Who I am

Today’s Music: Eels – Shootenanny!

Well, the answer changes often, doesn’t it?
I’m an adult white mail. I’m a son. I’m a brother. I’m a friend. I’m a husband.
When I was in my last years of high school, through most of college, I identified myself as a lacrosse player and a drunk.
In fact, for a long time the only jewelry I wore was a gold lacrosse stick on a chain.
And when people asked for my number, I’d give them my home number, then say “But if you want to get a hold of me, here’s the number for the bar I’ll be in.”

I’ve played the guitar on and off for the last 25 years. I now own 5 of them, though whether or not I can play any of them is open to debate.
I have a pair of skis (down from 4 pairs at its worst), but I haven’t used them in years. When I make it out for my one or two days a year, I rent. But I’m still a skier.
I know how to use a kayak, and I enjoy it (a lot). So I’m a kayaker too.

Our house has well over a thousand books – scifi, fantasy, mystery, memoirs, biographies, histories, science… probably a decent fraction of the categories in the Dewey Decimal system. You could say I’m a reader.
I enjoy video games and television (more than is probably healthy), and I love movies. And please, don’t forget picnics. Love picnics.
Oh, and I enjoy writing too. Wrote a bunch of short stories I may or may not post. But no, Writer probably isn’t a good description of who I am…

I still have my flippers, snorkel and mask from when I used to scuba dive. I haven’t gone in a while, because it’s very hard to get to the rental place on Friday, then back to return the gear on Sunday. But I put in work to get my open diver card, and I’m prouder of if than I am of my drivers license.

I’ve jumped out of a plane a few times, so add that to the list.
Oh, and I have a surfboard now, that I fully intend to use, so there’s that too.
A blanket description of “Adventurer” might work. But they are small adventures – a day here, a weekend there. There are probably no backpack treks through the Himalayas in my future (like a guy I used to rock climb with did).
But Adventurer doesn’t cover it. It doesn’t come near the day to day responsibilities I have, or the fact that I’m not a bad cook.
Music Snob also works, but again, that’s just a fraction of who I am…

I guess in the end, any description is just a fraction of who I am. Even saying “El Guapo” is just a small part of the picture.
Today I’d go with “I’m a devoted loving husband and a surfer”. Tomorrow maybe “Blues Guitarist”. Or something else I can’t imagine yet.

I have no idea who I am, even as my time to figure it out gets shorter by the day. But maybe the fun of that question is making my own answer.

But it also makes me wonder – Who are you?

7 responses to “Who I am

  1. Aw, this was a very nice post. In idea I wish to put in writing like this moreover ? taking time and actual effort to make an excellent article? but what can I say? I procrastinate alot and not at all appear to get something done.


  2. This post is one of my favorites. I like reading about who people really are. The funny stuff is entertaining, but I like the meat of someone’s blog. (That doesn’t really sound the way I’m intending it but I’m hoping you get what it is I’m trying to say here, lol.)

    I love that your answer continually changes.

    I’m also wondering, is there any adventure you absolutely wouldn’t even consider doing?


  3. Picnics, really? The chi chi cheese and crackers in Central Park kind or a real picnic with sandwiches in some remote location? (Hint: there’s a right answer in here somewhere…)

    BTW, seeing as you have lots of posts, where should I start? I’m sure they are all brilliant, but I’m wondering which is the MOST brilliant…


    • I prefer rel picnics, but when pressed for time, a sandwich in the park will do, L&L.

      I have absolutely no idea which posts are the best, but…
      people seemed to really enjoy the Adventure posts (which includes skiing, skydiving and a naked bar dance), there are 3 Beatnik Poetry Slam entries which are…different, and there’s a limerick tab at the top of mostly book-based limericks.. But I don’t know if you want to do that to your self.
      Right now I’m up to part 6 (I think) of the 8 part Harry Potter cycle.
      Limericks. *Shudder*


      • I’m not sure that naked bar dancing counts as an adventure…. but i will have to find the Beatnik Poetry Slam Entries which sound fun.

        And I’m Irish. So there shall be no limerick mocking when I’m around!


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