Daily Archives: 3 December, 2011

The Unbearable Lightness of Being…Fantastic

Today’s Music: STYX – Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

Today’s itinerary, Planned:
– Breakfast
– Surf
– Nap (45 min)
– Food Shopping
– Cook 3 meals for the week (so we don;t have to cook during the week

Today’s Itinerary, Actual:
– Sleep late
– Breakfast
– Watch TV
– Nap (2 hours)
– Playstation
– Lunch (excellent grilled cheese sandwiches)
– Guitar Playing
– Watch TV

Haven’t done anything I planned today. And it was great!
And still several hours of flopping about to go!

Because. I Rock.
*Contented Sigh*

I’ll pay for my laziness tomorrow, but I ain’t worried about it today.