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Friday Foolishness – Anti-Atkins Edition

Today’s Music: Michael Franti & Spearhead – Say Hey (I Love You)
Note On Today’s Music: Fun song. My girl has had this stuck in her head for the last few weeks.

What a week. Politicians with foot in mouth disease. Curiosity exploring Mars. And of course, great stuff in the blogosphere.
Lights in the Dark posted video of the Curiosity landing! Old dog New Tits hit her one year blogiversary (seems to be a lot of that going around…
And The Girl In The Cat Frame Glasses put up a weighty post that moved me, and has stayed on my mind for several days. I hope you all check out I Couldn’t Stand Up.

And of course, there was a poll. everyone’s favorite Canadian, Kayjai, went to Florida! And we asked what you all thought the Headlines would be. Man, did you guys have things to say! And here they are. (As always, my bylines are in italics.)

Odd-Screech replaces Bourbon as drink of choice in Fla for 2 days John Phillips
(Related: Labatts and Molson shortage reported.)
ABSOLUTELY… all of the above (Kanerva)
(This weeks newspaper edited by Kanerva!)
How did I wind up here? I’m not old OR Jewish! –Rachael
(Pull up a bagel and a bingo card. You’ll fit right in.)
Blogger’s visit causes Florida’s average IQ to pass the 100 mark for first time.
(Sadly, local gov’t isn’t bright enough to realize it.)
Canadian Crashes Shark Week after Close Call with Great White
(“We thought Great White meant untanned tourists”)
Stock prices in sunscreen soared due to unusually high demand…. Stay Abnormal
(Cashiers blinded by exceptionally pale skin)
Canadians spark riot by dissing “maple syrup” served at Denny’s (Madame Weebles)
(“I never knew it was a real flavor” says bewildered diner. “I thought it was made in a lab!”)
Tourist Comes to FL as Pres. of Canadia, Leaves as Gov. of FL ~ Red
(Florida populace breathes sigh of relief.)
War on Robins escalates to United States…more at 6 (SnB)
(“BRING IT!” says Kayjai.)
“Damn,” says tourist. “I couldda gone to Yellowstone!” Elyse 54.5
(Yellowstone populace breathes sigh of relief.)
KJ reduces python population. (Frank)
(“Those pythons are sissies” says tourist. “Bring on the alligators”)

Fortunately, those Floridians have a good sense of humor! (I hope…)
And congratulations to ALL OF YOU!!! Seriously, they were all so good,that this week, everyone wins!
And from the offered choices,the most popular was Mickey Mouse Found Drunk and Unconscious In Everglades. Again. Because, well…yeah.

Which brings us to this week.
They say bread is life. The staff of life, even. Staffs are what, 6 feet tall? They must have been talking about an extra long baguette. And who are they anyway? Never mind, that will be a different poll.
This one is about bread.
Sadly, some of us can’t eat it. And I say sadly, because bread is great! It’s wonderful! It’s the best! It is, in fact, the standard for the best.
Or is it?
They (there they are again!) often say that something is the best thing since sliced bread.
How did sliced bread get to be the standard? How could that possibly be the best thing?
That’s our question to you this week, Guapalutians. What is better than sliced bread??
Can’t wait to see what you come up with, but come up with them often, and come up with them soon, because this one ends at 2359 EST, 30 Aug 2011.

And until next time, enjoy these.
First, a pair of Star Wars spoofs. The second one had me laughing. Hard.

And finally, I saw this on Asplenia‘s site.
I hate this video. Because I didn’t think of it first. This is exactly the kind of inanity that bounces around the inside of my head all. The. Time.
I saw it, and then made everyone I know watch it, because I laughed so hard.
It’s a bit long, so if you don’t have time, watch the first couple of minutes, then skip ahead to about 8:25 to the end.

And have a great week everyone!