Friday Foolishness – Travel Edition

Today’s Music: Tom Cochrane – Life is a Highway

So, as we head into the cold weather and look forward to a bad case of cabin fever, this weeks poll is about travel.
But before we get there,…

Last week’s poll, “The day after Thanksgiving, I’m going to…” gave us some interesting results.
the Other answers were
– Wondering why anyone goes anywhere close to a major shopping area.
– make sure to hold on to that recipe for Grilled Whole Turkey for next year!
– switch to rum

Excellent responses, all.

But the winner is

Congratulations to all you lucky(?) zombies out there…

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for…this weeks poll is

Voting closed Thursday, 8 December, 2359.

And here’s a travel themed snippet to keep you amused until the next round of results. the video quality is terrible, but the clip is funny.

14 responses to “Friday Foolishness – Travel Edition

  1. Great scene from a classic movie. Love the St. Christopher statue on the dashboard.


  2. Do you have any travel plans? You should share with us, too.


  3. Hi,
    Loved the clip, and of course did the pole, the results from the last pole was excellent, and they did bring on a smile. πŸ™‚


  4. Oh that’s what you meant by brains? Zombies? I almost did pick it this time just cause I didn’t last week lol. I went with my first instinct though cause I learned thats the best thing on multiple choice questions.
    πŸ™‚ Peace


    • I think Brains the first time made me think of zombies, after that it just amused the hell out of me, so I just keep sticking it in…

      Please, please don’t put too much thought into these polls. By looking at the categories and answers so far, it’s clear I never do!


  5. Love your poll. It’s cool as Braaiinnnsss!!


  6. Oh no worries, I take nothing seriously anymore. Causes brain damage. So can you see who wrote what when they answer other? Just curious cause I didn’t think of that hahahahahaha but I dig your polls. I tried to use one awhile back. I didn’t quite get it to work – but someday I may surprise us all!


    • Sadly, I don’t think lets you read the others. But I do post all of them on the following Friday.

      try them out. I know WordPress has a plug in for them, but at the least, polldaddy will give you a clickable link for readers to follow to the poll.


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