You’ve got to hear this – Volume one

Today’s Music: Derek And The Dominoes – Layla (for comparison with the below)

Sometimes I hear a song from a genre I wouldn’t normally listen to, like Aloe Blacc’s single, I Need a Dollar

Sometimes, it’s from a band I like, and it’s exactly what I expect, Like Lynyrd Skynyrd’s album, Edge of Forever

And sometimes, an act I like puts something out that takes my expectations and sends them running for cover.
In a good way.
That was the case with Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton’s Play The Blues (Live From Jazz at Lincoln Center).
It’s all here – New Orleans blues, Chicago blues, Delta, some Ragtime, and a few dirges.
Eric Clapton has a growl in his voice on some of the tracks that I haven’t heard before.
Wynton Marsalis defies reality with a plunger at the end of his horn.

But it isn’t just the Wynton & Eric show. There’s plenty of room for some spectacular keys from Chris Stainton and Dan Nimmer. Fantastic rhythm from Ali Jackson on drums, Great upright bass by Carlos Henriquez. Victor Goines (clarinet), Marcus Printup (trumpet) Chris Crenslaw (trombone) round out a phenomenal horn section.
Taj Mahal even shows up at the end with his banjo for a couple of tracks.

From the opening rollicking track, led off by a playful ragtime riff and Eric Clapton shouting about ice cream, the album grabs and doesn’t let go.
Wynton and Eric trade vocals for most of the album, and their two instruments blend and play off each other incredibly well.

To give you an idea, here’s a song most people know, reworked for this show. As a dirge.

If you have any interest in either of these performers, or the blues with aNew Orleans tinge, you can do a lot worse than pick this up.
Two world class performers working with each other to create a level of music I don’t think either of them could have created on their own.

How could I not have expected that?

39 responses to “You’ve got to hear this – Volume one

  1. I have a huge running gag in my book about the protagonist hating Eric Clapton because his dad loves him. I am secretly a fan, but don’t tell anyone.


  2. I’m secretly not a fan, and never have been. And I used to work at a Starbucks in Columbus and Clapton’s girlfriend lived in the apartments above it, and we saw him a few times. And, meh. I never serviced him, though. I got him on HIS knees, Layla.


  3. I’ve seen both Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton in concert, though not together. That would have been interesting. Clapton was good, but Marsalis was sensational.


    • Very cool. I’ve seen Clapton a few times, solo and with Steve Winwood., and I saw Branford Marsalis at a great little club in nyc.
      Couldn’t compare the two – both very different shows.
      But really good.


  4. therecoveringbrit

    Loved the Layla reminder……the DATD version is great, as is Clapton’s original. Love Eric Clapton singing anything, by the way. They sure don’t make singers like that any more……I’m so tired of all the synthesized crap that gets shunted out these days, and the ridiculous “fame” associated with these fabricated entertainers. Grrrr…..I’ll get of my soapbox now, lol!


  5. Thanks for the recommendations, Guapo. Some great jazz there!


  6. Hi,
    Really enjoyed listening to the video’s. Good timing on my part, I just got back home after a very busy day, opened a really, really, cold can of coke, (typical hot summers day here) and started in the blogosphere. So I sat back and enjoyed every minute of the music. 😀


  7. i like chris webby’s version of i need a dollar more. i’m biased cus i like rap.


  8. This is awesome. I like it when leading artists get together for something different. No classic artists below, but it is a classic remake.




  10. Okay, Guapo… you have become my resident music-guy-in-the-know. (Can you stand the pressure?) 😉
    Okay… so here’s the thing: I hate Christmas music in the traditional sense. I know everyone’s all twitterpated over Bruce Springsteen, but if I hear him groan out “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” one. more. time…. I’m liable to go so crazy that a whole dairy farm couldn’t bring me back from the edge.
    Bottom line? I’m tired of traditional Christmas music.
    I wonder what you have (if anything) in the way of holiday music that takes a little bit of a spin off the norm. I love. love. love. Dean Martin and Doris Day in “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.
    So… there you go. Thoughts?


    • I know how you feel, And while I think Another Auld Lang Syne is a great song, if I hear it again I’m going to have to kill someone.
      I’ve got 3 picks for you, nothing too esoteric.
      Eurythmics – Walking in a Winter Wonderland. The intro is a bit odd, but it goes into a classical sound, like Baby It’s cold outside.
      Billy Idol – Jingle Bell Rock. And I’m willing to defend this one. He does it with a great sense of humor. It’s pretty straightforward, but the guitar part borders on teh far edge of jazz, and it really is a happy (non-cloying) version.
      And to round out the trio, Jimmy Buffet – Christmas in the Caribbean. Yeah, it’s goofy. But it’s fun, and you might very well feel tropical breezes by he time the song ends.

      Below are you tube links, in order. I’d recommend watching the Billy Idol video. He really looks like he’s having a good time.

      Winter Wonderland –
      Jingle Bell Rock –
      Xmas in the Caribbean –

      I hope this does it for you, but let me know if it doesn’t. I’ll try harder for next year. 😉


  11. Loved “I Need a Dollar” would have never found that on my own! And also liked the dirge of Layla. But I won’t be completely happy til I hear the polka version!

    And am honored to be on your list! WOW! You definitely made my day! Thank you El Guapo!


  12. For theflameinside and anyone else who’s interested:

    A Christmas song we really enjoy around here is the “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings” medley by Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan. It’s not too esoteric, but not fully traditional either. It has a catchy beat, and McLachlan’s vocals are sublimely beautiful.

    Here’s a YouTube:

    Be warned: this video has pretty good sound (the best I could find), but it cuts off the last few seconds of the song… kind of a let-down.


    • I love it. Thanks! And thanks, Guapo, for your choices. I’m very gingerly filling up a small Christmas playlist. Songs like these help. 🙂


  13. Almost forgot: Thanks for the Christmas picks, Guapo. I especially liked the Billy Idol one. It reminded me why I liked him so much “back in the day.”


  14. THanks so much for sharing this. Just awesome coolness as usual of course. 🙂


  15. Love that mother flippin’ song I Need A Dollar. I’d never heard it. Thanks!


  16. Okay, I’m not sure how you guys make the whole YouTube video embed in the comment, but here is my all-time favorite Christmas song, from Boyz II Men, and I realize that I’m *that* girl who is 30-something and totally grew up listening to this type of R&B but it isn’t really a Christmas song, but it is, but it isn’t. And I love it!



    • That’s a great pick, theflameinside. I can see why you like it.

      Next to the Share button under the youtube video is an Embed button. You tube usually works with the share url, but it should also take the embed code to put the video in the comment…


  17. Excellent musical exploration!


Ahem *best Ricky Ricardo voice* Babble-OOOoooo!!!

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