Friday Foolishness, and Check. Your. Calendar.

Today’s Music: GWAR
The video is slightly disturbing, the music isn’t bad. Think KISS on a really bad high. Their guitarist passed away last night, so they are Today’s Music as a tribute.

Next, to the old business –
The hands down category winner to last weeks Friday Foolishness poll is Other.
The Written In answers are as follows:

– Are you suggesting that only bloggers should be responding to this poll?
– I ain’t admitting to nuthun.

In reference to the first answer, you know, it didn’t even occur to me to add a non-blogger answer. How silly of me…

And now, on to the new silliness!!! (even though there is rarely anything but silliness around here…)

I was going to go with a rant today, since there was Christmas music playing when I bought my coffee this morning. When I paid, I asked the girl if it was a one-off, but no, apparently that’s all they are playing now. And for the next. 8. weeks.
But I think I’ll save that for a more detailed diatribe, maybe this weekend.

So, in keeping with the theme of Friday Foolishness, another question.
This was going to be part of another entry, but I would like your thoughts on the matter.

And non-bloggers should be able to get in on this one too!
(If you write in an answer, please include contact info if you like)

‘Cause folks, it don’t get no foolisher than that.
Have a good weekend!

13 responses to “Friday Foolishness, and Check. Your. Calendar.

  1. You really are foolish. I can’t wait till you ask about eyebrows.

    Have a great Friday.


  2. I heard about the guitarist from GWAR. I was never into them, but I remember they had a really crazy stage act. My brother, who is a video editor in LA, has done some work for Gene Simmons, from KISS, and confirms that he is as big an asshole in real life as he comes off in the media. So there’s that.


    • Yeah,that matches up with what I’ve heard of Gene.
      A friends kid kept telling me to go see GWAR, but I never made it… Wonder if they’ll replace him and keep going.


  3. I did see GWAR in concert and they were fine but the crowd was NUTS.


    • I’m actually surprised that so many people knew them.
      Heard their concerts were like a Satanic fun Gallagher show.


      • Wow…that totally describes it! The only band that came close to that kind of spectacle was The Insane Clown Posse. But they have Juggalos, which is an entirely different post.


        • My boss just turned me on to Mindless Self Indulgence. I thought they were a little like Insane Clown Posse, but I liked them more..
          Their MySpace page has a bunch of tracks if you like that sound.


  4. That is perhaps the foolishest survey question ever.

    …But not foolisher than Christmas music in early November.


  5. Some bands are best heard and never seen. You know what I mean!


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