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Friday Foolishness – Classic Dance Edition

Today’s Music: Clint Black – Good Run of Bad Luck (because I wasn’t going to use The Hokey Pokey.)
Days Til Spring: 74

Welcome once again to the Friday Foolishness. the holidays have ended, we’ve settled back into our routines, and I’m here to help you start your weekend hootenany and jamboree with a little bit of harmless idiocy.

Last week, we asked about your Plans for the New Year.
Here’s what you had to say, in Other (comments in italics are mine).
BRAAAAAIIINNNNSSSS! -I want in on it. – Flame
(Done. The flesh eating minions will be contacting you shortly with your…welcome packet)
Buy the Jennifer Aniston doll for self, but leave it for Santa
(Please tell me it will be new in the packaging. Or accompanied with a bagful of Sani-wipes)
new house. basement and backyard already full of bodies – Miss R.
(If you run them through a woodchipper, they take much less space, Miss R. Trust me.)
Great Googly Moogly!! Screw last year where are the last 4 ? – lizzecracked
(If I knew that, lizziecracked, I’d know why I keep getting those letters from the Canadian border patrol…)
to break all my resolutions by morning, January 1 (John Phillips)
(But isn’t that a resolution in itself, John?)
I plan to discover the meaning of life or the meaning of Life cereal. Lindaver
(For a follow up, could you find me a life of meaning, Linda?)
I’ll take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way!
(Well said, and amen!)
(See that folks – if you leave your name in your Other answer, you get a linkback!!!)

And the winner this week is
What? WHAT??!? Where did last year go?!?
I feel your pain on that score. I really do…

But no point in dwelling on the past!
Because it’s Friday, and that means
Brand! New! Poll!!!
As always, the poll will close next Thursday, just before midnight. And if you like, please leave ID in your other comment. So we know who to blame thank.

The poll closes at midnight, next Thursday

And, to keep you busy until then, I leave you with this…
(This one’s for you, H.E. Ellis.)