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Friday Foolishness – Thirst Quenching Edition

Today’s Music: Stanley Jordan – Stairway To Heaven
Note on Today’s Music: First time I saw this guy do a solo show at Birdland, I sat there staring for the whole set. I have never before or since seen anyone do anything quite like what he does. I hope you enjoy the song.

The calendar, as it does every week, has brought us around, once again, to Friday. But it sure took it’s sweet time getting here. Work was all sorts of fun (for a definition of fun that means not fun at all), but we in the US get a 3 day weekend, so that’s something…
Plus there were some great posts on other blogs! Jennifer Worrell took me to a very odd ballet recital. Barking in the Dark put up a great piece about the evils of smartphones
A Frank Angle wrote a political commentary that was more rational than most of the political discourse out there now.
And Whitelady in the Hood posted a poignant moving entry that made me think about the world we live in vs the world I want to live in.
You guys made the week, by turns, funny, considered and poignant. As did all the rest of you, always giving me a great way to spend time when I can get out there.
Thanks so much for all your posts this week!

But you guys want to know what happened last week. The poll asked Where should we go in the space shuttle? (you know, if we happened to get our hands on one). Y’all had some great answers! (As always, my comments are in italics)

to moonbase alpha
(Simulators?We don’t need no stinkin simulators. We have a Space Shuttle!)
to the writing room for Jon Stewart’s Daily Show ~whatimeant2say
(Wow, when you want to go to another world, you don't mess around!)
to another galaxy far away & look for friends who are funny like us! Benzeknees
(Are there such people outside of wordpress? (and blogspot?)(and disqus?)(and…))
Star Trekkin, across the universe. Snaap, Ginger
(And then we could sing about it! Oh, wait, it's been done…)
Second star to the right, and straight on till morning! (BAM! I just won.) Lilly @pathoflillys.com
(Congratulations! Was your prize a ticking alligator?)
back to our birthdays, so we can live life a second time (Stacy Lyn)
(Maybe half life – after the teen years.)
definitely into space so we can play in zero gravity. Michelle at Motley News
(YEAH!!! Wait a minute – are we talking about playing the same kind of games, Michelle?)
Fly me to the Moon! (Lilly @pathoflillys.com)
(Well, we’re already planning on playing among the stars… ;))
(Home is where you hang your hat. Or park your space shuttle. hehehe)
get a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster – John Phillips
(I’ve got a lemon slice if you’ve got a gold brick!)
to look for the big dipper
(Is that where they’re serving Pan Galactic Gargle Blasteers)
I call shotgun, but only if there is Romulan ale. Red.
(No Romulan Ale, Red. But the drink we do have is…um…It's green)
To find the poor folks “Lost In Space,” especially that robot. We need WARNINGS
(Actually surprised we haven't seen him yet. Seriously, for a while, that robot turned up everywhere…)
The lost in space comment was mine — Elyse 54.5
to find Jimmy Buffett. Didn’t he go into space with Mr. Spaceman?
(If by Space you mean "fell off a stage", then yes, I believe he did.)
[insert Great Space Coaster lyrics]
([Insert plea to make it stop])
Planet Batpoop lindav
(I don’t guano go there…)
“To infinity and beyond!” Quirky
(Only if we get real lasers and not just blinky lights!)
To visit Pluto. I bet he’s kinda bummed about not being a planet anymore 😦 Lily in Canada
(Wait, you mean bummed about not being a puppy anymore, right? Oh, that Pluto. nevermind.)
I’ve never been to me…. Joehoover
(What?!? But you is such a wonderful place to go!)
Fly it where the sun don’t shine.
(Ok, but will they know what to do with a spaceship in Nebraska?)
To a 7 eleven for a big gulp…zannyro@yahoo
(I think you just want to show off our ride in the parking lot, zannyro. Or is that just me?)
to the pharmacy first for my motion sickness b/c it will be a helluva ride (AFA)
(I bet NASA left some killer drugs on board for just that purpose, frank!)
snap snap going Home!
(Dig it, Man! Ka-tshhh)
…via Dagobah. Because the force is strong in us! (Kanerva)
(Wise in the ways of space travel routing, you are)
Drive over Jersey Shore so we can throw water bombs on Snooki KJ

Like I said, some great answers. Congratulations to KJ for this weeks winning answer! And while only one person picked BRRRRAAAAAIIINNNSSS!!!!!! (thanks, Asplenia!), the most popular of the offered choices was to Uranus. Because we’re 12 years old. So that’s funny.. Just further proof of how much you guys rock!

This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer in the US. And for decades, Coca Cola has been telling us they should be identified with summer. Well, maybe they aren’t because they just don’t have the right flavor.
This week we put the question to you: What is the right flavor?
Answer as often as you like. If you do a write in, leave a way to recognize who you are, and I’ll link back to you next week.
But do it by 2359 EST on 31 May, because that’s when the poll closes!

And to put you in a summer frame of mind, I leave with, yes, the trailer for that summer classic, Beach Blanket Bingo!

Have a great week all!