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Trifecta – Use Your Brains

Today’s Music: The Ramones – Beat On The Brat (Live)
This week’s Trifectachallenge is the 3rd definition of the word brain:

brain: something that performs the functions of a brain; especially : an automatic device (as a computer) for control or computation

Two bloggers I love, Linda Vernon and Lizzie Cracked have been very supportive of me, so when they said I had to enter this contest, I felt, in the spirit of reciprocity, I couldn’t let them down. If you’ve seen the only consistent poll choice, you know why.
Even if this story goes nowhere near answering the challenge.

That’s Using Your Brains!
He was never the same after he got bit.
But he was my best friend. So we still hung out after the end of the world. Found a nice place some of the rich folks abandoned and just moved in. Got ourselves a generator and a game box.
It wasn’t bad.
Even if he did keep getting worse.
Everyone said I should cut him loose, but it wasn’t really that bad. Even at his worst he knew who I was and never tried nothin.
So, as spring turned to summer and summer to fall, we lived our routine. We played stickball and video games. Raided the supermarkets for food for me. He didn’t need sleep anymore, so hunted at night, and kept our place safe, even as it started to get more run down
He tinkered with things, fixing shelves and appliances, so we had a decent life.
You don’t believe me?
Try this then – true story:
Winter came and it was cold, colder than it had been. the house was coming apart a little too, especially around the window frames. I musta been bitchin about it more than usual because he kept looking at me, you know, with his head tilted to the side, like they do when they see something that interests them.
I thought our friendship was gonna come to an end.
I shoulda had more faith. Because I wake up one morning, and it’s warm! I go downstairs, and there he with this muck all over his hands.
“What happened?” I asked. “How’d you get it so warm in here?”
He held up his rotting arms, covered in the same goop that oozed around the windows and the outside doors, and spoke through his decaying living dead mouth.