Clutter is Bad for the Head

Today’s Music: Howard Jones (Acoustic)

The inside of my head looks like the top of my desk.

Organization? Who needs organization?

And it would be very simple to fix my desk: look at everything that’s there and sort it into piles. Move my trash into the bin. Pull out the stuff that needs attention and put it in the space on the left, file all the rest in its appropriate cabinet.

Clearing my head would be more or less the same process. Stuff the noise and clutter into a back bin to be dealt with (or ignored) later*. Keep the important stuff on top, and deal with all the routine stuff as…well…routine.

But for some reason, I can’t seem to do it. I don’t think there’s more on my mind than usual. I’m just having a harder time controlling it than usual. Might be that I’m fighting a slow battle with a cold that is threatening to sack me. Might be that I have a family obligation coming up next month and no time off to tend to it, so what do I do about that? (Seriously, if anyone has ideas, I’m open to them.)

I’m just feeling run down lately. I’ve been forcing myself to make dinner when my wife (the most wonderful girl in the universe) and I finally get home, and sometimes that means pulling out the appropriate takeaway menu. My wife has even had to do some of the ironing (which I usually do) because I’m just too damned wiped out to pull my butt off the couch.

So the days come and go. And this is my little sad rant about it. But now its off my chest. And is just annoying me.
I’m gonna get a shovel, bellow my rallying cry** and dig my way out of this pile. Can’t let it all drag me down.

If I did, how would I make it surfing Sunday?

Yep, that's a wave at my beach!

*I find it’s very nice to leave things on my schedule that I can just ignore. Frees up time when I’ve blocked out space for something I know I’m not going to do.


13 responses to “Clutter is Bad for the Head

  1. Having a cold sucks. Hope you feel better!


  2. Love live music. Thanks, had forgotten about him.


    • Thanks for stopping by John.
      I went to see him on a cheap ticket to find out if he was any good without the effects, and I totally had to rethink my opinion of him. It was a great show, and the man can play.


  3. the most wonderful girl in the universe

    I love you and I appreciate everything you do.


  4. by family obligation you meant putting up christmas lights?


  5. DISH!

    Regarding the family obligation: I think your only option is to create a fake identity for both your wife and yourself and runaway to start new lives elsewhere. Really, it’s the only way.

    Oh, and now I see that the obligation is the arrival of a baby. Well, then: send your regrets about not being present. Said regrets should be tied to the collar of the cutest puppy you can find. Hey, the new parents are going to be up most of the time anyhow. Why not raise a baby and a puppy?


  6. Congratulations to your close relative on his/her new babyness. If the timing still sucks when it happens, maybe you could be abducted by aliens. That would sure keep you busy. Or in the case of someone I know, being embroiled in a nasty divorce/custody case and the judge not letting him postpone his court appearance kept him from attending. I don’t actually recommend that as a strategy. It would be bad for the most wonderful girl in the universe. I would hate for that to happen. She deserves much better from you. Why would you do that to her? Why?!? WHY?!?!?

    BTW, does your close relative read this blog?


    • If aliens abducted me, I’d be afraid for what the most wonderful girl in the universe would do to them.
      I don’t think the relative does, but I try to keep all comments about other people as anonymous as I can, unless I get their approval.

      Do you think this steps over the line?


  7. therecoveringbrit

    Wow, a guy who irons! Very impressive! Seriously though, I know how monstrous a task can feel when you don’t seem to have the mental energy to tackle it. That happens to me sometimes when it comes to decluttering – I sometimes apply the “5 minute rule”, “5 thing rule”, #1 shelf rule” (insert your own number or location) where I literally devote just a few minutes to a huge area of my office each day (or just organize a handful of things), and that’s it for that day. It sometimes helps me at work when my office looks like Beirut!


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