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Trifextra Challenge – The phone rang at 4am

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Yes, this is The Hobblers fault too. Read on...

So, two games this weekend.
The Hobbler has a word game that you are all welcome to join (or at least read to understand the bizzare comments on our sites)

And Trifecta has another 33 word weekend challenge:

Complete the following story in exactly 33 words:
The phone rang at 4am.

I have two entries for this one.
If anyone else wants to join the mayhem, write up your 33 word entry and post your link at their site. Looks like the cutoff is Sunday, 8pm EST.

Out of curiosity, please let me know in the comments what you think I was thinking of when I wrote these.

He came in agitated and nervous, stripping off his clothes, at 1am

He washed, carefully and thoroughly, at 2am.

The car was scrubbed, carefully and thoroughly, at 3am.

The phone rang at 4am.

The phone rang at 4am.
Hillary sat up, as she did every night.
“Hello”, she said, weariness in her voice.
“You’re late. We said 3am.”
She sighed, and hung up the phone

Oh, any critiquing is also welcome below.

And don’t forget to vote in yesterday’s poll!
Have a great weekend all…