The Bozo List

We all know ’em. We all have to deal with them.
You know who I’m talking about.
Over at Unintimidated By Convention, Brian the Kwyjibo has done us all a favor by compiling a list.

Check ’em out.
See how many you’ve met.
Add some more.

And dear God, make sure you’re not one of them!

8 responses to “The Bozo List

  1. I hope you don’t think that enhancing another blogger’s post really counts as your own post. Your readers want you!! Don’t let us down!! Some of us may know where you live!!!


    • And by the way, you didn’t say what the music of the day was. Surely you don’t expect me to figure it out by myself…


    • Awesome, Guapo! It appears you might have your own stalker. I want a stalker. (Weenie Girl, I’ll send you the address to my house, and some good directions.)

      And shamelessly plugging another guy’s blog totally counts as a post. You had to type some words and even make a hyperlink. I’m gonna put something on Unintimidated to direct readers here, maybe to your music page.


      • My stalking schedule is a little tight but I may have an opening after the holidays, Brian. Besides that service, I can also nag and be self-righteous. For example, what the hell were you doing posting at 4 am instead of sleeping?!!?

        Let me know if you’d like to pursue this.



        • I work swing shift, then usually stay up most of the night doing homework (or commenting on my favorite blogs when I should be doing homework). Some nights I get to bed by 2 or 3, and other times I’m up ’til 6. Either way, I sleep most of the morning. Before you nag me any more, let me say that I went to bed right after posting that comment last night.

          I’ll get back with you on a time early next year when I’ll likely need a good stalker. (I’m so excited!)


  2. There ain’t nothing that’s good about the above.
    Nothing at all.

    Also, this was supposed to be a permanent page, so no new music on it. It will be moved/Copied shortly.
    But don’t worry, next post will have Jimmy Buffett, so there’s that to look forward to…


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