the real El Guapo. (My fingers are much longer.) (Just sayin...)

Not the real El Guapo.
(My fingers are much longer.)
(Just sayin…)

One of the things that was repeated over and over again in the birthday posts yesterday was how I am both nice and handsome. I can’t imagine where you wonderful people get these ideas.
But the real question is how do I do it? And that’s this weeks poll. See if you can sort out how I maintain my handsome demeanor.
Answer often, answer creatively. But answer by 2359 EST on 13 December, because that’s when this one closes.
And if you write an other answer, leave a way to recognize you and I’ll link back next week.

And until next time, I leave you with a couple of bits of inanity bestowed upon me yesterday.
From Alex Autin, Space Unicorn!!!!

(Admit it, now you want a marshmallow laser!)

And from >GingerSnaap</

have a great week, y'all, and see you…out there…

129 responses to “Friday Foolishness – Dapper Edition

  1. Happy Belated, Your Royal Hotness!!

  2. free penny press

    Definitely the Maybelline.. and I left you a BDay wish over at Le Clown’s domain.
    Happiest of Birthdays to you!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your blogosphere birthday bash! It was a lot of fun…




    I just jumped up and down!


  5. Happy late Guapola Day! Hope it was an epic!



  7. Congratulations on your continued survival, buddy!
    Great post!

  8. While coming through Cincinnati on your cross-country tour in your yellow outfit, we’ll go that that burger place. BTW – Cincinnati is a German town, they your outfit will be a hit.

    Glad you enjoyed your birthday, and that you were able to work enough words together to honor all. Just goes to show how much you are appreciated!

    • I’d need to wait until mid-summer Frank.
      Seriously, I don;t think I’d want to wear that outfit (ever) out in the cold…

      • Then again, keep September in mind … that is when Cincinnati celebrates Octoberfest … the largest Octoberfest outside of Munich. That outfit may be enough to convince organizers for you to lead the crowd in the chicken dance.

  9. We need more space unicorns!

    I think Ginger is doing the happy dance big time :) (well deserved too)

    And one more time, hippo birdy two ewe!

  10. I enjoyed your birthday, too! I’ve already marked my calendar (yes, I already have my 2013 Kitten calendar) so I’ll be ready for next year’s party.

  11. Happy belated birthday! Lots of WP love for you, and rightfully so!

  12. yes! i read the tags get your finger out of your nose and i think i have the same pic on my blog somewhere – dont fall over i am here early – see that 2 x in a row..committment.. lol i may not have slept so if i sound grumpy … just pretend i am .. my normal bright sun shiny self.. :-D glad yo enjoyed your birthday and i didnt know it was an Olympic sport did I?

  13. So glad you enjoyed your birthday tribute. We had such fun putting it together, and it was thoroughly entertaining to read everyone else’s posts about you!
    You’re a good man, Charlie Brown!
    Happy Birthday Weekend, Sir!

  14. I scored the “coolest birthday” link! That’s like the end piece of meatloaf in link position!

  15. The hashtagging went swimmingly as well. We need to think up new trends :)

  16. The fact you had time to write up your usual Friday post and include all those links proves you are beyond a mere mortal. I bow to you.

  17. Glad you had a happy birthday. I hope your job search goes well, and remember, the position of gator-hunter is always open to you if you want to come one down to the Bayou State. <3

  18. I’m coming out of the closet. I was “doubling your odds as a cheese taster.” I know. Shocker. Anyway, how does one identify themselves when answering in the ‘other’ category.

    I am NOTHING if not a rule follower.

    • I knew it was you as soon as I saw cheese! Plus you were right above According to Mags and the shallots, so…

      Just add ODNT at the end of your write in. I’ll rarely add a name if they didn’t. Anonymity is sacred these days.
      Even for bloggers!

  19. Yay for Friday and Foolishness! (lmao at Alex’s video!) Enjoy the weekend!

  20. Yes, I read the tags; Pass the tequila. Nice allusion to Monty Python. Absolutely, all naps are OT. And if you need some pointers on the novel WG suggested, read my next book. IJS. Or go read all the variations on getting into the position over at Clown’s.

    I am really glad your birthday surprise brought a grin to your mug. Let all those cubicle farmers think you just got the dream job Ginger picked for you.

    Do you have any idea how big the SIB can blow up with all those ppl with the itchy publish buttons saying, “Can we do it now?” and “Where is he? Has he commented yet?” Apparently, I need to adjust your GPS chip.

    • Oh, that’s normal Red.
      The middle of every one of these (after the post, before the victi- honoree comments is filled with “Where are they?” “Did they come yet?” “Did we offend them?”

      And the grin is still there. Going to circle back around at some point and read all the comments.

  21. El Guapo,
    Dropping a like per Le Clown’s gracious request. Glad your birthday was the coolest one ever. You shared the date with my now 4yr old final bastion of innocence who proclaimed yesterday to be The. Best. Birthday. Ever!


