Friday Foolishness – Hideous Shirt Edition

Today’s Music: Green Day – Let Yourself Go
Note on Today’s Music: It’s a bit potty mouth. But it’s a fun tune.

No. No, that definitely wasn't in the forecast...

No. No, that definitely wasn’t in the forecast…

I’m actually a little happier than usual this Friday, despite a long week at work! I have no medical facilities to visit for anyone, I have two more concerts (that I know of) to look forward to this month, and of course, I got to read some great blogs!
These links are a bit more serious than the usual posts I put here, but they were moving and made me stop and think. Hope you enjoy them too. NBI talked about having and breaking a connection to a person that was an addiction. Steph Rogers spoke with shame about the actions of her countrymen, and BrickhouseChick taught me more than I had known about anorexia
Thanks to them for a set of brave posts, and everyone else out there for all that you share.

On a lighter (or more frustrating. Whatever.) note, last week there was a poll! And it was about every governments least favorite topic, climate change! Here’s what you said.
(As always, my comments are achieving record lows in italics.)

the Louisiana inferno into anything else. (Stacy)
(As long as it’s not a “dry” heat…;
issue a press release that says she thinks Al Gore rocks. Kanerva
(She’s not talking to him til she gets her royalties.)
hire a good publicist for days that aren’t exactly as forecasted. Kanerva
(Or a lawyer to sue the weatherman for slander.)
Yes, Yes and Yes Guap, I Agree That it Should :) Andro
(I’m too stunned at having someone agree with me about anything to reply…)
For the better, and pronto or I am sending the zombies round :) Andro
(If there are zombies, “better” may involve a flood.)
Places with Uranus, well not yours but you know what I mean? :) Andro
(Tis a foul wind blowing…)
Eo sfop everyone and their dog moaning about it all the time :( Andro
(If it weren’t for the weather, 99% of people would have nothing to talk abou- Hmm…)
And put a cork in it, at least then we could avoid the wind :( Andro
(Or have to avoid gas propelled corks.)
Back to the 1970′s but without the plarforms :( Andro
(Weather in a leisure suit That’s a change for the worse.)
Into a Werewolf, at least that way we can all howl along with it :) Andro
(She’ll just put clouds in front of the moon to stop the change…)
Its settings often so we know what the hell is going on :) Andro
(Oops – that was me. Sorry, dropped the remote.)
just enough that it stops raining in Melbourne.butimbeautiful
(You’ll change your tune when it snows…)
only if it damned well pleases. It has a mind of its own! Amy at Sharp Lil Pencil
(I don’t think we want the weather thinking for itself. People certainly don’t!)
its attitude and chill! Linda Vernon
(Only if it can wear it’s baseball cap backwards and it’s jean halfway down it’s…nevermind.)
as often as i change my underwear, which could mean anything really Marie Nicole
(She likes to snatch thosed from teh clotheslines!)
behind a screen because I can’t bare to see denuded Tetons & flacid billabongs Laura
(Porn is only fun when it’s on the internet.)
brickhousechick: so that stupid people will wake up and believe!
(Generaly, stupid people are generally safer when they’re asleep.)
My Canadian prairie winter into summer Hawaii weather.
(Hey,those prairies are where tehy grow the grass skirts!)
Enough to actually swim at the North Pole Elyse 54.5
(“Santa Surf Shop” has a nice ring to it…)
direction, no your other left. thematticuskingdom
(There’s a GPS joke in there. But I can’t find it.)
into a newt… and then get better. thematticuskingdom
(Gingrich thinks he’s just fine as he is, thank you.)
Candy into healthy, assholes into princes, spinach into money, (UndercoverL)
(…my replies into something useful…)
it’s tune, we’re ready for something new. thematticuskingdom
(If it starts singing “It’s a Small World”, we’re coming after you.)
water to wine… thematticuskingdom
(Oh Jesus.)
into a Vegas style buffet to suit mood and follow me like Eeyore’s cloud. Red.
(Cloudy with a chance of tequila…)
it’s stylist….too many patterns going on all at once..not a good look..zannyro
(It’s atmospheric plaid!)
Cause the magnetic fields to switch – and we get snow in Tucson. From FUNICULAR
(Worth it, just to see all the iPads explode!)
It’s mind! – Benzeknees
(The wind is generaly..lightheaded.)
(And no, you can’t ban me for that – it’s my site.)

it’s britches! Benzeknees
(Are they filled with…hail?)
every 5 -10 mins would be lots of fun..I know it. Lizzie C
(You’re smarter than the weatherman!)
directions and we suddenly become a TROPICAL island. Yay! Kayjai
(Tropical moose???)
but then as soon as it changes, it should change back, grass is always greener..
(There’s a manure joke in there somewhere…)

Congratulations to- Wait! NOOO!!! Sorry, the award for this week just blew away. Ah well…
And from the offered choices, the most popular was peoples perceptions of it before it changes the planet irrecvocably. (Yes, a serious answer.). And bravo to you all for picking it.

Why? WHY?!?!?!

Why? WHY?!?!?!

But this week, we’re focused on the climate that is summer. And we’re using an old classic as an inspiration.
If you don’t recognize the song, count yourself lucky.
Trust me.
So come on in from the beach to enter your answers by 2359 EDT on Wed, 14 Aug, because that’s when this one ends.
(And if you leave an “Other” answer, leave a way to identify you, and I’ll link back next week.)

While we tally the ans*burp*wers, enjoy this.
Since it’s occasionally about never growing up around here, I present…Ralph Macchio.

And for those of you who must know, here’s the song from the poll. Don’t say I never did anything to for you.

Catch y’all on the other side.

