Friday Foolishness – Purposeful Edition

Today’s Music: American Bang – Move To The Music

A busy week – Angels! Christmas! Santa! Blogs!
Here’s a few of the great posts I read:
The Bumble Files took “drivin’ the road to christmas” to a new (and hilarious) extreme! Adair You showed us (with instructions) why she is the Queen of Napping, and in a more serious post, and Flies Over Nebraska put up one about fishing that isn’t really about fishing. But is a great, thoughtful read.

Thanks to them, and all of you, for a week of fun reading, on xmas stuff and so much more!
Last week, we asked about something it sounded like many would have enjoyed this past week – Naps! And there were some very strong (and occasionaly disturbing) thoughts about them. Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are snuggled in italics.)

My blankie to hold against my cheek so I have sweet dreams! Benzeknees
(Blankie..? Wait – that was you on the bus?!?)
An orgy of course ;) Androgoth
(In that case, you’ll want a nap first!)
Being a salaried sleeper. Red.
(Ah, so a gov’t job for you?)
A night of wickedness with Elvira Mistress of the Dark… Androgoth
(Are naps long enough to have nightmares?)
Sex, bacon, and sex involving bacon. And wine. – Hotspur
(If you’re like most guys, that’s just a prelude to the nap. And a BLT.)
Nutella. GiggsMcGill Jill
(Don’t you mean Napella, the dreamy stuff from which dreams are made? Or is that bourbon?)
Hanging from the chandelier crazy monkey sex. x, Becca
(I’d go crazy too having sex hanging from a chandelier. Nothing to brace yourself against…)
Sex with bacon flavored lube – Stuphblog
(Wouldn’t your pecker get caught in the top of the bottle?)
…and we have a winner! (haha I cheated)
(Everyone wins at Camp Guapola!
(Yeah, I said it.)

A nap followed by cookies! And apparently, I’m four years old. L&L
(You really should ask an adult for permission before coming here. And turn in any adult that gives it to you.)
Strong pain meds! (JohnE- Chicago Ballot Stuffer)
(I bet you need painkillers after stuffing yourself in a ballot box!)
Strong pain meds! (John E- Chicago Ballot Stuffer)
(Meds that apparently affect short term memory…)
Strong pain meds! (John E- Chicago Ballot Stuffer)
(Ok big fella, I think you’ve had enough!)
REALLY strong pain meds! All the dreams in a fourth the time! (John E)
(Exactly how strong are those meds , anyway?)
one that has sassy one-liners. “Oh nap!” – calahan
(That about (flannel) covers it.)
Two naps (Carrie Rubin)
A Hillary Clinton Coma of Convenience Linda Vernon
(I think the rest of gov’t will be adopting that strategy…)
The afternoon wine that precedes the nap. Elyse 54.5
(Start with morning wine. Trust me on this.)
Napping while cuddling a Panda – Becca 25tofly
(So that explains those bamboo pajamas…)
naps are for saps
(Hey, that’s MR. Sap to you!)
a nap with my kitty & my man <3 (words&otherthings)
(Are you sure you’re thinking of naps when you’re all in bed together??
(What? Cats like attention.)

Come on, Guap! There is ONE thing….(Stacy)
(I thought we agreed to never speak of our affection for Andy Griffith…)
a nap in a hammock, someplace tropical. Alex: )
(In the Caribbean, I can get us a good deal on a hammock made of local…weeds…)
A second nap! KJ
Taking Guapo and his girl to Skyline Chili. (Frank)
(Do they have pillow on the menu?)

Congratulations to Carrie Rubin)\and KJ for what is honestly the perfect answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was Is that a serious question???. God, I love you people!
And here we are at this week. The last foolishness of the year, the foolishness where we take all that has gone before, and tie up the loose ends in a nice little bow to bring it all to a head!
Or, we could just ask a stupid question.
Yeah, lets go with that!
In a few days, you all (possibly while drinking too much champagne) will shout out, as the calendar ticks over, your new years resolution.
Last year we asked What you resolved. And I think we all know how that turned out.
So this year, how about a “day after” question about those resolutions in the new year.
So resolve to answeroften, resolve to answer wisely (or not). But resolve to answer by 2359, 3 Jan, 2013, because that’s when this one ends.

