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A Literary Limerick – The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

Today’s music: Dire Straits

Again, not my fault. After this, where I wrote a limerick inspired by @captsingh on twitter, I guess whatever crazed bug that causes someone to want to write limericks bit me. Hard.
So here I am again, trashing another (beloved) novel, just because I can’t seem to stop myself.
But wait – it’s worse! Not only have I come up with a way to disgust and apall you all, but today you’re getting 2 – yes, 2 horrible limericks! All for the same book!
(yes, there are two, no, you don’t want to see the ones that didn’t make the cut!)

If you’ve never read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, then please go out and do so.
Otherwise you won’t have any idea what I’m babbling about.

If your have read the novel, I hope you loved it. And you still won’t have any idea what I’m babbling about. Douglas Adams would approve.

Just know, dear readers, that I don’t hate you, despite what you might think of my inflicting this on you…

On the worst Thursday ever there was.
The Vogons blew up Earth, just because.
With Ford, Trillian and Zaphod, Arthur jumped in a spacepod.
Their adventures set the universe abuzz.


Arthur Dent didn’t know what to do
Mud on his robe, mud on his shoe
So he questioned friend Ford
Am I going out of my gourd?
But the answer was just forty-two

There are some countries in the world I could be shot for these. Fortunately, this isn’t one of them.

Feel free to do worse in the comments!