Edward Hotspur and the Birthday Wishes

Today’s Music: The Gazette – Red
Note on Today’s Music: Don’t watch if you don’t like gender ambiguity.
But it’s a great song!

Edward Hotspur has been splashed in these pages before. But not this time, since we know how he hates unoriginal.

Let the rainbow urine wash the streets in celebration!

Let the rainbow urine wash the streets in celebration!

His poetry (both humorous and serious) are well known around the sphere.
Read one of his delightful true stories, and you’ll be wondering what else you were taught that was so wrong. Just stay away from the one about mayonnaise. Seriously, it’s a little disturbing.

I could go on, linking to posts about his love of Gazette, or his unabridged lists of search terms, and you’d still have no idea what the hell I was on about.
(Although you’d get to read some pretty good stuff! Including one of the best stories I’ve read. Period.)

Bent. But joyful.

Bent. But joyful.

So the reason for all this (if you didn’t read the title) is that today is Edward Hotspurs birthday!
I’ve known him for all of my blogging career. I’ve seen him stand up for what he believes, I’ve seen him stand up for other bloggers, and I’ve seen him be an all around stand up guy.

In one of my rare, sane posts, I’d like to wish him the happiest birthday ever! Until the next one of course.
And we’d like you to come along with us on his birthday adventure.
Happy birthday, Hotspur!
Come journey into the weird, sublime, unfettered journey into all things Hotspur.
You choose!
Either way, It’ll be a lot of fun!
Oh, and it only gets weirder from here.
Does Hotspur get earthy and romantic? Or is he headed to outer space?

Yes, we already know what Hotspur would choose.

Yes, we already know what Hotspur would choose.

See what other choices await for Edward Hotspur and the…!

And Bonus Hotspur birthday wishes from
Polysallabic Profundities!
Stuph Blog!

53 responses to “Edward Hotspur and the Birthday Wishes

  1. Nicely done Guap. Happy bday to Mr. Hotspur! I shall check out the many adventures when I am drunk and disorderly and safely sequestered at home….

  2. Best idea ever!! Happy Birthday, Edward!

  3. A fitting post for a legend. Well done Guap and Happy Birthday EH!

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  5. Well done, Guapo! Its a great start to the Great Hotspurian Choose Your Own Birthday Adventure.

    And Happy Birthday to Mr. Hotspur!

  6. AWESOME! You are a good friend, El Guapo!

  7. Great post, Guapo! You always make time to recognize other people – you are so darn nice, Guapo! I will check out his posts and say, Happy Birthday Hotspur!!

  8. Choose your own adventure is awesome ;) Great way for me to be playing hooky on my first day back from vaca.

    Happy Birthday, Edward!

    PS I did not sing that song. The producer made me sit in a complete soundproof room while they put that number together…away from the band.

  9. Another great birthday post, Guap! Enjoyed the story about the dreamer… Happy Birthday EH!

  10. Okay, I am up and running… and it has nothing to do with puns, just so you know.

  11. My your rainbow-peeing man/horse has a fine pair of buttocks…

    Happy Birthday, Edward. :)

  12. Great Hotspur Birthday post! This is the 3rd one I’ve read so far. First was Hotspur’s post to himself, then read HE Ellis’ piece. Had no idea there was a Hotspur Party Posting today or I’d have joined right in.

    Fine job Guap. Love the links :)
    Happy Birthday once again Edward!

    • Thanks Miss B!
      It isn’t too late.
      Put up a post, and I’ll add your link to the bottom of mine.
      I’m sure Hotspur will love all teh attention he gets.

  13. Great way to start us off Guaps!

  14. LIons and Tigers and Bears, oh, my!

    And a happy birthday to Hotspur, again!

  15. I am going over to wish him a Happy Birthday. Great tribute.

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  17. Hi,
    Happy Birthday Hotspur. :)
    A great Birthday post, and I just love the cake.

  18. This was the most awesomest idea ever. I loved this whole entire idea from start to finish, and this is just the third post I have read, after Fred, PMAO and Sandy! So that’s … this is just the fourth post I have read! I tried to read Sparkle’s, but it was no was there.

    Thank you sir, for being the mastermind behind all this great and beautiful stuff, and it’s truly an honor and an offer. Honor and offer! Get it? Sigh.

  19. Great job, buddy! You’re one great blogging ally!

  20. I just love the candles!!! :D Wish Mr. E. H. had a great birthday!!!!!!

  21. Very thorough! When I’m done here, I’m going to work up the courage to check out the mayonnaise story. I already regard mayo as the devil’s condiment.

  22. free penny press

    Now you know how to bring on a birthday celebration.
    HBD Mt Hotspur!!

  23. Soooo it is a Hotspur birthday bash is it? :)
    Well I haven’t brought any cake or party hats
    and don’t be after a birdie out of the cake :) :)

    Great post El Guapo :)
    BTW – I am no longer on WP
    My space is closed but guess
    what? I am still going to be on
    here bugging you :) lmfao


    • Gah! I’m really sorry to hear that, Andro.
      I hope all is well, and glad to hear you’ll still be around in the comments.

      (Until you set up a new site.)
      (Hint hint.)

  24. Happy Birthday! Sounds like I need to stalk someone new. I mean…visit their site.

  25. A very good tribute, sir, and a GREAT, if belated, birthday with to Edward! :)

Ahem *best Ricky Ricardo voice* Babble-OOOoooo!!!

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