Friday Foolishness – Horror Edition

Today’s Music: Halloween Theme Song

Welcome to the WordPress house of horrors. Don’t worry, there are no limericks awaiting you on today’s post…unless your mouse accidentally clicks HeRe or hErE!!!

Yes, it’s Friday the 13th. But before we move on to that, let us revisit…FRIDAY THE 6TH!!!!!! (Wow, that really isn’t scary at all…)
Last week’s poll had people throwing all sorts of things into the Hokey Pokey: (italics, as always, are mine)
putin Barking In The Dark
(Da, comrade. Da.)
Weapons-grade plutonium
(I’m not saying you’re wrong, but you may have some issues there…)
I will not work the blowup doll into this answer.
(but I had such high hopes!)
Sense of Balance
(Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a good hokey pokey?)
my ass. ‘Cause it’s funny to shake it all about. ~flame
(Funny and fun!)
Jupiter and half a bag of onionsLinda Vernon
(I have absolutely no idea what this means. Which means Linda wins this week’s poll!)
(Not sure if someone wants to put Kayjai in the hokey pokey, or if Kayjai wants to be in the hokey pokey. Either way, I approve.)
My left fin and my plastic ass. a la Jimmy Buffett.
(And math still sucks!!!)
what if I choose the wrong thing?? then what? fall off the bridge? nooo.lizziecracked
(There is no wrong thing. Just know whether the thing is African or European.)
the earplugsJohn Phillips
(Why? It’s not like we’re reading limericks…)
My ass, though I really don’t need a reason to shake it!sandylikeabeach
(You’re an inspiration to us all, Sandy!)

Since we’ve already seen that Linda won (CONGRATULATIONS!!!), we can now reveal that the most popular of the offered choices was
the knife. Deep. Because now that song is stuck in my head.
I can’t help but be touched. And afraid.
And congrats to all of you wonderful, wonderful, homicidal folk that picked that.

But now, the wind is blowing…the trees are creaking…off in the distance, a wolf is howling…
Hold on a sec – HONEY!!! Please turn off Ustinov reading Peter and the Wolf. I’m trying to blog here!!!

Okay, it’s Friday the 13th, and even though I’m not superstitious, I have to get back to the kitchen or the cauldron will bubble over and there will be split pea soup everywhere. so without further ado…
(Leave your name for a linkback if you write in an answer!)

As always, the poll will close next thursday at 1159pm.
And to keep you safe until then, Enjoy these.
The first was put in my head by Ashley Jillian

And this one was inspired by lizziecracked.

37 responses to “Friday Foolishness – Horror Edition

  1. Loved the Monty Python reference! It is essential to know the difference between the African and European things!


  2. Brilliant! I’m locked in the toliet for safety.


  3. I think I need another cup of coffee….I did not catch the Monty Python reference at first. I even re-read the post 5 times…no, 3 times…..

    And why would a person who puts weapons-grade plutonium in the hokey pokey necessarily have ‘issues’…….


  4. Its FRIDAY!! YAyYyYy!!
    “Anything is possible when you smell like a monster. I’m on a horse … cow” πŸ˜†


  5. The fact my life is almost crippled by my agoraphobia should be enough–add to it the knowledge I live in apartment #1313 on 13th and 3rd, and you’ll find that should I find the nerve to leave my apartment, my triskaidekaphobia would not allow me to re-enter the premises.


  6. OMG! You really made my Friday the 13th something special El Guapo! With a tear in my eye, a song in my heart and a rumbling in my stomach, I accept your award and will do my best to uphold the title of the El Guapo Friday Foolishness Poll Winner which I intend to milk right up until 11:59 p.m. next Thursday. If you need me, I’ll be on my throne, counting onions and thinking about Jupiter.

    And I have a Friday the 13th story to share. One Friday the 13th, my car was safely tucked into the garage when for no reason whatsoever except that it was Friday the 13th, the Christmas tree stand fell off the top shelf and onto my car leavng a big dent. I could never decide whether to blame the devil or Jesus.


  7. How long before a celebrity names their baby Triskaideka?


  8. Pingback: Wacky Cake Baking And Other Thoughts | sandylikeabeach

  9. Hi El Guapo,
    I managed to survive Friday the 13th just. It’s a new day here Saturday the 14th.
    I had my car stolen one year on Friday the 13th, hated that date ever since. πŸ˜†
    Loved the videos.


  10. I ate food once on Friday the 13th. I’ve been afraid of food every since. Except when I’m hungry.


  11. Hi Hun,
    DIG Friday the 13th. almost as much as Saturday the 14th; a truly awful movie by the same name gave birth to a holiday ’round these parts.
    Fine choice of videos my friend -smile-.

    Left a response on the poll, but it will never make a top 10. Just a personal off the cuff ‘get back’ at Demon Seed daughter and her ability to locate what is lost to me…. because I’m no longer in college. Well, and can’t find any connections unless it’s Burning Man time. Fucking age. And gravity (looks at chest).

    Ha! you try being the ‘cool parent.’ Sounds great in theory… if you can afford a gross of vacuum cleaner bags, pallets of vegetarian food, and mixers for those school breaks.
    Sure it’s all fun and games until someone loses their mind. Or eye. Or liver.

    But seriously folks, love Friday the 13th. The pagan within roams free. Speaking of free I Finally added you to the YoYo-Dyne blogroll. Jesus on a pogo-stick about time.
    Keep on rockin and rollin. You make me smile, think and inspire this spine-disease fucked up bod to get on skis, back into the surf, and into action again. Limited ability yes. Inspiration… Priceless!
    ~The Wicked Wench of The West

    p.s. asked the neurosurgeon yesterday if I can get back on the skis this year, even if only a few green runs with the Demon Seed. No double blacks or even black steeps. Promised. Already missed one season, He said “NO! it’s too icy and you can’t risk a fall. Wait a week until we get some snow.”
    See how great a Friday the 13th week can be? Getting that old iron and wax out.


    • “Wait a week until we get some snow.”
      Hope your doctor has a great sense of humor in all things, and can help you out, Miss B!
      And I’d bet the Demon Seed thinks you are the coolest parent.
      I certainly do.


  12. linda’s is a VERY good choice EG. i shall ponder on this week’s contest a while and get back to you. enjoy the week-end. continue…


  13. Dang… Friday the 13th was yesterday and I missed it? Crap … oh well … at least I woke up on the 14th.


  14. whiteladyinthehood

    Made it through Friday the 13th – yay – now I have a 3-day weekend! Bring on the cold beer and I’m thinkin’ maybe a shot of Patron ~



  15. I clicked BRAINS since I’ve been sick and felt like the living dead all week.


  16. Thursday the 12th is just as rare. How come no one is scared of that?


  17. Ohh, scary stuff kids! Great – spooky – job!


  18. therecoveringbrit

    Hehe! I got to fly down to Atlanta on Friday. I’m not a naturally superstitious person, but it did make me think a little bit! All went well though πŸ™‚


  19. Wow I thought Friday was the 12th…what the hell like that is anything new right? And i am an inspiration ? Wow – ya know I laughed mt ass off. At Dr Phil and Shaq and great post ‘m late as usual but hey I made it in time to vote!!! πŸ™‚


Ahem *best Ricky Ricardo voice* Babble-OOOoooo!!!

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