Daily Archives: 14 September, 2011

An introspective interlude

Today’s Music: Girl In A Coma
Today’s Adventure: Prescription Medication
I got nothing today.
Yesterday was an awful lot of strain and work, as only family can be. But the day had a happy ending, with (at least limited) sleep for everyone.
With my wife out of town, I’m the only one responsible (?!?) one around. I’ve managed to stay ahead of the dishes, and there are enough leftovers from the last few days to get by, but I need to cook tonight. And go to the drug store. And clean up. And keep an eye on thems that need eyeing.

And I’ll do it, and it will all get done. But it’s not what I want to be doing. I’ll spend that time thinking about surfboards and wetsuits, wondering if the Atlantic Ocean can be crossed on a jet ski, plotting the few ski days I might get this season.
I’ll also be thinking about my responsibilities. The big ones, like making sure the rent is paid, there’s food in the fridge and that my wife is happy.
And the little ones, like sending a donation to a charity for a friend’s niece, calling my sister to make sure her homemade go-cart hasn’t exploded (or if it even started), and checking that I have an ironed shirt for work tomorrow.

And, eventually, I’ll have dinner, and tend to my chores, and I’ll go to sleep. And I’ll come in to work tomorrow and cover my end of the day. With tomorrows responsibilities weighing on me, and tomorrows dreams buoying me.

But one day, I’d love to be able to just go out with my girl and play, without having to worry about the rest of it…