83 responses to “Friday Foolishness – Hideous Shirt Edition

  1. Thanks for the mentioning! My ego is happy!
    And nice shirt. I bet you look smashing in it, especially while drinking a very tasty Pina Colada… Hmmm… Pina colada…

  2. Great Ralph Macchio clip. Thought of you when I saw these longboarders reached 65 mph.

  3. Love that Green Day song. Very peppy. One of my favorite bands. But yeah, they do have potty mouths.

  4. Cannot. Get that song. Out of my head now! :P

  5. They won’t let me comment! And what’s more, they lost the incredibly witty comment i had! Oh well. Serves me right, for something! Oh but I love that wax off thing – I learn SO much on your page!

  6. That shirt! Augh! I think I just had a seizure.

  7. Really? You’ve got no medically-challenged relatives to tend to and the best you can come up with is that song? And that question? And not only that, my kids can’t even read this fucking post because of the off language. Bah I say! Down with pina coladas. Down with offensive shirts! Down with medical facilities! Just DOWN I say.

    PS. You might be pleased to know that coming down the zipline at the adventure park my parting shout was “I want a pony”. You might be further interested to know that they who were listening have not yet obliged me.

  8. Nice shirt! Thanks for the shout out, and happy friday. It will be saturday here in another half hour. Friday was awesome. I can see the future…

  9. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

  10. I’ve seen the Ralph Macchio vid somewhere before…very cute. Have a great weekend! My holidays start in T-5.5hrs….I shall email you our NYC plans and you decide if you are able to have face-to-face time. We are NYC bound on the 18th…. :)

  11. Thanks for mentioning my sad but important post about eating disorders! Not a fun topic but one that must be talked about. Do you know that I’ve never “made love at midnight in the dunes of the Cape before!” But, I’m going to be there later in August and I’ll see if I can make that happen. LOL. :)

  12. And gettin’ caught in the rain – I was singing this at my niece’s wedding on Monday – spooky – shocking shirt too. You should be ashamed.

  13. Love the song. Such a Ramone-ish tune.

    That shirt need therapy, and I love the Wax On clip. Hysterical.

    Happy Friday. Hope you and TMWGITU have a fabbo weekend.

  14. OHMYGHD I loved Ralph Macchio when I was a teen. He was my only fanboy crush. That video was freaking hilarious!!

  15. Happy Friday everyone!

  16. Damn, Ralph still looks pretty good. 11 year-old me (and every other girl on the planet) was right on the money with that crush.

  17. I actually have a shirt made out of one of the pieces. The whole shirt. Red, flowers, Hawaiian.

    Sue me.

    • Without all the clashing, is it really a hawaiian shirt?
      I buy mine based almost strictly on the hideousness of it.
      A conversation at the store with my girl will go like htis:
      Me – Oh my god! It’s HIDEOUS! IT’S DISGUSTING! I must have it!
      Her- Rolls eyes. Again.

      • Mine is a true Hawaiian shirt from Hawaii where my husband went without me. You know those “all I got was a lousy shirt” t-shirts, well … But women can get away with wearing bright colored things with flowers on them.

        I pity her sometimes, Guap. Other times I envy her. Mr. AndAHalf needs to loosen up!

  18. Can one find their way to this blog without having a reliance on strong drink of some sort?

  19. Ah Guaps, life would be so boring without Friday Foolishness! I now have the Pina Colada song stuck in my head where it will stay for most of the day. But it’s better than the song stuck there yesterday!

  20. I’m going to pretend you didn’t post that song, while shamelessly plugging the reason why:
    You’re just baiting me. Also, now I have to make some of those tonight, because I actually do like pina coladas, but not that terrible song.

  21. LOL!!Don’t take much to get tipsy! Hahaha! Oh that Funny or Die ahahah! Must.remember. to. never. apply. mascara. before. Friday. Foolishness!!!!! :D

  22. Oh no! El Guapo, how could you? I’m just about to head out on a weekend adventure and I’m going to have the Piña Colada song stuck in my head the whole time. ( I didn’t even need to play the video…) Have a great weekend!

  23. I’m glad you had a better week and hope you enjoy the upcoming concerts! (Interesting blogger links) Have a good one!

  24. So did you get that shirt off of Green Day? <3

  25. Well, looky here! Oh how I’ve missed you!! :) Glad to see you posting!

  26. Ooh nice shirt!
    One of my favorite “shirt” songs:

    Glad to hear the medical trips are over. Awesome! Happy for you and your wife! Hope the FIL is doing ok.

    Have a great weekend.

  27. free penny press

    Oh great.. now that dreaded tune is playing in my head (“No, stop, go away”).. and why does that shirt remind me of Danny Bonaduce?
    have a great weekend EG!

  28. For Christ sake!!
    Now I’m with Pina Colada song stuck in my head.

  29. I would totally wear that shirt. Do they sell them?

  30. Are there really people who don’t know the Pina Colada song? I will add that to my school curriculum for next year.

  31. I always enjoy your humour Guap
    and Friday Foolishness absolutely rocks :)

    Have a fun time sifting
    through all the entries…


  32. Pingback: Friday Foolishness – Senior Discount Edition | Guapola

  33. Wow! That photograph really catches my breath away!!!! A Super wave

  34. Hawaiian shirts are an occasional part of my wardrobe, and when I wear them, I favor bold colors and patterns (I’m blond & very fair, so paler colors can wash me out pretty easily). Although I don’t have anything quite up to the standards of the beauty you have pictured, I have at least one that comes close (it is a single pattern, however).

    According to Homer Simpson, only two kinds of men wear Hawaiian shirts–gay men and big fat party animals.

    • I keep a minimum of two hawaiian shirts at all times, and don’t fit Homers description at all.

      That pic is epic. Still trying to get it.

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