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Trifextra – Finish The Story…

Today’s Music: Gotye – Hearts A Mess

Trifextra challenge:
This weekend, they provide the first 33 words of a story. Entrants have to provide the final 33.
Voting is done by the community, so if you want to, head over to their page and vote. Or just go read the other entries.
Seriously, they get some very talented people!
(*The words in bold are the Trifecta part. The rest is all me…)

“There’s nothing cute about it,” he said. The register of his voice indicated decision more so than discussion.

She disagreed heartily and privately, staring past his head and out the window behind him.

He turned to where she was looking.
Too slowly.
It chomped through the window, leaving nothing of him but twisted glasses and one sock.
She scratched her youngest under it’s maw.
“So Cute.”

Friday Foolishness – Feverish Edition

Today’s Music: Van Morrisson – Bright Side of the Road

Another week. A big week! We saw St. Patrick’s Day come and go (some of us watching through beer goggles), and the first day of spring came.
The weather improved a bit here in NY, but they’re predicting a semi-crappy weekend. I know it will be crappy because my Saturday will start with a trip to the dentist. Fun fun!
But to snap me out of my self pity, there were some great posts I caught this week, among them, Carrie showed me an incredible dance clip. Miss Black is looking for a lost cat, and sandylikeabeach and Hobbler are both working to make the world a better place, and I’m damn proud to know them both.

Seriously, in a week that got worse by the hour, y’all were a huge help! (Cripes, whatimeant2say – it got me too)

But there are other things to talk about. Like what everyone said to last week’s poll. (As always, my comments are in italics.)
Here is what you guys like to do when working late:
Experiment with drumbeats the rowers can’t possibly keep up with (BrainRants)
(I believe what you’re looking for is in the Experiment Jazz section.)
As a writer, I always work late, meaning, I stare at the wall and twirl my hair.
(COOL!!! That means I’m a writer too!)
pretend I’m a vampire on a hunt. –goradde
(As long as you don’t sparkle.)
Slaves do not get this, what do you call it? Overtime? Red.
(Of course not. They get salaries. Makes us them so much more agreeable!)
Two words: loud music. Oh! Two more words: run amok. Hilarity ensues. 🙂 ~flame
(Wait – how is that different from the normal workday?)
I’ve never rearranged keyboards before, but I will now! Quirky
(Don’t forget scotchtape under the laser mice!)
masturbate like an amorous howler monkey (Smaktakula)
(Boss might complain less if you do it like an eager beaver…)
type in weird search tags that will lead to Guap’s blog, whatimeant2say
(Thank god that was you – I was preparing for an amorous monkey invasion!)
Change the security code Jester Queen
(If you really want to screw ’em, change the code to the bathrooms! hehehe)
All of the above. I never thought to order surf and turf from the nearest 5 star
(With great petty cash comes great responsibility opportunity!
Disabled but when functioning, play PS3 & blog. Moon Amoore
(WHAT?!? Don’t you know blogging comes first?!?)
Quit my job and go home. NO ONE MAKES ME WORK LATE. –lily
(wait a minute – I thought no one put you in a corner…)
Call the boss every 10 minutes with “important questions”
wonder about how to answer this question as I get paid by the hour. (Frank)
(Not sure either, just try to do that thinking on the clock!)
Barely pullout ethernet so no connection on the office assholes computer MotNews
morezennowlikes to write snarky graffitti on the bossman’s signs
(Is your boss the MTA?)
Lots of Spider Solitaire..and chocolate. Don’t forget the chocolate. Kayjai
(I believe being forced to work late and denied chocolate iqualifies as “cruel and unusual punishment”.)
invite the homeless into the office to restage scenes from Westside Story- Alex
(How about the Little Mermaid instead? You know, so they get washed…)
What is this ‘working’ thing you speak of? sandylikeabeach
(Oh, rub it in, rub it in. Hmph.)
Start talking to myself. And answering back. Out loud. (Kanerva)
(Ah, the lengths we go to for an intelligent conversation…)

Congrats to Anonymous (who vote so many times in these!) and She Speaks for picking this weeks answers! Well done!
And this week’s most popular offered choice was blog. Obviously. Couldn’t agree more folks!

My girl says they remind her of spring. I just know they make me sneeze.

So if you hadn’t figured it out by now, I am possessed by Spring. I’m breathing it, eating and drinking it, living it.
And that might not be good. I may in fact have a medical condition. That’s right – Spring Fever.
So the poll this week is…how am I going to cure it?
As always, vote as often as you like, just do it before the poll closes 29 March at 2359.
And if you write in, let me know who you are and I’ll link back to you next week!

And to keep your health up until next time, enjoy this from someone in pre-law pre-med.

Rock on, blogosphere!