Daily Archives: 3 September, 2011

Madness, I tell you

Today’s adventure: Doing laundry!!!
Today’s music: Bruce Hornsby – Spirit Trail – Disc 1

So I get a call from Irish Paul: “Madness is playing. We’re going to see them”.
Not the first call like that, so I say “Sure. That could be fun.”
“Great. I’ll get tickets and let you know”.

3 days later – “I got the tickets. We’ll fly out on thursday and come back Monday”
“Sorry – they’re playing Coachella. Did I not mention that?”

Now, I had just gotten married, to the most wonderful girl in the universe. Fortunately, we had been together a long time before this, and she knew: a- that I love music, and b- that occassionaly Irish Paul and I would take a road trip. Just never that far before.
“Honey, can I go to California?”
“What’s in California?”
“Madness is playing”
“Ah. Paul?”
“Yeah. And it really isn’t my fault this time. I thought it was a local show. He didn’t mention it was a music festival”
“Yes dear. Have a good time”

2 weeks later:
“Madness isn’t playing” says Irish Paul.
“I checked their website. They apologize for any mistakes or confusion, but they were never scheduled to play Coachella”
“But we’re still going” he said.
“Yeah, I figured”
So for the next month at work, when people asked if I had any good shows coming up, I would say that I was going from NY to California to see Madness. Even though they wouldn’t be there…

to be continued…