Daily Archives: 28 October, 2011

A Friday Poll for Y’Oll

Today’s Music: Echo and the Bunnymen

I know the title is a typo, but it was the only way I could make it rhyme…

So I’m trying to find out if I want a theme day on Fridays.
The first thing I thought I’d go with is polls. You know, something probably inane for a momentary Friday distraction. I mean, it’s hard enough being at my desk Monday to Thursday, so you can imagine how hard I look for something other than work to do on a Friday…

Also, since I’m a new blogger (2 months), I’m still trying to figure out the online etiquette and how to do this kind of thing. Sure, once I get that figured, I’ll probably ignore it and do what I want anyway, but at least I’m pretending to care.
It sounds sincere doesn’t it?

So for the initial Friday Foolishness, let’s go with a poll on how obsessive you are about your hit count.
Be honest. Even if we aren’t near as anonymous online as we hope.

Voting is open until next Friday, when the results will be posted. You can add your own answer, choose one of the…choices, and leave comments on the level of silliness.
Vote now, vote often.

Update: If you use Other, feel free to add your name/website url/ email so I know who you are.
All “Other” answers will be posted as well.