Friday Foolishness – New Years Edition

Today’s Music: Harry Chapin – Circle

Going to start on a serious note here. But don’t worry, it’ll degenerate right after into the silliness.
Since it’s the New Year, many of us are planning on celebrating in the traditional manner of drinking ourselves into a blind stupor that will leave us busy until next new year trying to recover from/remember/live down what we did.
Excellent. I approve.
And to make this all easier on us, and less guilt laden, many AAA chapters are offering pick-up service for those (like me) who drink too much, or (like me) lose their keys again, or (like me) swallow them.
Here’s the link.

And on to the Foolishness.
Last week’s poll brought something new – More “Other” answers than pre-made choices. Wonderful!
And here are those answers to For Christmas, I’m going to leave Santa (italics are mine).
– a subscription to Jenny Craig and some celery sticks.
Well, it’s the thought that counts. Was the celery for Santa or the reindeer?
– Cuban cigars and 14 year old Scotch
Perfect! Santa couldn’t see when he crashed the sleigh because of the cigar smoke, not the scotch, officer!
– CHEESE! I tossed the landlord’s repair bill too! (lizziecracked)
The repair bill should go IN the cheese, lizziecracked. That way he can’t claim he never got it!
– A sensible snack. And possibly a three-month trial membership to Jenny Craig.
This is a popular sentiment. Santa would prefer more scotch
– … a Jenifer Aniston blow-up doll
this might be whatimeant2say , who seems to be quite the Jennifer Aniston fan. Hey, I completely understand, but I don’t think Santa needs an extra person in the sleigh be able to use the HOV lanes…
-All of the above!
Heck yes. It’s Christmas. Indulge!
– All of the above – too many to choose from!
One of these might be Jacqui Murray who suggested an all button on the polls. It will be there today, I promise.
– alone, but I’ll return soon.
Ooh, mysterious…
– and find work that’s not so seasonal.
…Pretty sure (with the one above, that this is a disgruntled elf…but good luck with the search, and my hopes are with you.
– Naked pictures so I can make the naughty list. -flame
Betting The Flame Inside will be inundated next year with emails from people claiming to be Santa…

And the winner is…
tidings of comfort and joy, wishes for a Merry Christmas, peace on Earth and a good night.
I think I feel good about that!

But now we’re looking at a whole new year.
So with that in mind, this weeks Friday Foolishness poll is coming up.
But before that, a reminder – please leave some sort of id with your write-in answer. Or not. Just a suggestion…

And as the sun sets on 2011, I wish you all, regardless of the calendar you follow, a cycle of joy, peace, happiness, and incredible amounts of laughter and fun.
And strong stomachs. Because the Harry Potter limericks are comin’…

Well, that about covers it. Happy New Year to all of you, and Rock. On.
And of course, enjoy the below til our paths cross again…


38 responses to “Friday Foolishness – New Years Edition

  1. That video is a riot, Guap!

    I really hope that during the coming year there will be no oil tanker ships in my environment, and if there are, that they will be built to strict safety standards. You know, so the front will not fall off.


    • I can’t watch that video without laughing way too loudly. no matter how many times I see it.
      And occasionally when I’m out in the world, I’ll see something and think “Yeah, front just fell off over there…”


  2. Hi,
    Some great answers to your last poll. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I just had to tick “Where did last year go”, it really just seemed to whiz by, every year I get older the years are definitely shorter.
    Hubby is rostered on to work New Years Eve, (very rarely he gets this night off) I will be going to my girlfriends party this year, a barbie with friends. ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. I’m leaving in a few minutes to drive to NC to see the possum drop tomorrow night but wanted to stop by and wish you a happy new year. I hope the coming year treats you and your family well, my friend. See you next year!


    • I’ll be here in NY waiting for the other possum to drop (anyone? anyone?), possibly followed by watching honey badger tossing.
      Settle down, PETA – honey badger don’t care.

      Have a great trip, a great new year to you and yours, and may your fantasticness move everyone around you to greatness.


