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Friday Foolishness – Intelligent Life Edition

Today’s Music: Harry Connick Jr – Heavenly

Gasp…wheeze…stumble..almost there…
The Friday finish line is just a few hours away,and soon this week will be nothing but a memory!
But it will be a week with some good memories from posts out in blog world:
Nicole Marie is getting back to writing her novel. One of my favorites, Flame, is back, with a great post on Camping!
And finally, Marie won the lottery!!!
Thanks to them, and all the rest of you for a great week in the ‘sphere.

Of course, we have to go back to last week to get the answers from the poll.
We asked What could possibly be better than Sliced Bread? And wow, did you guys…rise to the challenge! Here’s what you had to say. (As always, my comments bake in italics.)

(Well that goes without saying. And stop hitting on my wife.)
Homemade bread! Benzeknees
(My home barely keeps me warm, and yours makes bread?!?)
Sliced Cheese. Mmmmmm…..
(I think we should make a cheese and bread slices quilt, held together with thin red licorice thread!)
Raisin bread. French toast. Strawberry bread. —Jell Jell
(Raisins are the devil’s fruit!)
an orga…wait…is this a trick question? Seems to easy. 🙂 Mel
(It’s…crap, your answer made me forget the question…)
sliced mozzarella cheese and a jersey tomato. mmm (wordsandotherthings)
(Says the Jersey Tomato: Nah. I’ll take you to a place in Brooklyn where they grow tomatoes like they do in the old country. Fuhgedaboudit.)
Sliced cake —Lily
(Oh, so close. Now if you’d said “with frosting”…)
Derrr, bread with vegemite on it (says LITFL) 😉
(After a quick google search, I’m going to have to say that I don’t think bread is strong enough to hide the taste of Vegemite.)
Breadsticks Rebecca 2000
(A food and a weapon. I like it!)
Divited Donuts lindav
(United we slice, divited we donut?)
What about just bread in general? It’s pretty great. Carrie – Cannibalistic Nerd
(How could general bread be better than sliced bread? That’s just crazy talk!)
baguettes with salt butter, actually! NBI
(Isn’t it illegal to not have baguettes with fromage?)
and a good blog too of course. NBI
(Tastes even smoother if you let the blog melt a bit before spreading.)
Naan. If I could eat Naan every day I would die happy (and large). Love & Lunchmeat
(You Pouri , Pouri girl.)
(A delightfully soft warm yeasty white bread slice between two scrumptious pieces of sour dough, served with a side of bread crumbs and a cracker! Mmmm…)
squeezy cheese..squirt cheese canned cheese lizziec
(It’s very unsanitary to eat that straight from the nozzle. I mean, or so I’ve heard…)
Warm, unsliced bread. 54.5
(Unsliced? Sounds like someone’s been loafing around. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!)
FRIED sliced bread
(Step awaaay from the county fair.)
sliced soup Stay Abnormal
Getting literal here. Sriracha. Or Ranch dressing. Quirky
(How are you going to fit salami between two blob of ranch dressing? Actually, htat sounds kind of tasty…)
Youtube. A video of sliced bread, obviously.
(No. No really, it’s not:)

I see your “buttered” & raise you “with melted cheese.” Duh.
(…and now I’m sitting on a tower of butter and cheese. Excellent!)
The bread. Not the knife. Hand-ripping pieces apart counts as slicing. BrainTomahawk
(well yeah, if you’re Edward Scissorhands.)
Everything else. I hate bread. — asplenia
(Right, so Asplenia says Root Canal is better. We need to find you a good baker.)
Buttered, sliced, toasted bread, with Vegemite. And hot tea on the side (Kanerva)
(Vegemite? What would your Finnish neighbors say?)
Beer! (SnB)
(the ingredients of bread, and then some!)
Buttered sliced toast, obviously – John Phillips Bet 8 others did this one
(If only you’d bet on Vegemite…)

Congratulations to Stay Abnormal on this week’s winning answer. (Seriously, not since Joe Hoovers Gravy. Cold Gravy. cola flavor have I been so moved by an answer to one of these!). And from the offered choices, the most popular was BRRRAAAIIINNNSSSS!!!!. (I LOVE when that happens!)
So congratulations to all you lucky pickers out there too!

What? No beer tap?!?

And that brings us neatly into this week.
There was plenty of news from Curiosity on Mars this week – pictures, readings, some movement.
So now that it’s there, how should Curiosity spend its time? That’s what we want to know.
Heck, just to sweeten the pot, maybe I’ll even take the winning answer and send an email to NASA that will be posted next week.
Try not to me in trouble with NSA, hmm?

So lets dive right in! Remember, if you write an answer in, if you leave an ID, I can link back to you next week. So vote often, vote creatively. But vote before 6 Sept, 2359, Earth Eastern time. Because that’s when this one closes.

And until next time, here’s some otherworldliness to amuse and entertain.

Wallace and Grommit on the moon!

And the moon throughout the year. Great video (a little dizzying), great music, and some interesting factoids thrown in.

Have a great week y’all. And I’ll see you…out there…