A conversation with IrishPaul

Today’s Music: Sammy Hagar

IrishPaul Instant Messaged me on my way to the train this morning.
Here is the conversation…

IrishPaul –
Happy 50th birthday to moody bastard Larry Mullins junior

El Guapo –
That’s why you’re up at 7 am?

IrishPaul –
Going to bed now. Was watching a movie.
Why are you up?

El Guapo –
You. Suck. I’m going to work.

IrishPaul –
What kind of a****le goes to work before 6pm? Don’t forget, we’re going to The Drums next Monday.

El Gupao –
Real world a****les. Haven’t yet found a surfing sponsor, so off I go.
Yeah, I’ll be there.

IrishPaul –
Right. I’m off to bed alone – bonus.
You going to Chickenfoot.

El Guapo –
Bah, not a big enough fan. Thought you hated Hagar.

IrishPaul –
I do but want to see Michael Anthony Hall and Joe Satriani. So I’ll bear with it.

El Guapo –
Have a good time.

And since I know he hates that crap, today’s music is Sammy Hagar. Because I had to be on my to work at 7 am. And he was finishing his day bartending form last night.

So there it is, a tiny snippet of my real life.


9 responses to “A conversation with IrishPaul

  1. Congratulations on having a job, an income and a life. All important things, especially when combined with being married to the most amazing girl in the universe. I’m working on a new book. It’s called How to Alienate People and Feel Bad About Yourself. When I’m done with that project I can take on Real World A*****es and the Value of Making a Living.


  2. Thanks Weenie Girl. I think…


  3. “What kind of a-hole goes to work before 6 PM?”

    It must be nice to have a friend whose schedule is so perfectly in sync with yours. (Hey! Next time he does something like this, you could pick ‘N Sync for the day’s music.)


  4. Yay to Joe Satriani! Boo to going to work at 7 A.M.!


Ahem *best Ricky Ricardo voice* Babble-OOOoooo!!!

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