So, I have no idea if I’ll post again before the end of the year. If I don’t, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for your company and friendship this year, and I hope every last one of you, all of you and yours, get everything you hope for in 2013!

And just in case you’re worried that I’m getting all maudlin and sappy, I leave you with these:
I think everyone should be able to marry, as long as their partner (of whatever race, creed, religion or gender) is willing. But for those of you who aren’t sure, this should be incentive enough.

106 responses to “Friday Foolishness – Purposeful Edition

  1. HILARIOUS video!! :D
    And speaking of hilarious, thanks for a year of laughs and smiles Guapo. I hope your 2013 is all shiny, sparkly and full of fire works (I mean if you like that sort of thing. ;) )

  2. Great video & fun music to get my blood moving this morning. Thanks for 2012 and looking forward to your 2013 offering.


  4. free penny press

    I don’t do resolutions but will always do naps :-)
    Loved the video and as this year winds down I’d like to publically thank you for being a great blogging pal.
    May 2013 ring in all shiny and sweet for you!!!

  5. Thanks for the tag!! Queen of Napping, eh? I blush.

  6. haha! Lily and I figured the gay guy thing out YEARS AGO!! There is no better companion/friend to any female than the gay man. NONE.
    Addie’s winter nap guide is awesome – as one who has lived and loved naps their whole life, I give it two thumbs up.
    After the New year, the first resolution I’ll break will be the promise to keep my resolutions. Confusing? Yes, it is.
    Have a great weekend! If you haven’t seen it, go to “Silver Linings Playbook.” I think you’ll like it.

  7. Quiche, Baba ghanoush, home made Hummus, sounds like me this week.
    Have a happy new year if you don’t “talk” till then.

  8. Is it Friday? Honestly Xmas just completely disorientates me. I loved the U-Haul tale too! Happy New Year.

    • That U-Haul trip was just a comedy of errors, GfB.
      Christmas and New Years should fall on Mondays every year. For the three day weekend.

      Happy new year to you and Missus GfB, and all the gingers everywhere!

  9. A motherfucking QUICHE!!!! Joe and I may have to have a talk. Hahahahaahahahaaha, that was great. Have a great new year, Guapowitz. But I’m sure I’ll remind you on Twitter. :) And remember – be safe in that subway!!!!!

  10. I never understood why we don’t set ourselves up for resolution success in the new year. Here’s a good one. I promise to start eating more bacon, watching more television sans pants, smoke while cooking said bacon, and drink more cheap scotch. Oh, and Big Macs. Gotta put down more Big Macs. There. 2013 should now be a heckuva year.

    Here’s to you and good times in 2013 man!

  11. Excuse me while I get maudlin and sappy for a second . . . . You are the best El Guapo . . . in the punctuation of life, you are an exclamation point ! . . . Okay . . . I’m over it now. Back to business as usual. OMG! The funniest video ever! And I wish you the best year ever, Twinkletoes! :D

  12. Yeah, I’m a winner, I’m a winner! I can really use that million dollar prize, so thanks so much, Guap. You’re the best!

    And I loved your video at the end. So funny.

  13. El Guapo, thank you so much for the mention! I’m honored. That was a nice surprise! Loved the video. That’s a great one. I’m sold. It sounds like a perfect marriage to me. I wish you the best for the New Year! I’m so happy I found your blog. Cheers!

  14. (Wouldn’t your pecker get caught in the top of the bottle?) — Guapo, if my power goes out again – I just want you know – that was the Funniest damn thing I’ve read today and will probably read/hear all weekend! Thank Goodness, I have internet today for the Foolishness…

    • I’m glad Mother Nature didn’t see my foolishness as competition for her own,whitelady, and let you get out to see it!
      Hope the weather lightens up out there for you,and have a great weekend, and a happy happy new year, for you and Mr. Whitelady!

