The start of a new adventure?…

Today’s Music: Stream
Today’s Adventure: trying to set up a new adventure

Sent to Bombardier Recreational Products
Hello –
I am interested in performing an adventure that would showcase the Sea Doo, using either the GTX iS 215, GTX Limited iS 260, or any of the RXT series watercraft.
Who should I speak to for more details, and to discuss setting this up?


But what is this you may ask?
Well, something occurred to me that I don’t think has aver been done before, and that I think I should do. No reason really, it’s on par with George Mallory’s “Because it’s there”.
Can it be done?
Yes. If it’s set up carefully and with attention to detail, along with a very thorough consideration of risk and danger.
Am I willing to take the risk?
Yes. Absolutely. Unequivocally.
Are there naysayers?
Surprisingly (for those who know me), there are. In the words of OtherPaul, “You can’t do it. There’s no room for a bar.” Ah, but perhaps the trailer design can include one…We’ll have to see.

Fortunately, another friend listed a whole pre-adventure checklist, so fortunately, there’s someone with a brain involved in this…

And finally, Will I ever say exactly what the hell it is I’m talking about?
Yes, of course. But not yet…because I have no idea how long it will take to get set up, and would like to keep it to myself…

But there will be updates..

and 50 points to anyone who guesses it in the Comments !

One response to “The start of a new adventure?…

  1. Dude you have too much free time on your hands.


Ahem *best Ricky Ricardo voice* Babble-OOOoooo!!!

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