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Stop the Insanity! (Madness, Part 2) (Coachella 2008)

Today’s adventure: PICNIC!!! (and hooping!)

Today’s Music: Blues (assorted)

So we land at Sonny Bono Airport (really?) and catch a cab to the hotel. Which has a casino. Which can’t be good… Irish Paul won enough for a few excellent breakfasts. I did not. But, I was smart enough to set aside enough cash for the cab to the airport to get home.

We go to Coachella, 2008. Fantastic. I discovered that I can, after all, drink Heineken and enjoy it. When it is ridiculously hot. In a field. In the desert. I mean, really, the pipes squirting mist was a good idea, but shouldn’t it have been all over? Who wants to suffer from heat exhaustion while watching Tegan and Sara (decent set) or Love and Rockets (great set!)

On the bright side, the crowd was good. There were no fights that we saw, none of the tents or stages were too overcrowded or inescapable, and no one was too much of a dick. And the AT&T tent was totally available.

Also, there were plenty of hot Heineken girls, and I didn’t get punched when I got Irish Paul the picture of the combo whale tail/tramp stamp he was too wimpy (or drunk – hard to recall since I was pretty far gone myself) to get.

But there was some good music, some fantastic music, and some music I just didn’t get.  MIA, Brett Dennen, Duffy, Vampire Weekend, Flogging Molly, Animal Collective, John Butler Trio, The Breeders, and on and on an on…

Prince put on a fantastic headline show, but didn’t quite need to tell us that Coachella was his house so many times.

Roger Waters doing the complete Dark Side of the Moon was, on it’s own, worth the price of the ticket.

Jack Johnson headlined the first night. We caught the first 4 bars of his opening song. That was enough for us to now say,  in Irish Paul’s words, “seen him”.

And no, Madness was never there.

To be continued…

An Adventure Tragedy

A man in Australia was bitten in half by a shark while bodyboarding.

Condolences and sympathy to his family and friends. And to those of us who are stil going out, a reminder that mother nature is beautiful and inspiring and deadly.

Adventure safely!