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Friday Foolishness – Elastic Edition

Today’s Music: Otis Redding – Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay-
Note on Today’s Music: One of my favorite songs, brought to mind in another thread by AFrankAngle. Thanks, Frank. Great call.

YEAH BABY!!! Friday at last! We made it. Thank. Goodness. The week (and hopefully the rain or heat or drought where you are) is almost behind us. And what does that mean? That’s right – the Friday Foolishness, to hopefully give you a smile and help set the tone for the weekend.
But before we get to my own peculiar brand of foolish, here’s a few of the many great posts I enjoyed over the week.
Bearded Iris is almost speechless over her trip to BlogHer ’12. Imakeeper was having issues with waxing.
And in an odd bit of syncronicity, Springfield Fem had the same problem. But someplace else.

Thanks to them, and all of you for a fun week of blogging!

But before we close the book on last week, we must, as we always do, seek answers to the big questions. Well, post answers actually. To some not so big (but hopefully fun) questions.
Last week, we asked what new events you would add to the Olympics to spice them up.
And if answering these polls was an Olympic sport, wow, would that podium be crowded!
Here’s what you had to say. (As always, my comments enter the record books in italics.)

The Roast of Edward Hotspur – wordsandotherthings
(Isn’t that what they feed the gold medalists?? (I hear it’s a little gamey)(hehehe))
I’m torn between knitting (world’s longest scarf!) and bobbing for apples. L&L
(How about bobbing for scarves!)
Womens Light Weight Brazilian Waxing. GingerWaxAlicious
(Is the competitor the waxer or the waxee? And can I be a judge?)
Womens 100 Yard-Dash-For-Her-Husbands-Cash. GingerSnaapedHisWallet
(Followed by the Mens 100 meter “We-don’t-need-one-of-those”)
Synchronized Shopping. GingerASnaapSnaap
(Only if they do it in heels.)
dumpster diving, or subway surfing (if nyc hosts) Brain_Tomahawk
(Trust me, BT, if they come to NYC, the new events will be Olympian Mugging and Mayor Punching.)
Simultaneous status updating across every social media possible (Kanerva)
(I’ve been training for that one!)
Tweeting (Kanerva)
(Wouldn’t that be a qualifier for the above?)
Dishwashing (Kanerva)
(Or they could use the dirty dishes for the disc event!)
Skateboarding (or has that already been)? Kanerva
(I think skateboarding is too stodgy a sport for the committee.)
according to a 10 yr old ‘burping’
(From the mouths of babes…)
Segway races: Michelle at Motley News
(Hey, that reminds me of…(see what I did there?) 😉 )
mental pugilistics…stupid people need not apply. Red.
(Ohno, stupid people should definitely apply! (can we execute the losers of that competition?))
having a nap butimbeautiful
Book cooking – for all of the white collar criminals out there
(My money is on Barclays. I hear they’ve been training hard.)
cowbell ringing (Stacy Lyn)
(They couldn’t get a big enough team. Kept needing more cowbell…)
Baggage handling. Zannyro
(Lose the baggage, win the gold!)
cordless bungee jumping (Sightsnbytes)
(Wireless technology to its logical extreme.)
I’m tired & too lazy to scroll all the way down to the comment box. Have a great weekend, Guap! 😀 (Lilly)
(Thanks Lilly! Hope yours is…olympic!!! HAHAHAH- sorry.)
artistic hedge sculpting? I might be more inclined to watch. (Lilly)
(Only if they have the hosts from HGTV as commentators!)
like whack-a-mole except with politicians and shovels. 😀 (Lilly)
(They tried it but too many people showed up for the tryouts.)
a spittin’ contest. It would be more like the pole vault, only with spit. ~Lilly
(They do very odd pole vaults in your part of the world…)
No, I didn’t sleep last night. Why do you ask??? (Lilly)
(I often catch the subtle clues…)
Don’t forget your happy thought. 😀 I hope you don’t actually post all of these.Lilly
(Nono, I wouldn’t post these at all.)
Porch Judging (judging people from one’s porch) Carrie Cannibalistic Nerd
(For the finals, you have to judge from someone elses porch!)
Donut decorating while sweating, flogging, frying & ringing handbells? – asplenia
(I shudder to think of the specialized equipment for that one.)
all male synchronized swimming – whatimeant2say
(This is revenge for the Knox, isn’t it?)
Blogger horse jumping -where bloggers have to jump the horses Linda V
(Only if it distracts from this blogger jumping the shark!)
Roller-Blading Derby!!! I want to see some people get jacked up!
(Perhaps you should focus your attention on the traffic snarls outside the events.)
sarcasm Stay Abnormal
(The trials start right here in the comments!)
Wall Street banker hurling (calahan)
(I thought most people hurled when hearing about Wall Street Bankers.)
synchronized bird flipping (Madame Weebles)
(I saw that team training on the subway.)
channel surfing Stay Abnormal
(To any channel not carrying the olympics!)
Beer bong!!!! I won’t be a DD, so we’re safe!
(If you aren;t driving, that means you can drink. So…umm…how does that make us safer? ;))
Ahhhhhhhhhh. Nothing could improve it (Elyse at 54.5)
(Elyse says the Olmpics are perfect!)
What else but Guaponian adventures Frank
(Sadly, half of those couldn’t be televised. And the other half can’t be comprehended! )
Beer Drinking. ONE Canadian can win something! KJ
(Sure, they’d win.But then give the trophy to someone else, just to be polite.)
Llama racing
(How much horwepower in one of those babies?)

Congratulations butimbeautiful for this week’s winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was commentator flogging. (I’m lookin at you, Costas.). Congrats to all you winners out there, and your Olympic flogs are in the mail!

And that brings us to this week.

In the near future, I will finally be crossing Bungee Jumping off my list of things to do. I’m so excited I can barely speak. Which is this week’s poll.
What should I say (scream/shriek/pray)? It’s a big moment, and we all know how momentous some words can be.
So help me pick the right ones. Vote early, vote often, but vote soon, because this one closes out at 2359 EST on 9 August 2012.

And to distract you from worrying about my hilarious potential faceplant, enjoy these.
First, a quick bit of off-the-cuff from Groucho Marx

And next, the 2000 year old man tells us the origin of the word cheese.

Have a great weekend everyone. See you on the bounceback!