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Lets Go For A Ride!

Today’s Music: Phoebe Snow – Shoorah! Shoorah!
Music Note: Found this song through Joan Osborne’s album Bring It On Home.

Some people see Wheelchair. She see Opportunity!

There are bloggers who show up and read pages, then drift silently back into the ethernet.
There are bloggers who show up, leave a comment and disappear, never to be seen again.
Some bloggers post stuff they made up, or copied from somewhere else, or just sort of ramble.
Some of them tell you surface stories, or hint at things but don;t really go below the surface or let you in.

Today is the birthday of someone who does none of those things.
In the short time I’ve known her, she has embedded herself in the lives lucky enough to be her online friends. She responds to every comment, starts conversations, and keeps them going with her wit, her charm, and her genuine interest.
Put up a post that you had a bad night, and she’ll give you 50 comments to cheer you up, drawing you out of your funk.
Post that you did something silly, and she’ll follow you across the blogosphere, hounding you until you can’t help but laugh at yourself.
And you’ll thank her for it

I don’t remember how I stumbled across her blog, but I’m glad I did. There are very few people that put themselves out there like that. But she does, and brings you along for the ride.
Want to play games with other bloggers? Yeah, she’ll do that (check the comments!)
Want to play in a flash web mob? Yup, she’s got it covered.
Deeper thoughts? Go evil, and be glad you did? Stunningly played
April Fools joke? Yep.

But it’s not just fun and games.
I’ve seen her hunt and track people down when they were having problems, just to cheer them up. And follow up, just to lend an ear.
She also doesn’t shy away from describing when she has a problem, and she is ridiculously brave about explaining them to us and answering questions about them.

I don’t know how I got on her good side, but I’m glad I did.
And I would never want to be on her bad side.
She takes her Evil seriously.
And stalks like nobodies business!

It was a good day when I met her, and they’ve been good days ever since.
So join me if you would, in a heartfelt sincere wish:
And I hope every day is as bright and shiny as you are, and as you make mine.

Coolest villainess in the sphere!

(Oh, and if all that wasn’t enough, she’s even got a new blog now, Not Hobbling Now!)

Friday Foolishness – Last Minute Edition

Today’s Music: Kaki King – Playing With Pink Noise

And here we are again. Another Friday, another round of foolishness. But there was foolishness all around the web this week. Even though I was again ridiculously busy and couldn’t get around near as much as I wanted, here are just a few of the many posts that stood out to me this week:
Susie Lindau celebrated her blogiversary in a very fun, clever way. Make sure you check out the comments!
Bestbathroombooks revealed the truth about us all. And after hours of frustration, Zannyro finally got the Baldy video up. Check out the few posts before the linked one – they’re pretty funny!
Thanks a whole lot to you guys, and everyone else. Like I always say, you make every week a little more fun!

Enjoy checking those out.
And for those of you who were wondering about last weeks poll.
The question was, I think, therefore… And here’s what you had to say. (As always, my snark is expressed in italics.)

(Great, now I’m thinking of ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and sprinkles…)
I dont want a pickle I just wanna ride my motor cy cle.. lizzie
(Are you hitting on my wife? 😉
it’s time to get off the pot and flush the toilet. morezennow
(I’d wait til I knew for sure…)
I am superior to “those people” at Walmart. Benzeknees
(I believe “thinking” is grounds for you being barred from there.)
What was I looking for? (Elyse, 54.5)
(I’m not sure, but they’re on top of your head.)
I’m spacy.
(No, you’re Stacy.)
I’m spacy. (As I just exhibited while forgetting to sign my name.) Stacy Lyn
(I’m Guapo. Nice to meet you!)
…Or does that mean I don’t think? Stacy Lyn
(It’s hard to tell here in the asylum…)
(You know, Smokey says only you can prevent forest fires.)
I’m in great big trouble. Too much. thinking – BAD!
(Think about ways to cause mischief! -GOOD!)
I am not a Fox News pundit
(See the above about Walmart!)
I drink. Stay Abnormal
(But do you think about what you drink?)
I am sure you don’t REALLY wanna know-lizzie 🙂
(We want to know, LizzieC. I just don’t think we could handle it!)
i bust my head trying to figure out something clever but picked BRAINS! instead
(BRAINS is always the thinking persons choice. (Just not sure what it means they’re thinking about!))
Don’t think. Just sleep! –Lily
…people always ask, “Hey, what’s burning?” Michelle at Motley News
(I also forget about what I’m cooking when I thin- Oh, good one! hehehe)
Yam — Linda Vernon
(Do you then ask yourself “Tuber or not tuber?”)
I have to pay taxes (Why then do politicians have to pay taxes?)
(If you thought more,you might find a way out of that…)
I can’t sleep – Hobbler
(Think about sheep. Stalking you. In speedos.)
I love The A-Team (no name for this, but I’m pretty sure it’s Howlin’ Mad Heather.)
(Do you think they can help? And more importantly, do you think you can find them?)
can usually thwart my cat’s attempts to kill me. Usually. (ODNT)
(That’s just what the cat wants you to think!)
can usually thwart my cat’s attempts to kill me. Usually. (ODNT)
(Hey, did the cat write this?)
the world may continue turning… you’re very welcome!
(So this is your fault…)
Wait…I had a thought? How exciting! What was it? Crap…it’s gone! –Mel
(When it comes back, you will be the envy of us all!!!)
The pickle selection sounds so naughty. Kinda why I picked it! KJ
(I think you’re thinking a bit too much about the pickle…)
Uhh..what was i just doing?? John Phillips
(writing a check to the Guapola concert/vacation fund?)
Sam I am, so bring on the green eggs and ham. (Frank)
(Would you eat them on a roll? Or while you were answering a poll?)

Congratulations to Lily for this weeks winning answer! And the most popular of the offered choices was (by a wide margin) I think I would like a pickle. I think kayjai set a trend!

And that catches us all up just in time for this weeks poll. Like the title implies, I fell a bit behind this week. Honestly, I didn’t even realize it was almost Friday until TMWGITU asked me what the poll would be. That was Thursday at 10pm.
And I had nothing.
So once again, real life has inspired me. Because this isn’t the first time I had to run like hell just to catch up. It happens to all of us.
So this week, the poll is what you don’t remember when your brain feels left behind…

And to help waste your time until next week, here’s something that’s mildly educational. And relevant to the poll. Or at least my life at the moment!

Have a great week everyone!

A Literary Limerick – Goblet Of Fire

Today’s Music: the Cranberries – Loud And Clear

Welcome to yet another round of Guap has nothing good to write and is taking it out on you the finest in poetic literary synopsii, where we reduce a quality text to inane drivel.

Today, we turn our eye to the next book in the Harry Potter series, Goblet Of Fire.
If you haven’t seen the rest (or blotted them out of your mind to escape the trauma), I invite you to click Limerick above the banner and experience the horror experience anew!

Goblet of Fire is the heartwarming tale of a boy who struggles through life’s travails in search of the perfect treacle tart. Truly, this book has it all. As well as, after this limerick, the extra credibility of a hack knocking the stuffing out of it.

*One note before reading – I have absolutely no idea what the syllabic requirements of limericks are. And I’m too damn lazy to look it up. But I’m pretty sure this one is even further off than usual. And you’ll have to read in 1/16th notes at the end to keep the meter.
It’s a limerick folks. You’ve been warned.

The Goblet Of Fire

For Harry, the competition was grim
When it got down to Cedric and him.
They went from the maze
to a field full of graves
Soon-to-be-sparkly Diggory died on a whim…

If anyone needs the website of a reputable mental health professional, let me know.
And you’re welcome!