  22. Glad you had a good day!

  23. I had a big ugly laugh snort when I read “maybe it’s Maybelline.” I’m so glad you had a great birthday. Hope it lasts into the weekend!

  24. HAPPY YESTERDAY BIRTHDAY!!!! I’m back!!!!! I know you’re excited.

  25. Happy Day After Guapo! I have to tell you that just as I sat down to read your post today I got a text from a friend up in Plano. He said he wished he was as popular as that El Guapo guy. At first I was confused (natural state for me), then I realized…he read my Foolishness post from yesterday.So Guapo, Mandito in Plano says to tell you: Feliz Cumpleaños!!! :D

  26. *snort* When did my video get here! Was I so excited that I missed it this morning? Tell me it wasn’t alwasy there….please? Even if you’re lying, tell me you only recently added it! *SNORT*

  27. OHMIGODMHMIGODOHMIGOD! My sign-up finally WORKED! Now I’ll KNOW when it’s your birthday next year – sorry I kinda missed yours. I would’ve loved to do a post for you. (Hmm – a surprise post, two weeks AFTER his birthday? He’d never see THAT coming! ;) )
    Just glad I was able to tag along with all the other folk, so Happy Crating Day! (Well, I figure Christmas gets Boxing Day the next day, and you’re a MUCH bigger deal, so you deserve a crate, no? :D )

    • Tag along?
      I remember the campaign to get you to start a blog! And having followed you a while (with just a few comments) I can see what the fuss was!

      • Aw, gee whiz! (Shuffles feet.) Now ya gone and embarrassed me. :D
        By the by, are you truly a Monkees fan, or did you just pull their music up at random? Or, perhaps the question should be, would you ADMIT to being a fan of the Monkees? (Hey, I have two PARTRIDGE FAMILY albums. On 8-TRACK! Yep – I gave up on pride DECADES ago…. ;) )

        • Ok, I’ll only say this once.
          And probably delete this comment in an hour.

          The Monkees were a fun band, and didn’t take themselves too seriously. It’s always a good time to listen to them.
          I used that song for Benzeknees birthday post because she said she was a fan, but I did hum along to it as I typed.
          As far as the Partridges, I was surprised and impressed to find that David Cassidy has pretty good chaps. Other than that, all I can say is Susan Dey.

          • I LOVE The Monkees! Remember the episode where they met up at Henry Cabot Lodge? Gah, still remember that joke. Must have been about 8 years old. No wait. Must have been in utero…
            First garage band I ever played in we covered ‘I’m a Believer.’ Sadly at our Royal Crowns of Europe Show we were forced to change the lyrics to ‘I’m A Bleeder.’.

            • I’d have payed a lot of money to be at that show!

              And there’s no one over a certain age who doesn’t smile and start tapping their feet when I’m A Believer comes on!

          • Well, I’ll say this, then you can delete all that stuff.
            I didn’t think it was possible for my respect for you to increase, but it just did. My sentiments on ALL that, exactly! Thank you for that!
            (Okay, start deleting.) ;)

        • John – The Monkees were for me! EG did his homework & knew the Monkees was the first band I ever liked. And I still like them.

  28. And a second Birthday Wish EG! Looking forward to a Surfin’ Safari next year. You wear the shark cage so I’ll know you

  29. Happy bday fucker, the clown sent me

  30. 2 in 1 week! Wasn’t this just the best week yet – both of us with birthdays & big celebrations for both! I know I really felt the love & I’m sure you did too. Glad I can call you my friend & I’m honored to share Sagittarius with you! I knew there was a reason we got along so well!

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  33. Dear birday boy… HOW old did you tell her you were!?!?!? Well, good luck with THAT one.!!! I’m so sad I have missed you and everybody, but you see how I am – I just turn up for the PAHTY!!
    And I hear told it was won heluva party ovah heyah!
    You may well be one of the smooshiest dudes on the intetrweb, so it’s no wonder you have so many candles er friends!!!
    Not to worry, it will be a few years before you catch up to me, young un…

    BIG HUGS and all that smooshie stuff!!!

  34. Happy Birthday again and really hope the job search pans out. Also, Ginger really deserved that win for SO many reasons.

    • Thanks L&L. I’m going to be hitting the job sites of companies I want to work for this weekend.

      And you’re right, but don’t tell Ginger! She’ll never let us forget it.

  35. Yay. I am here! I have arrived. I am now ready to begin to work my way up the corporate structure of your popularity, to worm my way into your heart, by making clever comments and being just ever so delightful.
    I will be your favorite.
    Would now be a bad time to lodge a complaint? Because I have to say that the constant switching back and forth between the black words and the blue words while I read was a little jarring. But I didn’t have a seizure, so it is all good.
    And happy late Birthday… next year I am going to give you something special… like a small clone of myself, or a really fresh mummy, or a car. Or at least write you the best ass-ripping insult B-day tribute ever.
    Thanks, the new guy.

