Hi There

Todays Adventure: Setting up this blog
Today’s music: Johnny Clegg & Savuka – Shadowman
It would be nice if everyday could be an adventure. And everyday is  an adventure. Maybe it ain’t surfing a glass face or jumping out of a plane, but try crossing the street down town, mid-block.
For myself, I hope this blog (just the acts of figuring out what to write, and then typing it out) will help me see all those little adventures.
Which isn’t to say that I’m going to skip the bigger adventures. Maybe it will be grand – a trip to Portland OR to go bungee jumping off a bridge (http://www.bungee.com/bzapp/bungee_masters/bridge.html), maybe it will be something as simple as taking my girl on a picnic (and she could use a break – might have to move that up the list), and it may be as stupid as making u-turns on I-87. Or running under a moving truck. Again.
Stupid can be lots of fun. And I’m a master of stupid fun….
Since this is my first post, I think I’ll stop here. Next time, maybe something about music.
I’ll tell you about the first time I took a flight to see a band. Even though they were never going to be there in the first place…

6 responses to “Hi There

  1. Ah! If you guys go bungee jumping off the bridge let me know. I live here and Nick just won’t go. He doesn’t trust them, he’d skydive though. I’ve only bungeed off a tower, but am dying to try this. I know I could find friends around here who would go too, but that would be a kinda fun story…. bloggers unite to jump off a bridge.


    • http://www.bungee.com/bzapp/bungee_masters/bridge.html
      I was going to go with a traveling jumper (drove his rig around to various bridges), but the email conversation turned waaay too weird, and I don’t think I trusted the guy enough to jump with him…

      If we do go together, you have to promise me you’ll push me if I wimp out at the last sec. Although traveling across the country just to jump is probably motivation enough…
      Skydiving (off a static line) is too much fun.


  2. I almost wimped out off the tower. What finally worked was going backward. Guess I’m comfortable plunging to my death as long as I don’t have to see it.


  3. That was so cool reading your first post. I like the idea of taking your girl out for a picnic that’s always a good idea! Summer fun. Not sure about bungee jumping off a bridge. :+) I also like the line “crossing the street down town, mid-block.” that can be a crazy adventure.


  4. In the beginning…. Wow before I knew you..you were still cool 🙂 so.much grammatically wrong with that statement but.. Eh.. Hey!! Are you going to.portland this summer?


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