  15. My only resolution will be to take more naps, so I can’t really see how I can fail there as I can’t remember the last time I took one. Happy New Year Guapola! I hope 2013 is good to you.

    • Thanks rollergiraffe!
      I think you should start with a nap on new years day, just to properly start off what I hope will be a great year for you and yours!

  16. Sex with bacon flavored lube – Stuphblog
    (Wouldn’t your pecker get caught in the top of the bottle?)

    It’s a wide-mouth bottle. ;)

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  18. Aww, happy new year if I don’t talk to you before then. Hope it’s awesome! Have really enjoyed becoming bloggy friends, really appreciate that not only are your comments supportive but they make me laugh. Cheers to 2013!

  19. That video. That video. THAT VIDEO! :D
    I had to force myself not to laugh out loud while rolling on the floor, or whatever the habit is now.
    That was genious. I mean it. That was so, so smart. And that guy in the pink T-shirt was really mean. Applause, applause. I might just steal this video from you, do I have your permission?

  20. Happy New Year Guapo!! 2012 would not have been the same without you! So many laughs, so many unexpected giggles, so many awesome posts…………So glad we met :) :) :)

    • I honestly can’t walk through a park and see a squirrel without thinking of you, zannyro!
      Thanks for all the smiles, and I’m really glad I get to hang out in oyur world when you post!

      • LOL! I never could have imagined that someone would think of me when they saw a squirrel…isn’t life strange? Wait until you meet Baldy’s sister, “Baldette”..

  21. I think you’re right. Everyone is entitled to “pursuit of happiness” (or misery, as the case may be…haha).

    May you have a fun-filled and happy 2013. You sure put a smile in my step during 2012. <3

    • I bet if they played up the “let us share the misery”, they’d get a lot more support, Stacy!
      Thank you, and a happy 2013 to you too! (And thanks for all the great recipes!)

  22. I hope the coming year treats you well, my friend. Thanks for the laughs and for being there this past year!

  23. My first broken resolution of 2013 will be to not make New Year’s resolutions in 2013. And that broken resolution will be “Start Shopping for Christmas in August.” I will probably break that one, too.

    • Egad, do people really do holiday shopping by August, Undercover?
      I hope the only resolution you keep is to enjoy the hell out of yourself.
      And of course, to have a great year!

      • My neighbor does and then she rubs my nose in it. I am bad because I did my shopping on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. They don’t call me “Eleventh Hour L” for nothing.

  24. LOVE. THAT. VIDEO!!!!! Geez, if that doesn’t convince the close-minded conservatives, I can’t imagine what will!

  25. It’s been a pleasure to spend time with you in 2012 Guaps! I hope we can do it again in 2013! No resolutions here – I would just break them anyway!

  26. Well damn – it seems like just last year we were here at the same place..except a year ago.. ya know? I am going to make some resolutions this January not May and loved the video – I have to say tho I have one better then a besty gay guy friend … :-P Happy New Year to you and TMGITU (say hi for me ;-) ) and here’s to making it a great one!

    • I think I like the idea of May resolutions better, Lizzie. Easier to backdate them for stuff you’ve already done!

      To you and all the Cracked clan, I hope you have a great year,and let in all the light there is!

  27. Four more days to go… Yey! ^0^ I’ll see you next year in 2013!!!!!
    All the best to you, your friends and family!!!
    Happy New Year!!!!!

  28. The gay men will marry your girlfriends video has been one of my faves for a while! I laugh every time I watch it!

  29. Hi,
    Laughed out loud, what an hilarious video, I loved it. :lol:
    I wish you and your family a fantastic 2013, I can see new adventures on the horizon for you. :)

  30. That opening shot was priceless!

  31. Ahhh back from the holidays..everything’s getting back to normal. Naps are a very important part of my life. Glad you feel the same way!

