Daily Archives: 22 October, 2011

Some things I’m wondering about…

Today’s Music: VV Brown

The week is over. The sun is down, and the first cool nips of autumn are strolling through the neighborhood. So I thought I’d share the questions that are ricocheting off the inside of my head as I sit back to enjoy a(nother) bottle of Blue Moon.

Who names a color “Puce”?
What is the purpose of Earlobes?
If I get hit in the back, will my face really get stuck with this expression?
Who the hell is Niblik?
If River Phoenix married Joan Rivers, would he be River Rivers?
How many people wear digital watches because they can’t read analog watches?
Why, of all the classes I took in high school, is typing the only that is useful on a daily basis in the real world?
Why are there only 13 episodes of Doctor Who (plus one special) per year?
Who cares what any Kardashian is up to?
Why don’t fish have ears?
Does “All the tea in China” include the tea in Taiwan?
Can I sue Smokey the Bear for the therapy I’ll need for thinking I should have prevented all those forest fires?
Who moved my cheese?
Who’s thong is hanging from the lampshade, and will they be cold without it?

You’re welcome.