Musical Interlude

Today’s Music: See Below

This is what the inside of my office looks like.

Haven’t posted in several days. Because I’ve been getting the tar kicked out of me.
The pic of my work area doesn’t begin to convey the mayhem…

3 servers. One of those had a bad disk controller that took a few to replace.
1 KVM. That I put in multiple service calls for. Because it didn’t work.
Ah, but it did. Thanks Belkin, for the worst instruction manual ever.

This is what the inside of my head looks like...

This was all done in a hurry, for a new data center we are setting up. So it all needed to be done in a hurry.
As you can see, there are boxes and hardware everywhere.
On the bright side, since it was a rush job, I was able to ignore all the normal requests so I could focus on this.
And except for some small odds and ends, we finished on or a bit ahead of schedule, and everything will be shipped out tomorrow.

Here’s part of the soundtrack that’s been playing in my head and on my pc through the project.
These are all songs that get my adrenaline up and energize me. Gossip and RAM have great or thoughtful lyrics, Dire Straits makes no sense at all, but I love all of them.
And I strongly recommend against listening to any of them while sitting in traffic…
Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control

Dire Straits – Solid Rock

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Of
***This is in no way shape or form a child appropriate song – lots of F**k You in it, and a very strong message
that being said, I love this one, and think you should play it as loud as you can

So the boxes are packed, and tomorrow should see a slow return to office order, and I’ll be able to get back to you guys, especially reading, commenting on and enjoying your blogs.
And the Friday Foolishness poll is already taking shape in the unfiltered recesses of my mind, so there’s that to look forward to.

Until then, don’t forget to vote on last week’s poll before it closes.

30 responses to “Musical Interlude

  1. I think I actually felt my brain turn off in the beginning there. This is me, being totally stoopid when it comes to technology. So all I heard was “Bad disk controller” and the rest was Charlie-Brown-Wah-Wah-Wah history.

    However, I do understand that. I have some pretty outstanding energizing songs (Offspring – Bad Habit, for example) that get me going every time. And Metallica. Pretty much anything by them. Or… (and I know… how weird)… Prince. Early Prince. Up to Purple Rain.

    And…the ultimate (for me), Van Halen’s original album or the F.U.@.K album. I even have a VH tattoo. That’s how much I love them.

    Good choices! I hope the mayhem subsides quickly!


    • Ok, the Prince threw me. But he is a phenomenal instrumentalist.
      I saw him play, and when he wasn’t telling -us how great he was, the music was incredible.
      Hopefully we’ll be shipping tomorrow, so I;ll just have some catch-up on other stuff, then settle back into my routine.

      And as always, thanks for coming by, theflameinside.


  2. Nice office. Very feng shui! And I hate when work gets in the way of the good stuff in life.


  3. My daughter and I were exchanging texts last night about the benefits of Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day”.


    • Oooo…. along those same lines, Eminem’s “Not Afraid” or “My name is” are both great.
      On the other hand, I have to be careful with a lot of Eminem’s music. If I’m not in a good mood, his music can make me go from grumpy to downright pissed off in a matter of a song or two.
      Funny how subtle music can be.


      • Dan – that song is a perfect example of something from a style outside my usual listening zone. That’s a great song, more for the lyrics for me, but still…

        Yeah, it’s funny how music can spin a mood. I once read a scifi short by Asimov where the therapy that saved all the depressed folk was When The Saints Come Marching In played subsonically


  4. It won’t do what you told it.


  5. First, the anti-drug people and now you, Guap? A perfectly fried egg is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Please don’t sully its delicious name.

    Secondly, I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about with the computer lingo, but am going to file away the fact that you’re obviously a techno-wizard/geek which might be useful knowledge one day.

    And finally, Sorry to hear about your day … or days. And about your tar being kicked out of you. Though, from what we’ve learned from the tobacco companies, that’s a good thing, right? You don’t want tar in you.

    Still on the wagon, by the way?

    Okay, I always (well, usually) proof my comments before hitting post. When I reviewed this one, I thought it sounded pretty out there. I just took a pain pill. Yeah, I’m not sure that has anything to do with it either. But, damn it, I’m just hitting ‘post.’


    • Fell off the wagon, then it backed over me. Twice.
      And the egg is wrong – should be a cheese omelette as you well know.

      You are a daredevil poster, ODNT,painkiller or not!


  6. Hi,
    Don’t you just love instruction manuals, you really need an
    “instruction manual” for the instruction manual you are trying to follow. 😆
    Looks like you have been really busy, it’s good to get it all done and dusted so to speak.


    • And we ended up finding the fix somewhere totally unrelated to the problem we were having.
      Then I went back to the manual and there was nothing at al related to the crucial piece of information.
      Well, at least it’s sorted.
      I’ll be ridiculously happy when this project is all over, magsx2


  7. Your office looks like a scene out of “The IT Crowd.” Ha ha. 🙂 Some of my motivational cleaning music from the days when I had a really fun roommate is Good Charlotte, “I Don’t Wanna Be In Love,” and The Roots, “The Seed 2.0.”


    • the office is getting better. It’s gone from Pompeii – the day after, to Pompeii – seconds before.
      Checked out your songs above. Yeah, I can see those as being energy boosts.
      Good picks!


  8. therecoveringbrit

    Nice office! Looks chaotic for sure – hope the order returns soon 🙂


  9. with bacon, cheese and bread, that is one delicious head.


  10. So, let’s see if I have this straight… You opened lots of boxes full of hardware, set up a big, complicated system, and then tore it all down and boxed it up again to send to the customer. No offense, but why exactly did they need you? Seems like you could have just sent the stuff straight to them. I guess your job is to make sure the stuff works first? (I hope you’ll forgive my ignorance. I’ve said before that I don’t know anything about computers.)


    • Not quite – this stuff is all ours for a new location. We are setting up a site inToronto, so instead of sending someone out there for 3 days, we built everything in our NY office, then shipped it out. We have a subcontractor out there, but all he should have to do is unbox it, plug it in and run all the cables – 1/2 a day’s work (I hope).
      The important thing here was to configure everything and make sure it was working properly so it can get on line with a minimum of fuss…


  11. Here I am on Friday morning listening to Rage Against the Machine contemplating what’s inside the head of El Guapo. Thank you for getting me out of my rut. I bet I’m the only 60 year old grandma doing this right now! And it f-ing rocks!


  12. That second graphic was awesome – and spot-on!


  13. the inside of your head looks yummy

    (does that sound dirty?)


    • Maybe if you mean “dirty eggs” with some tabasco and other seasonings in them.
      Or, as we like to say around here, mmm…brrraaaiiinnnnsss!!!!
      Thanks for coming by, Whitney Soup. Always appreciated!


  14. Chapin was one of the great poets of the seventies. You have to listen to some of the stuff that was not heard on radio? to appreciate how great he really was.


    • Sadly, Harry doesn’t get near as much airplay as he should, Trey.
      I’m sorry I’ll never get to see him perform. And his brothers just aren’t the same.


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