  32. Umm, does too much bacon flavored lube lead to a Clinton coma? Seriously, thanks again for your thoughts.

  33. If I don’t get back here on
    New Years Eve I just want to say…
    :) Happy New Year in 2013 El Guapo :)


  34. Straight up: Androgoth has the best idea EVER! Time spent with Elvira Mistress of the Dark is time well spent. Seriously, I can’t stress this enough.

    • On the bright side, Smak, you’ll get no competition from me pn an evening with Elvira.

      • You don’t know what you’re missing! Or what I IMAGINE you’re missing. I’m talking Elvira circa 1983. Have you ever seen her without the wig and makeup? There’s some nudie shots out there under the name “Cassandra Peterson.”

  35. Another great one!

  36. “Lucy, I’m hoooooooooooome…” EG 2012 would have been a much sadder year without you to bring joy and laughter and clever polls! I can’t wait to see how you overtop yourself in 2013!!!
    My best to you and yours, I’ll keep the second best for myself… (it’s just as good, really)!
    hugs galore…

    • Ha! If you ain’t among the very -best, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, BuddhaKat!
      (Which I’m not.)
      (The court ruled in my favor.)
      (So there.) ;)
      And right back at you, with best wishes for a new year!

  37. OH MY!!! I’m on your blogroll.. and yes, I DID look for me!!! Is that sad or what!?!?!? but I started at the wrong side and went through the entire list – both sides – before I got to me!!!
    Thanks for the roll call, EG!! You’ve been on mine 4evah!!!

  38. Please stand. Maybe sitting down would be better? No. Stand. Yes..stand.

    Hold your arms out really wide. I’m going to get close and put my arms around you. Now you put your arms around me. Feel that payback hug…from me to you? Thank you El G for your continual hugs on WP. Mmmm…you can let go now…………….

    Happy New Year!!

    • A hug from a friend who’s opinion I care about is the perfect way to start a new year, Jots!
      Thank you thank you thank you, and all the best as we start another trip around the sun…

  39. Happy New Year Guap and yours!

  40. Happy New Year, to you and TMWGITU. You have been a bright spot for me in 2012. I am looking forward to doing most of it again in 2013. We are necessarily going to leave out certain parts, and we are never going to talk about that thing.

  41. I love the vid about gay men marrying. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and have spent many laughing moments (minutes? hours?) reading them! I voted in your poll, polls are cool. And I wish freepennypress would teach me how to do the winky thing. Happy New Year! Now I have to find some more seashells to glue, maybe on one of the cap’s surfboards, hey, he’ll like that!

    • Thanks, Seashells! The winky thing is semi colon “;” close parentheses “)”
      You could get a vinyl seashell graphic to put on the cap’s board so you’re there with him!

      • thank you, you sweet sweet innocent man. I don’t want to BE there with him, I want to ruin his boards and make them inoperable! It’s all about torture and retaliation, which will be a future post! If anything, I’d love to have rarasaur’s doodle on a bumpersticker and tshirt!

  42. Last year I resolved to never again have any resolutions… or was that revolutions???

  43. Happy Wednesday El Guapo
    or should that be Hump Day? :) ;)

    Yes definitely the latter for you…


  44. I’m just glad you’re here, adding definition to my blogging days and weeks. Happy New Year and thanks for the visual of snow being in places it should’t from a couple pages ago. Cannot erase…

    • Um…thanks?
      Don’t worry – I still have at least one more naked bar adventure that should replace those images with totally new disturbing ones!
      (As a teaser, it took my nipple weeks to heal!)

      Happy new year to you Laura, and I look forward to spending this coming one in your online company!

  45. Ya mean I stuffed the ballot box and STILL didn’t win? That’s it, I’m gettin’ the ghost of “Da Mayor” (Daley Sr., not his wuss son) to haunt ya!
    (Yeah, yeah, still cleaning up from not reading Emails while, well, cleaning up – snow!) :D

  46. I just added the same comment twice in the poll, I forgot to add my name though I would imagine that you would have instinctively known who it was that called in :) lol Have a wicked Friday El Guapo and enjoy warming up those Goth ladies I am sure that it will be a ghoulishly hot night :)


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