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Friday Foolishness – Glorious Leader Edition

Today’s Music: Animaniacs – Presidents (A bit outdated. And a cartoon. But a great song!)
Days Til Spring: 31

I had an okay week – nobody got hurt, nobody died. I’ll chalk that up as a win.
There were a few posts that caught my eye this week.
H.E. Ellis had an in depth sit down with Cupid; Edward Hotspur waxed philosophical on blogging while using the longest non-technical word in the English language, floccinaucinihilipilification; and Ginger Snaap regales us with her Valentines Tweets
Thanks to you guys (and everyone else out there) for making the days a little more fun as I traveled through my week…

Oh, and we all made it through Valentine’s Day! Now I can get back to my normal irreverent frame of mind.
And for Valentine’s Day, y’all had a lot say in last weeks poll.
Here are the “Other” answers:
(As usual, my comments are in italics)
Going to the beach! Chocolate always tastes better dipped in sand.
(Um…where did you get that recipe from?)
Time to break out the special Valentines evening wear. John Phillips
(I did too! Latex – ah, the smell of it…)
I’ll be here
(And it was appreciated! Hope I didn’t syrup-overload you…)
i’m sleeping all day. –Goradde
(Nothing says romance like bed-pigging!)
Help! I’ve got 3 humans & 1 cat counting on me. Now Accepting Ideas!
(Hearts with names written on them dangling from a long string of red silk?)
I’m painting hearts with a folded toilet paper roll. No, really.
(No name with this, but I think it might have been Jell Jell – or more accurately, the adorable EB. Who does much more interesting (and acceptable) things with commode accessories than I ever did!)
(Sorry, was that blogging or flogging?)
Lots of really hot masturbation.
(So is that self abuse, or self love? And does one make the other even hotter?)
Im going to decide where to shop the next day to get 50% off stuff. Hobbler
(It’s like Christmas! But with shorter lines!)
What about chocolate covered brraaiinnnsss!!!! Linda V
(This prize is shared with ThoughtsAppear, who came so close to the same answer in the comments)

Aphrodisiac dinner and sex…you know, another Tuesday. Red
(Hey, we’re all invited to dinner at Red’s next week!!!!) (hehehe)
I’m giving her 2 tickets to the Monster Truck Rally!!! Rich Crete
(Because you are romanc- Wait – tickets for you and her, right?)
I hope to break the 358 days straight of no sex… ~flame
(I believe all of us are rooting for you! Oh, and pics or it didn’t happen. (hehehe))
All of the above (except Meg Ryan, and football, and sex – what’s that? Kanerva
(So…chocolate, and shooting people with a compound bow. Wow. PARTY AT KANERVA’S!!!)
I will ignore it in order to see if she notices.
(Oh, I can’t see that going well at all…)
I’m having sex with someTHING. I hope… G Snaap
(That line above about pictures? Yeah, ignore that one…)
Buy myself flowers and thank Hubby profusely for getting them for me!
(Better yet, thank someone else and really get his attention!)

Thank you for broadening (and occasionally assaulting) my definition of Valentine’s Day!
Congratulations to Linda and Thoughtsy on picking the winning Other answer, and the most popular of the choices offered was “I’m eating chocolate!!! Maybe I’ll even share…”
Congratulations to all of you too!

And now (continuing the series of polls that seem like they are related to something but really really aren’t), this weeks poll!
With Presidents Day coming in the US, I thought we might consider widening the scope of the holiday. So…

So, until next time, I leave you with these two videos.
I think this is a very cool thing for a President to do:

And the Presidential Oath of Office – FDR to Obama

Have a great weekend everyone, and for those that get it, enjoy your Monday off!