  4. Normally I’d go with BRAAAIIIIINNNNSSSSS!!!! but this I’m going with the limericks. Too much fun.


    • How on earth am I going to sum up a book of limericks in a limerick?
      Now you’re just being mean!
      Actually, last week was the first where no one picked BRAAAIIIIINNNNSSSSS.
      I was very surprised and am a bit concerned. It’s when they get quiet that you have to start watching your back…


      • Uh oh…Didn’t the Mayans predict that pulling back on polls was the first sign of the beginning of the zombie apocalypse?



        • No no no – Going to the polls is the first sign of the zombie apocalypse. We’ve got until November.
          AND GET OFF MY LAWN!!!
          Damn kids…


  5. I loved that clip. It has led me down a rabbit hole of Wikipedia and YouTube searches.


  6. I can always count on you, El Guapo to jumpstart my brain, Peanuts! I look forward to an invigorating 2012 as your blogging buddy!


  7. whiteladyinthehood

    Cheers to you Guapo! Happy New Years!


  8. just entered my vote!! awesome info about AAA by the way.


  9. I chose BRAAAAAAAAAAAINS and am very excited about it. This year we are just staying at home with the kiddo…mostly b/c we can’t get a sitter. There’s a White Denim show we’d like to go to, so let’s all pretend I’m getting out amongst the hoards of drunk drivers to get to the fun stuff. Happy New Year!


  10. Time with family is great! We’re going to have some friends over, then I get to go surfing the morning of the 1st.
    Just put together a youtube playlist of White Denim, and stand really close together while jumping around. It’ll be just like being there!

    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!!!


  11. Brains are always a good choice, though I feel the cholesterol can be wearing on the ol’ cardiovascular system. For that reason, I like to put my brains in an egg white omelete. You get the benefit of knowing you’re doing something good for your body while getting to enjoy a food you love.


    • I hear what you’re saying, but I’m a purist. I think BRRRAAAAIINNSSS should come fresh from the head. But, to each their own, and we’ll just have to agree to disagree.
      Besides, I like to think I’m working off the bad stuff during the next lurching chase…
      Bon annada, edrevets!


  12. Always the bestest of polls, and amusement. Have a fab New Year. Hope not to see you in the drunk tank!


  13. ok…Ive been parked here for so long I forgot what we are taking about – am I gonaa get a ticket? – is it loitering or lingering? – stalking? i’m just grasping here to find my thoughts – Ding! the lights are on ๐Ÿ’ก (finally – phew) the front fell off!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ——-> But these got to 11 I don’t know why that made me think of that but it did and I laughed so much I just had to watch it over. again. Oh my I forgot today is Friday ๐Ÿ˜ฏ and that means tomorrow is Saturday and then it’s a whole new year! Enjoy your weekend / year-end / I just love this Friday Foolishness business and if I ever could remember what day it is – I would be waiting with bells on to be the first one – id camp out thursday night – open! open! open! but alas I am always last (ish)
    Happy New Year!


  14. Oops, the newbie in me wrongly presumed you would see the author of the other comments. I’ll take responsibility for both the all the aboves. I posted the long one when I wasn’t logged in and figured I was an anonymous post, so logged in and reposted. I’ll also own up for the previous week’s turn the lights off and take the rubbish!
    Now if you’re interested in expanding your linguistic skils to knowing more than one way to say HNY – a taste of Finnish for you: Hyvรครค Uutta Vuotta. Have a good one ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. That video is a hoot … thus I may have to add it to the possibilities for my Monday Morning Entertainment feature. Many thanks.

    Happy New Year … Be safe … and enjoy the drunken stupor.


    • Thank you, aFrankAngle. Sadly, I think I’ve aged out of the Drunken Stupor…though sometimes I do miss it.
      Besides, have to get up early the 1st to greet the year at my surfing spot.

      And as they say in Oahu, hauoli makahiki hou to you!


  16. therecoveringbrit

    Love the video! And the poll! Where, indeed, did 2011 goโ€ฆโ€ฆ…


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