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Friday Foollishness – Creamy/Crunchy Edition

Today’s Music: Rich vs Roach – The Casbah
Note On Today’s Music: This is one of my favorite pieces of music. Brilliant.

Oh. My. God.
Is it finally Friday? Do I really have two days off that I can use to catch my breath, if only for a moment? It wasn’t work that got me this week. It was personal matters that had me getting to bed late every night, and left me with a minimum of personal time this week. I’m hoping next week will be a little better, but the early view is not optimistic.
But, because I look forward to what you guys say every week, I did manage to sample a few posts.
Elyse knew how the Supreme Court would vote way before the rest of us. A Very Strange Place earned a blog award. Well deserved. Even if he does wear a squid on his head.
Because he’s a pervert.
Susie Lindau got stuck in the worlds most expensive traffic jam. Whatimeant2say bestowed one of the coolest awards ever on me, which I’ll have to find a place to hang. (because really, it’s pretty cool!).
And Trifecta, in a legendary example of their obsession with 3, put up their week 33 challenge, with some brilliant entries!
Thanks for giving me a few minutes of laughter and thoughtfulness. I really do appreciate it, and I’m looking forward to catching up on everything I’ve missed!

That’s what a superhero looks like! Until he starts chewing on your furniture…

Last week, we wanted to know the inner you. The deeper you. The super you. So we asked. Because how else do you ever find anything out? And here’s what you guys answered to last week’s poll, My superpower is… (As always, my responses bring truth and justice in italics).

The power to confuse you. and if it gets really tricky, myself. LizzieC
(That wouldn’t be a real super…um…I mean…um…yes, I’d like flapjacks with that…or something…)
Silent and deadly (aka fartpower!) Kanerva
(She’s the only one who can conquer the evil Nostrilitis!)
being a flower on a wall…a wallflower! (Stacy Lyn)
(So your super power is…stamen-a? HAHAHAHA!!!)
I can be a mom & a Yaya simultaneously! @justsoozie
(If you were a MaYa, could you stop the AzTec end of the world thing?)
being asleep when any really difficult job comes up. Rose
(Does that mean a pillow would be part of your superhero costume? Are spandex pillows comfortable?)
the ability to ramble endlessly about myself without using even one swear word
(Um…is that a super power, or super deficiency?)
I know people when I sniff their butt. No, wait. That’s my dog. Michelle Motley
(You know Michelle, I’ve never actually seen you and your dog at the same time…)
Being able to complain about anything and everything! –Lily
(Sadly, it’s too late now for you to develop a secret identity to go with that.)
a laconic, yet powerful, sense of humor (unlike the lady in black in clip) b’kat
(I bet you’d look even better than her in black leather!)
ok, well the sense of humor would be acerbic, quick, laconic, quirky, so everyone would die laughing (yhis field is TOO small!!! buddhakat
(How would you defeat your arch enemy, Dour Man?)
Noticing that all of the above should be at the bottom – John Phillips
mind control – which I would ONLY use for good!!! buddhakat
“Octoblogger?” good one!!! buddhakat
(I rely on SyFy movies for all my wacky creature names.)
Always having energy…no matter how much my child tries to drain me of it!
(Wait – does that make your child a super villain?)
Able to Spot Pottery Barn BS in a single glance! LVernon
(Doesn’t it only take a single glance into Pottery Barn to see BS? And would you still be able to spot sustainable BS?)
repressed, oppressed and depressed, but not freshly pressed. Stay Abnormal
(No, but if a watery tart throws a scimitar at you, you could be king!) (anyone? anyone?)
baking bacon-chocolate chip cookies (as long as we’re all about bacon!) – asplenia
(Paula? Paula Deen? Is that you?)
ability to suck at submitting good answers to Guapo polls. (Frank)
(Frank, you’d need an infinite amount of time to be able to achieve that. I love yours answers to these!)
ADHD- Awesomely Daring & Hi-Larious Diva! GingerLicious
(No one would be able to see your logo. You’d blind them with your shininess!)
modesty. – BrainTomahawk
(Shouldn’t that be MODESTY!!!)
eating lots of asparagus without my pee smelling. ~flame
(You could say you have that power now, because I certainly wouldn’t want to confirm it.)
Being able to “Mel”tittask-According To Mags
(You could be MELtiple Powers Woman!*)
(For those of you who have no idea what this means, you should be following @AccordingToMags on twitter. And reading her blog!)

A secret. I like the element of surprise. SURPRISE!! See? It worked! KJ
(EEK!!! Hey, well done. And oh, my hiccups are gone! You have dual superpowers!)

Congratulations to John Phillips for an unprecedented two wins in three weeks! And from the offered choices, the most popular was a tie between BRRRAAAIIINNNNSSS!!!! and finding the baco- I mean…good in my fellow man. No, forget it, I mean bacon.. So congratulations to all you lucky winners.

And that brings us to this week.
One of the side effects of being pressed for time all week and doing everything on the run is that even the eating is done on the run. That’s right folks, sandwiches.
One of my favorite ones is the classic, PB&J.
But that got me to thinking. Peanut Butter is a noble spread, up there in the pantheon with butter…hummus…bactine (sorry, that’s for a different post).
So shouldn’t it be able to spread it’s cement like wings and fly? Smear itself joyously across the dance floor? That’s the question we slather on this weeks poll.
Vote as many times as you like. And if you write in for Other, leave a way to tell who you are and I’ll link back to you next week. Just do it by 2359 EST, on 5 June. Because that’s when this one ends…

There you have it. Another week thankfully drawing to a close.
Here’s a couple of videos for you until next time.
First, the PB&J video made me think of this. No idea why.

And a hilarious sketch with Carol Burnett and Robin Williams. A bit long, but worth it!

Have a great week everyone. And if you see anyone running like hell, that’s probably me.