New Toys?

Well, maybe not. I was thinking perhaps I might get new eyes today, but the Doc said mine are still working fine.
I did look into getting Lasik. Apparently, I’m going to need bifocals in a few years, and even if I got Lasik, I’d still need reading glasses, so there really isn’t much point.
I also checked prescription sunglasses – classic Ray Ban Wayfarers. I love that style – I used to buy plastic knockoffs by the box and give em away to friends.
To get them with prescription lenses, plus the thinned lenses (my eyes are pretty bad and unthinned lenses would be like the bottoms of Coke bottles), plus anti-glare, plus scratch resistance would have run over $400.

Honestly, I’d rather buy a surfboard.And then of course, I’ll need a wetsuit…

And a box of plastic Ray Bans.

The real thing…

Ray Ban Wayfarers – RB2140

…And the cheap thing

Decent and cheaper imitation

not a bad knock-off


4 responses to “New Toys?

  1. Stick with the fake ones…get the surfboard and the wetsuit. And don’t do the Lasik. And for that advice, you can buy me a beer.


  2. Don’t you have a birthday coming up? Maybe these should be on your wishlist.


Ahem *best Ricky Ricardo voice* Babble-OOOoooo!!!

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