Daily Archives: 28 September, 2011

A bit of tweak…

I’ve been trying to post daily. And mostly, I’ve succeeded.
Because I love you all. In that cool, not creepy, everyone loves everyone on the internet kind of way.
But I also think a bunch of the posts have not been that great.
So I’ll be slowing down a bit, and trying to (gasp) edit new posts over a day or two before publishing them.
Because you guys are worth it.
Stuff to look forward to include Concerts Remembered from the Ticket Stub Bin, More adventuring (if I ever manage to get my board in the water. Or do anything, ever, really), and more general Babblesomeness (it’s a word, dang nabbit!)
And of course, Today’s Music!

So don’t be worried if the updates aren’t as frequent. I hope to make them a lot better!