Trifecta: The first time I saw…

Today’s Music: Foreigner – Feels Like The First Time
Days Til Spring: 66

Another year, and new challenges from those wacky cats at Trifecta. And DJ Matticus, who reminded me of the challenge with his great response.
This week, they want 33 words to follow The first time I saw…
(Oh, and they should all be one syllable each.)

But I have 66! The same number of days til spring!
The first set is what came to mind first (since I’m a little bent).
The second set came to me because what’s a trifecta challenge if I don’t at least try to tweak the judges (since I’m probably more than a little bent)?

Vengeance is MINE!!!

Vengeance is MINE!!!

The first time I saw
- from the first scream – from the time when the first shock made me wake, I knew my whole life would be in need to give a hard sharp slap back to that doc.

(and again…)
their tasks, mocks from a harsh team who hid in the depths of the ‘net, led me to spend my free time in search of them.
33 care worn words at a time.

Apologies in advance, but hey, it can’t all be Dostoyevsky.

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95 responses to “Trifecta: The first time I saw…

  1. So you’re a doc beater, huh? Guess that’s one way to get your bill lowered… ;)

  2. Thanks for the ear worm. I hope you have an “interesting” day.

    [Post Hot Blooded and I’ll crawl through the ether and strangle you.

  3. Hahaha! Yeah, why not hit him back. Though, I think the real desire to strike back would come after the umbilical cord gets cut, rather than the little tooshy smack…

  4. Ha Ha! Nicely written, very funny.

  5. I wonder if the Trifecta Challenge moguls actually read the words that are penned?

    Thanks for some Foreigner today.

  6. Better Foreigner than Journey.

    That Matticus is exposing so many of us to these challenges recently. It’s like he’s a literary influence or something.

  7. You’re a lot briefer than Dostoyesvsky! But honestly, I think that’s great. I really struggled my way through those 600 pages and liked this more therefore! :)

  8. I think circumcision warrants the real revenge. Not speaking from experience, of course. Nice job! :)

  9. Hit that slap of a doc with clap… hmmm my monosylables led me wrong there

  10. That was awesome… I gotta start doing some of these… do you think I am smart enough to figure out how? Where do we go to sign up?

  11. oooohhhh…. I found it… so we just write stuff and then link back to them?

  12. I thought these were great. Dostoyevsky’s stuff is way too long, anyway. And it’s written with all these backward Rs and other nonsense letters. No, better to model yourself after Tom Clancy.

  13. I love the first one, Guapo! (and of course, no offense to Carrie)

  14. You have more creativity for creative writing in 66 words than I can ever muster.

  15. Ah…love them both, but that second one – Haha! When I first saw the prompt, I thought, “no way.”

  16. So good to see you here, Guap. Because you are waaaayyyyy more fun than Dostoevsky.

  17. Good on you Guaps although I think they tap the baby’s feet now or rub their chest. You get ‘em!

  18. I’m hot blooded, I’m hot blooded…Nice one, El G! Well composed.

  19. Dug the doc slapping riff, whistling Doc Of The Bay as I write…

  20. Haha! Slapping the doc back, that’s too funny. (My younger son just peed on the doc instead :) )

  21. KymmInBarcelona

    A glimpse from the other end of things. Nice!

  22. I saw my daughter “emerge” from within my wife and was too stunned from that point onward, to notice anything that the doctor did or, did not, do. Never forget the beauty of her birth nor, the sea of blood on the floor; it looked like a slaughterhouse in there! Moms, you have my utmost respect for bringing life into the world. I hope doctors never lose their sense of wonder at the miracle taking place before them. :)

  23. Haha! Cobbie’s comment is awesome. My husband just kept saying, “There was blood on the freaking wall. ON THE WALL.” Gross. Anyway, thanks for linking up this week! We like seeing you in our linkz. I love the idea of spending your whole life seeking revenge.

    • EGAD!!!! Sounds more like a horror movie then the joy of a new life!

      Thanks, I love the variety and creativeness of the responses you get, not to mention the challenge of the…challenges…themselves!

  24. Do they still do the slapping? Savages.

  25. Well, no one’s going to hit you with any crime and punishment over these. That first one, especially, is brilliant. And funny.

    • I’d like to think that I’m just saying what’s on everyone’s mind with these…

      • Your mind may work in mysterious ways, my friend. I was talking to DJ Matticus about these challenges. I’ve never done one. I may have to try – you have inspired me (where inspiration is, you know, occasionally a bit lacking)!

        • The Trifecta Challenges are (I think) the only challenge I’ve entered more then a couple of times.
          Great community, and there are some incredible writers who I wouldn’t see otherwise.

          (Plus it’s my ambition to one day win for the week, while also tweaking the judges.)
          (Who also have a sense of humor.)

          • I do much like people with a sense of humour… And I’m all about good writing where I can see it (and then try to rip it off).

            Win for a week, eh? I got a feeling you might be up to it. By the way, people say great things about you, which is why I have popped over.

            • They are all lies, meant to circumvent my influence with the culinary-industrial economic complex (with a sub-conspiracy in cheese)!!!!

              And thanks. Been enjoying poking around your site as well.

              • Yeah man, the culinary-industrial-economic complex is watching me as I write this, trying to figure out what side-ad to pop up. Crack cocaine please. Medical marijuana. Make it happen, invisible people.

                You’re definitely good stuff, I will follow along. If I get too weird, just tell me off. I tend to follow not many people, but those I do, I follow like a motherfucker. Excuse my language.

  26. That is a good one. :-)

  27. WOW…like…profound….write something about Bacon.

  28. So….did you find them? <3

  29. That kid with the fists was giving you a mixed review, I guess. Well, it all sounded groovy to me… : )

  30. Stole girlfriend? Pre-K? You started early, huh?

Ahem *best Ricky Ricardo voice* Babble-OOOoooo!!!

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