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Friday Foolishness – Holiday Stress Edition

Today’s Music: Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

Not much in Guapoville this week. A lot of the week was ruined by a high priority project at work. But part one of that is over now, and part two will hopefully be less of a headache.

So, let’s get right to the action.
We had some great write-ins for last week’s poll, When In The Shower, I Like To Sing…
The first write-in was “A Duet” by John Phillips, and it was such a good choice, I added it to the options
Here are the rest of the Others: (italics are mine)
Create a tune to match the gurgling sound in the drain while taking a leak.
(Party like a rockstar!)
nothing. I do my best singing in my car.
(I recommend singing everywhere!)
as loud as I possibly can to annoy my kids and/or scare away intruders.
(Family and security. Both very important)
in my purple satin speedo (Sarah Boynton, Blue Moo, Workman Publishing)
(Thanks, Sarah. The visual image is both exciting and disturbing)
Elvis Costello hits, mostly.
(Excellent choice. I’ve seen him, he puts on a great show, but I think yours might be better – he gets to do it dry.)

(This is a series of clips of Marshall from How I Met Your Mother singing. I probably sound like this when I sing…)
(It’s the effort that counts!)
while masturbating (my husband’s vote)
(I really didn’t need to know that)
I don’t sing in the shower!
(You, my friend, are missing out.)

And the winner is…
A Duet.
But kudos to the person that voted BRRAAAIIINNNNSS!!!! You’re keeping the dream alive!

And for today, just a bit of silliness, but it gets you two videos below. For those of you leaving “Other” answers, plese leave your name/handle in your answer so you can get proper credit. Unless it has to do with masturbating.

-voting ends Thursday, 22 December at 1159 pm.

And now, to keep you busy until next week’s poll…
Firstly, I was having a conversation with Rachel Black, and My Favorite year came up.
For those of you who always wondered who the hell Niblik was, wonder no more. The clip is about 6 minutes, all of it hilarious. Niblik pops up at about 3:25

And just for kicks, a fun bubble gum pop rock song, Bryan Adams – If You Wanna Leave Me, Can I Come Too?

So, enjoy your weekend, vote often, and stay out of trouble. Unless you can get and post pictures of it as it happens.