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Friday Foolishness – Decision Edition

Today’s Music: Buddy Guy – Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues
Note on Today’s Music: Yep, that about sums it up.

If you check your calendar, you’ll see that it’s Friday once again. And that means WEEKEND!!! Oh yeah, and the Foolishness.
But before we get into that, here are some of the posts where I spent my time this week…
Joe Hoover took me to Spain. Asplenia let me eavesdrop on a hilarious conversation.
And Lorre posted a great topless pic.
Also, for those of you trying to avoid inundating your readers with comments thanks to WP changes, Amy at Sharp Little Pencil put up a great guide for how to fix that.
And finally, Quirky took an issue and put it in perspective, the NFL player pay demands vs. the pay of U.S. soldiers, done in a funny, none preachy way. Something to think about…

Thanks guys and gals. You and everyone else made it a lot easier to bear a bunch of extra long days this week.

But before you check them out, you should know that there were lots of responses to
last week’s poll. We asked What You Forget When Running Late. Boy, did you guys have something to say! (As always, my responses are in italics)
to unplug my coffee pot; come home to smell of charred caffeine flakes.
(I love the smell of charred caffeine flakes in the evening! Smells like…Nope, never mind…)
whether or not I shut the garage door… it haunts me all day.
(Better than closing the garage door and forgetting whether or not you turned off the engine…)
That I don’t have anywhere to be late to anymore. Hmmmm
(I’m green with envy!)
. (Period) (StacyLyn)
(I thought that came whether you remebered it or not.)
Dimples’ swim bag, unfortunately… Even though we weren’t running late! ~WIM2S
(I bet if you were running late, you’d have remembered everything! Oh, the irony…)
I am never late, Lori should answer this John Phillips
(Pretty sure Lori will tell us something else, John.)
that the world will always wait for me, because I have the keys.
(Can you make a second set for me?)
I have the keys was from Elyse at 54.5. Sorry, I was running late
(That’s okay, we waited. (After all, you have the keys!))
My virginity
(Where, exactly, did you leave it?!?)
my glasses, then I spend the whole rest of the day squinting
(Even worse when you realize they were on top of your head! Oh, is that just me? Sigh…)
My tubers. Linda V.
(Way to get back to your roots, Linda! BWAHAHA!)
What I’ve forgotten
(I like to say that, when in truth, I never really knew…)
What is late? Nothing begins until I arrive. Red.
ok..let’s see here…umm what was the question? lizzie
(It was..It…Rats. I forgot.)
to hide the body properly. Damn!
(I can get you a good deal on a woodchipper…only slightly used!)
to unplug the flat iron then worry that I’ve burned down my house Quirky
(At least it will look stylish while it burns!)
That I hate my job – Hotspur
(Hell, I don’t think I can forget that!)
that the next day, I’m supposed to rise earlier to not have to hurry…. –NBI
(I tell myself that every night!)
my, oh look, shiny!!
(If you keep getting distracted, you’re going to be even later.)
my mind. No, wait… I lost that a long time ago. Michelle at Motley News
(It’s always in the last place you look.)
That I can just make a grand entrance so it looks planned.
(Yeah, I pretend it was planned when I stumble. Hope it works better for you than me!)
that I’m a male and so I don’t get periods.
(Are you sure? I mean, if that’s something you can forget…)
to breathe… but obviously, not for too long.
(Don’t worry, blue is your color…)
to properly hide the bodies
(I prefer to leave them out in the open. On the lawns of my enemies. hehehe.)
my wife isn’t happy at the moment. (Frank)
(Pretty sure she wouldn’t let you forget that Frank!)
that I forgot to remember the thing I forgot. KJ
(It was the doohickey. You know, next to the thingamajig.)
to take part in the Friday Foolishness Poll! (Kanerva)
(Are you forgetting, or does your mind block it out to try and save you?;))

Congratulations to Red for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular one was BRRRAAAIIIINNNSSS!!!. Yeah, kind of fits for this one!

This week, we go behind the curtain to see how the answers to these polls work. That’s right folks, the thing behind the stuff behind the jazz!
So I ask you, how the hell are these supposed to be answered? Well, you tell me!
Leave your name with your “Other” answer, and I’ll link back to you next week. And answer as often as you like, just do it before 17 May, at 2359 EST. Because that’s when it closes.

While you wait for the answers next week, I leave you with this to send you on the way to your weekend…
This is something it has not occurred to me to try. Until now. hehehe
Come along for the ride?

And until next week, hope all your roads are smooth!