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Friday Foolishness – It’s Just A Little Bunny Rabbit Edition

Today’s Music: Buddy Guy – Slippin’ Out, Slippin’ In

Well, another Friday to wrap up another busy week. Fortunately, this was not a week of too much work, it was a week of too much blogging. There was the first ever He Said / She Said, which was a ridiculous amount of fun. Also, Lizzie Cracked put up 3 of the most moving things I’ve ever read in any context. Please start here. It’s 3 short pieces, that say so very much.
Ginger Snaap gave us a theme for every day of the week, with Tuesday being hilariously appalling.
AFrankAngle posted some interesting thoughts on evolution. Mel showed me the true meaning of April Fools Day…and Tony showed us all an Academy Awards Outrage that really did get my dander up (and laughing. Ah, laughing dander.)
If you haven’t read his stuff, you really are missing out.
And that goes for these posts and everything else that went up this week. Seriously, y’all are on a roll – always!

But even as we move forward, we have to take a moment to look back. Specifically at last weeks poll. What, we asked, do you do when when the wind blows? Your answers moved me, folks.
They are listed right below. (As always, my comments are in italics.)

And so it is with great joy that I present the deep and philosophical answers from last weeks poll:

I blame it on someone else..oh, not that kinda wind?
(Or we could just start with a fart joke.)
breathe it in and feel lucky to be alive (I love the feeling) John Phillips
(I really hope it’s not that kind of wind!)
can’t go cycling…..xandi
(No, but if you just sit on the bicycle seat, it will keep your dress/kilt from blowing up!)
Wonder if the head will fly around the ceiling fan and get caught…Red.
(I think you definitely need to test that hypothesis. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a volunteer!)
Face down wind
(Wait – do you mean intimidate the wind, or it will leave you lying face down?)
fly my imaginary kite. –Goradde
(If it’s imaginary, why do you have to wait for the wind?)
close my eyes & pretend I am M. Monroe standing over a vent ~ whatimeant2say
(Careful, whatimeant2say. Never can tell what’s lurking in those vents!)
hope I’m in a white Marilyn dress and the skirt blows up to reveal my gams!
(I’m sensing a theme here with the Marilyn thing…)
Sit back and enjoy it…. (heehee) Motley News/She Speaks what/whoever
(The best advice for any day, Motley/She/Whoever…)
hold my nose.
(I’m sensing a theme here with the fart thing…)
Try to find the guy who just put on his best kilt! – CowgirLiz
(oh, how about a guy in a Marilyn dress!)
…casually notice who else is commando in a skirt. Red.
(I believe there are some Marilyn Monroe fans above you may want to keep an eye on, Red!)
I love to sit in a wide open space, like the beach and just let the wind blow Al
(You, John and She should start a club! Can I join too?)
Duck and cover. Watch for the widow makers!
(But don’t forget that fire danger! (For those with no idea what we’re talking about, google Buzz Martin.))
I do what Elvis said – stop, look, and listen, Baby! (Stacy Lyn)
(I don’t know, Stacy. Sounds like you Don’t Care if the Sun Don’t Shine…)
ignore it -the wind will blow anyone for attn. the ignorant slut Lizziec
(Does that mean the wind that cries Mary is named Jane?)
hardly get any sleep wait that was last night. Starlaschat
(The wind is supposed to sing you to sleep, starla, not scream you awake. Bad wind!)
sweep the desert off my porch liveclay.wordpress.com
(You sure it isn’t putting the dust there in the first place?)
I quickly try to read the answers! Lindav
(I would rather collect the money. Get it? Winds of change!!! HAHAHAHA- sorry…)
… try to say, ‘Excuse me.’ BrainRants
(I’d have sworn you’d blame it on the dog, BrainRants.)
look for the answer Dylan kept singing about Rich Crete
(I prefer to find my answers in a bottle…)
The cradle will fall
I get my broom our for a nice Sunday morning fly- Mel According To Mags
(Watch out for flying monkeys. They’re very territorial!)
Hopefully will be wearing a skirt. You’re welcome boys. G-Snaap
(I believe Red would like to have a word with you.)
Strap on a rope and launch myself from Signal Hill – Kayjai
(I’d go for a hangglider, but hey, as long as you’re taking advantage of it!)

A great set of responses. I laughed allover myself reading them.
And congratulations to Anonymous for this weeks winning answer.
For those of you who prefer to pick and choose, the most popular offered answer was Float by parasol over the chimneys of London. Yeah, I would do that too. Wheee!

Now we can…hop ahead. Because it’s Easter! (almost).
I have to warn you all – it is quite possible that one of the answers might very well be offensive. But to me, it’s too funny to not include. And with the exception of very few situations, I think humor always trumps. Which tells you something about me…

This weeks poll asks about the significance of Easter. If you like, write in your own answer in “other” and leave some way to identify you so I can link back next week. And vote as often as you like – just do it before Thursday, 12 April 23:59 EST. because that’s when the poll closes.

And until next time, the first clip doesn’t just have the rabbit, it has the hand grenade too!

And just in case that wasn’t enough, this is for all of you that want to know the true meaning of Passover. But are willing to settle for an amusing video until you find it out.

Have a great holiday whatever you celebrate, or a great week if you don’t.
Catch you all next time!