Friday Foolishness – With a bit of Serious too

Today’s Music: Gossip (A great band that never caught fire. Check ’em out!)

First off – the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a great idea, with a terrible execution. It protects media producers, but goes way overboard – if a kid posts a YouTube video of themselves singing a Justin Bieber song, they can be sued for piracy and infringement.
While they are guilty of many things for singing Justin Bieber, piracy probably isn’t one of them. Congress should write a law that is more specific to the problem, instead of this, which is very general and can be applied almost anywhere.

If you agree, please click the black bar over the logo, or here if the bar isn’t above and sign the petition.
If not, hey, that’s cool too.

And on to the silliness…

Last week, we asked about jellybeans!
And The winner is “STEAK! (Because jellybeans suck)”. I couldn’t agree more.

Although, kudos to Brian the Kwyjibo, who actually used logic for this (really?!?) to not choose Black Licorice so that he wouldn’t be eaten, or as he says…
“I voted for black licorice after a little internal debate, because I also like pina colada. But then I thought, Wait, what does he mean when he asks “What flavor of jelly bean would you be?” If I wanted someone to eat me, I’d pick black licorice (or pina colada) since those are the best. But if I wanted to survive, I’d definitely NOT choose one of those.”

And now what you’ve been waiting for, This weeks Friday Foolishness Poll:

Again, voting ends Thanksgiving night at 23:59.

While you wait for the results, please enjoy some Cat Juggling.
Roll the ugliness…

39 responses to “Friday Foolishness – With a bit of Serious too

  1. Oh my … the challenge of juggling wet soap is intriguing. If mastered, I would move on to adding drinking through a long straw while juggling wet soap.

    Love the Bieber comments. Meanwhile how about cracking a whip after swallowing a sword.


  2. How on earth is that a world record category?
    Thanks for stopping by, afrankangle, and thanks for a truly…unique video.


    • To top it off, I’ve met this guy – so I know this …. Technically, it’s not a Guiness record because it doesn’t have one on record. However, he applied to make it one. After all, every record has to start somewhere!


  3. I wonder if you’re bothered about being sued for piracy and infringement because you are the guy responsible for this:

    Nice job.
    Oh, and if you’re already watching, have a look here. It might help people figure out what they want to vote for in your poll.


  4. Hi,
    I agree some of the policy’s of the piracy act are why over the top. One of things that really get to me especially with You Tube, they allow you to embed a video, but then sometimes within a couple of days it is taken down due to copyright, it would be better if they didn’t allow the embed in the first place.

    @ Weenie Girl, that video was hilarious, you just couldn’t help but laugh at the moves and the voice for that matter. 😆


  5. “It’s these cans! He hates these cans!”


  6. I signed the petition. That SOPA/PIPA stuff worries me.

    I don’t really want to juggle–certainly not anything in the list. (But you’ve got some funny choices!) I’m stuck, though. According to the rules, I’m required to answer your Friday Foolishness poll every week. (It’s a complicated statute referencing the fact that I’m an official Guapola follower, and that you’ve now quoted me at least twice.)


    I chose cats, because they’re the thing I would least dislike to juggle. That’s right, I’ve now applied logic to the Friday Foolishness poll two weeks in a row. I really need to get a life.

    By the way, Guapo, check your Gmail inbox. I sent you something. (I swear it isn’t a bomb. I mean seriously… it’s ELECTRONIC mail. How would that even be possible? At worst, I could maybe send a computer virus. But it isn’t that either, I swear.)


  7. I went with Other, choosing Volkswagens (full size), thinking this would impress the women, and one almost always would want to impress women.


    • Right there with you John.
      Though in my case, woman.


    • I can’t imagine being the kind of woman who would be impressed by some jerk trying to juggle full-sized volkswagens to impress me. In fact, I’d watch just to see what happens when you drop one by accident and then the rest fall on you. I bet I would laugh. If I was feeling charitable, I would stick around to explain to the paramedics, then the coroner what happened to you. As a final gesture, I’d submit your name and story to the Darwin Awards.

      If you don’t already have a woman, I’d suggest rethinking your strategy.


      • Not trying – SUCCEEDING!
        And you’re not the woman we’d want to impress. So there!


      • Hmmmm..lacking a sense of humour I see!! Obviously was being facetious. I m kind of offended at being called a jerk, but will pass on commenting.


        • Don’t worry about that girl, John. She always acts like a weenie in her comments. I’m sure she secretly swoons at the thought of a man who’s manly enough to juggle Volkswagens.


        • Sorry John. You are always welcome here.
          I’m still trying to figure out the etiquette of editing comments.
          WG was just being WG. I’m the jerk in question in her comment.
          On the other hand, I showed your comments to my wife who laughed too.
          And warned me not to try to lift a volkswagon.
          I’ll try Yugo’s instead, because that would be really cool!


          • I’m a newbie into your space, so am learning what is what, etc. All is good


            • Thanks John. We apply the absolute minimum standards of decorum here.
              Sometimes I even write these posts wearing a pair of sweats and my Monster Feet slippers.


              • Dear John,

                I would like to offer my sincerest apologies in case I offended you. It was meant in fun and I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Had my comments been directed at El Guapo, however, the offensiveness would have been intentional. You see, EG and I have been together for a looooong time. It’s been nearly 3 months though it feels like forever. Some things are just like that.

                Brian is a different story. He’s only been in my life for about a month and a half. It started out really great and I thought we had great potential. We even discussed a possible stalking collaboration. Lately, he’s been revealing a darker side. Maybe he’s comfortable enough here to let his true self come out. Maybe he’s just a paranoid schizophrenic psycho and forgot to take his meds this morning.

                For the record, you should know I’m not a swooner. Unless, of course, it’s Justin Bieber.

                I hope we can put this behind us and be electronic friends.

                Weenie Girl

                PS Thanks for providing an opportunity for me to write a “Dear John” letter. It’s been a while.


                • WG, the stalking arrangement is still a possibility. I’ve been checking on you. (Just ask EG.) Before I make a formal offer, I want to know what I’m getting into. Can you provide any references? A resume listing your stalking experience and education? I’m not ready to hire a stalker based only on her own self-recommendation.

                  By the way, how would you know whether I took my meds today, unless you’re ALREADY STALKING ME?


                • Glad I could indulge your Dear John opportunism. No offence taken.


  8. “While they are guilty of many things for singing Justin Bieber”…funny, AND a serious crime against humanity. i voted in the other category. i would love to learn to to juggle jugglers. continue…


  9. therecoveringbrit

    Hehe, love the cat juggling!


  10. i voted for wet soap only because if you drop it… nvm. soaps are nice.


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  12. Hey! I wrote in my own answer. And, from the numbers, I’d say I’m not the only non-conformist who elected to take this mysterious route. The road less traveled, we’ll call it. Anyway, my problem/question (and it’s big one) is that I … nay, ALL your readers … want to know about these write-ins. Is there some way we can access them?


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  14. OMG The Jerk is one of my faves. At 50 -gulp- saw this in the theater when it came out. Turned my daughter (now a sophmore in college -another gulp-) on to it when she was a wee pup. We still trade lines at inappropriate times.Say, a school shooting… He hates those cans!
    Also, your Justin Bieber comment ‘While they are guilty of many things for singing Justin Bieber, piracy probably isn’t one of them’ made the post for me. Many thanks!


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