    • From reading your comments on blogs we both follow, you’re already a favorite, PMAO.
      But I have to warn you – there is no corporate structure here. Or structure of any kind, really. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

      As far as the blue and black, trust me, it was a lot more jarring embedding all the links!

      And of course, thank you!

      • I tease because my computer wants to die when I do more than one link, And I didn’t mean to imply that you were constrained by any type of structure. We have that in common. I don’t even have a frame… or a foundation… or walls.
        But to be a favorite is a dream come true. Glad I can now come along for the ride.
        Seriously… think about that small clone of me for your next birthday. He would be so fun at parties.

        • If I can get either a guarantee that he’s potty trained, or a waiver for the cleaning bills, then you’re on!

          • He will be a fully functioning and cognizant replica of a larger replica of a human being… me. He will not just be some little mutant. He will be able to do everything I can do… which in real life doesn’t amount to all that much being all art-side-of-the-brain and all. He will be able to sing, blog, tell all my stories and jokes, and that’s not all. As he developes, he will become more and more individual and come up with his own funny stuff. That is the plan. And he will eat less than me, being one third the size.
            In short… ha… he will be as human as I am… (wink)

  36. Your posts are like a frolic off the grounds, and far from the madding crowd of men in funny white suits. Happy Birthday, handsome.

  37. Happy Belated Birthday! And wow, what a party! I hope you weren’t doing a shot for ever tribute you got because that would probably result in a really big mess.

  38. Nice linkage. Ya did good. Hope you had a great day with all the unlimited birthday expectations one could have and more!!!!

  39. Happy Birthday +1! Did you have a super fantastic groovy awesome day?

  40. Congratulations on your birthday, darling. It’s a well known facts that only judges and serial killers are born under Sagittarius. Since judges don’t tend to work in drone farms, I’ll send my condolences to your neighbors.

  41. Happy Birthday!!!! Wish you all the best!!!! You are Saggitarius as well! :D

  42. Great tune. I’m thinking yellow lederhosen has been the “winner?” a couple of times now.

  43. You’re so popular Guap! And I totes know why you nice, handsome dude you! ^.^
    Lol at the unicorns. And so happy to have seen the jazz feet movie – I can’t wait to bust out those moves in da club!

  44. Omgomgomgomgomg HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To many more years of Guaponian happiness and awesomeness. And do not dare to leave us! I warn you ;).

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  46. I hope you had a fantabulous birthday, and that you find your dream job soon!

  47. Hey, happy belated birthday! Hope the celebrations are still continuing – as they should! This is the first time I’ve signed in on here in many months, as you know…….hope all is well! Best wishes, Nicky

  48. The two best birthday presents: Space Unicorn delivering rainbows and Mr. Jazz hands!! It kind of brings a tear to my eye! :D

  49. Good luck in finding a new job–it’s always easier when you have one currently.

    I’ll bet you don’t have a whole lot of difficulty in finding one (comparitavely anyway). I get the impression from what you write that you’re pretty good at your job. But more importantly, you’re a likable dude. Competence is nice, but it’s fairly common. Competence and likability are a devastating professional combination. Seriously, if you could work with either of two people, both equally competent but with completely differing personalities, you’d chose the one who was cool, right? Well it works that way for most everybody. Go get ‘em, Tiger!

  50. Awww I missed your birthday! Happy belated Guapo! I was too busy adjusting getting back to the Canadian lifestyle! I hope it was wonderful!
    That last video show just be titled “This is really how white people dance.”

  51. Oh, how did I ever miss this?! I picked quite a week to get overwhelmed with cleaning (of all things)! Happy, Happiest of Days [past, present, future]! I really appreciate what you do here, the laughs and good times you spread through the blogisphere. 23 has never looked so good!! xx Laura

  52. Sorry I missed your birthday bash El Guapo
    but I certainly enjoyed my return here and finding
    that wicked Turkey posting of yours :)

    Drinking Jet Fuel Indeed :) lmao

    Have a ghoulishly exciting Thursday and be yourself
    Noooooooooooo strike that, best try being someone
    else for a change as YOU are too bloody naughty for
    your own good :) lol Have fun today El Guapo :)


  53. Happy VERY BELATED birthday, my friend. I’m sorry I missed all the hoopla. My stupid ‘Gripping life’ has had me in it’s grip and I’ve been lame with reading everyone’s posts. Please know that I’m your adoring fan for life. Your secret to staying so handsome… seriously? It’s your kind, good heart and ability to laugh at the world around you. That’s my straight up answer. :)

    • Seriously Grippy, I’m beet red from blushing over here.

      And online at least, you’ve dealt with the slings and arrows of your gripping life with elegance, class and dignity.
      Oh, and style. Always style.

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