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Friday Foolishness – Philosophical Edition

Today’s Music: Garbage – Blood For Poppies

Well, my week was both good and bad busy. Bad, because there was an awful lot of work to do at work. That spilled over to home a bit too. Big fun. But good, because since last weeks poll, I’ve seen some great music. Rodrigo y Gabriella were touring Area 52 in front of a great band. Plus, that was my first trip to Radio City Music Hall, which is a beautiful room!
Then there was The Vaccines, who cancelled last year due to medical issues. They’re all better, and it was worth the wait. And right now, I’m recovering from the hangover incurred at The Wombats.

But there was also some great stuff in the ‘sphere that I was able to catch whenever five free minutes presented themselves.
Break It Down Pete posted some hilarious ads, and added some very funny captions. Check it out and add your own in the comments! Rachael Black posted an image of what might be the best cure for insomnia ever.
And in a hilarious bit of true storytelling, Old Dog New Tits had me gasping and laughing at the same time with this post.
Oh, and a last minute add on – Cayman Thorn has put up the next cycle of Shadow Falls. Go check it out! big fun in flash fiction.

Thanks to them and all the rest of you for helping me get through a long week and some severe music induced hangovers.
Now if I could just catch up on my sleep…

tracking favorite qualities in a good beer.
(Tried that. After the research, I was in no condition to write)
But I can’t catch up on it right now. Because we still need to talk about last weeks poll!
We asked…well…what the next poll should be.
And here’s what you had to say: (Italics, as always, are mine.)

Whether it is possible to emphasize the word “in” in the phrase “in July”.
(That poll is coming. IN August.)
one with a twist ending. –Carrie – Cannibalistic Nerd
(Like a twilight zone episode! Maybe have every answer added to the same choice!)
In haiku format. You provide the first 2 lines, we fill in the rest! Laura
(Suggestion has merit.
Like Cherry Blossoms, they fall,
Ideas, rich poetry)

the first real poll I vote on here – shame on me!
A poll about polls. Stacy Lyn)
(Going Meta!)
what you’re wearing poll -goradde in i-didn’t-do-shit-today shorts
(A great idea, but I write all these polls naked. ;))
How the rise & fall of the economy never changes rise & fall for a hooker. Red.
(The economy is not what I think about when I watch hookers rising and falling…)
about poles. Or pole dancing.
(Previous polls have shown that poles prefer the Viennese Waltz.)
What was the other one? Hats. People aren’t wearing enough of them. Cowgirliz
(There’s a condom joke in there that I think I’ll leave in there…)
benzeknees: where Canadian football or American football is better!
(I’m afraid a fight would break out over that question. Them Canadians are a surly bunch!)
a totem pole!
(There is strong magic in your suggestion.)
How we can get Good Housekeeping to notice you-Mel (According to Mags)
(I tried to get their seal of approval, but apparently I’m too irritating to bottoms. Hmph.)
The Bat Poll Rich Crete
(BIFF!!! BAM!!! ZOWIEE!!!)
Do you think Jesus was a good swimmer? Linda Vernon
(I shouldn’t say it, but I can’t help myself. Before or after the holes?)
… the one that follows this poll. (Motley News)
(Michelle, I’m ashamed to admit how much time I spent trying to break the laws of physics so it wouldn’t be.)
… the next poll of continued brilliance. (Frank)
(Brilliance…hmm…A poll about Frank! ;))
for the funniest youtube video….if it is even possible to decide
(Ooh – that means we can claim to be on You Tube for a reason!)
a 10 foot poll – John Phillips
(I’m not gonna touch that one…)
I’m voting for two,two, two mints in one! KJ
(Only if it’s two wintergreen – I like the sparks!)
What will y’all be giving GingerSnaap for her B-Day?
(Your birthday? Now that would be a good time for a pole poll!)

Congrats to whoever anonymously threw in the winning answer!
And for those of you that went with the offered choices, Beating a stripper poll! by just 1 vote, was a monument to mans quest for enlightenment and understanding in an astouNDING RICH UNIVERSAL ENVIRONMENT!!! Or something about pickles. I like pickles!

There you have it. The people have spoken. And the people are weird.
We wouldn’t have it any other way here in the asylum!

So without further ado, the question that has plagued mankind THROUGH THE AGES!!!
well, since last week’s poll anyway… As always, if you write in an answer, leave your name and I’ll link back to you. And vote as often as you like, just do it before 2359 3, May. Because that’s when the poll closes.

And to amuse you until next we meet…
This isn’t philosophy, but hey, there’s a picture of a statue in the park above, so I thought this might work. The relevant bit starts at about 4 minutes and is around 2 minutes long. You’ll know when it ends. For those that have time, the whole video is great.

Take care until next we meet. And wear a hat.
Just in case.